12.11.30 YHY’s Sketchbook Cut – Lee Seung Gi

Sorry for the delay. Vimeo crashed on me when the file was 90% uploaded the first time! 😦

source: dclsg

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37 Responses to 12.11.30 YHY’s Sketchbook Cut – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Ryakuna says:

    oh my gosh he sounds amazing TT TT TT TT
    i’m literally crying rn osbosnjrkmds
    thank you soooooooooo much for uploading this ;~~;
    do you know when will this episode air on KBS world?

  2. sarah says:

    OMGgggggg!!!! That was one of his amazing performances!!!! I need to pull off myself.. out of words…….
    He is too perfect!! I thnked KBS YHY Sketchbook for this!! wah!!! though I cant come to the concert. this. is just full blown performance!!!^^
    Perfect Musician SeungGi!! He is shining and really into his singing.. am I the only who can see his soul too..haha omy heart is really moved..^^ cant forget the Melody and Like a Flower perf. LOVE the strings acoustic genre.. wah! SeungGi soo proud singing with the two most talented guitarist..^^ the audience are really suprised..^^
    Thanks Tryp.. I am patiently waiting for it.. dont worry abt the delay.^^

  3. Nin says:

    Was that Sungha Jung?! :O

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love how they rearranged his olds song make it sound like a new one. acoustic is always the best.one instrument brings out the amazing voice of a singer. He always sings best when live!
    Thanks tryp..sleep well and rest well tonight is the night! enjoy Seung Gi. 🙂

  5. crazyahjummafan says:

    Thanks Tryp!
    Wow! What can I say? Seunggi looks good and sounds good! So full of energy as usual and boy does he know how to work a crowd! I almost screamed when he asked the audience to scream! And I definitely sang along!

    He’s also shown that he’s very versatile from his range of songs and his vocal range is also pretty wide! Daebak! Jjiang! Seunggi, you’re the best!

    And although I didn’t understand the conversation between him and the host, i can tell that he’s having fun. There’s that sparkle in his eyes, and I’m dying to know what he said to get the audience and the host laughing so much! Can’t wait for the subs!

  6. mel says:

    Like a Flower was my favorite, but I loved all of it. He looked and sounded great. Not to mention he’s so witty and charming. Perfect. And Yoo Heeyeol really loves him some Seunggi doesn’t he. 🙂

  7. Starstruck. says:

    Enjoyed the clip thoroughly even though I don’t understand Korean. Loved the acoustic renditions of his old tracks – and omg, he worked with Jung Sung Ha (that boy is such a well-known guitarist!). Also loved his interaction with both guitarists & the audience, he kept turning around to make eye contact. (I was worried for him at one point that the chair might topple since you never know when the heodang is around – Lol)
    Could tell that he really enjoyed himself and his passion for music is written all over his face. Can’t wait for this to be subbed on kbsworld. 🙂

  8. Airen says:

    hoping for the eng sub soon…

  9. manassuper says:

    IF you want to new tidbits of what conversation took place URGENTLY the just follow LSGFAN ON TWITTER https://twitter.com/LSGfan

  10. Airen says:

    if i dont look at the title i would’ve thought that this video is dated on 2009 since i think his face looks like when he was acting in brilliant legacy.Fresh, young and innocent…

  11. priskaprilia says:

    no need to say sorry tryp. You’re the best in updating everything about SeungGi. Enjoy your time in South Korea ^_^

  12. lightofmarch says:

    sungha jung was playing “Melody”.. do you think Seung Gi will perform “Melody” together with Sungha Jung in HC? And of course with this new music they was performing in here.. i’m so curious about HC, hiks…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thaks Tryp, I love the clip so much I watched it several times…cant get enough of Seung gi. Daebak as always, Seungiyah love you so much

  14. sweet says:

    my heart…… what a beautiful voice, what a beautiful person HE is… GOD BLESS U SEUNG GI yaaaa….

  15. Jennifer says:

    It was worth the wait. Thanks Trpy. I’m so moved whenever I hear this song. SG’s the best !

  16. Jennifer says:

    Just noticed that some of the girls in the audience cried when Seungi Gi sang ‘Return”. What a song and what a voice to go with the song !

  17. leogalsg says:

    it ok tryp…u did a great job…
    keep playing the video coz the performance is daebak…
    I really love the tone of his voice…
    giving me goosebump n my heart really beat very fast..
    he is cute…

  18. Airyn says:

    OH.MY.GAWD. “Return”. Wow. *cries again*

    And holy sheep, the performance with Sungha Jung. Now I’m even more super envious of those who will see both perform at the Hope concert. :((

  19. geese says:

    i think the one going to concert will have the very best threat even more than his last concert….
    have a great time….watching these makes me envy those heading to concert later….

  20. ming says:

    Wow….Lee Seung Gi is really spectacular!
    thanks, Tryp…you’re the best too..

  21. Lee seung gi proved that he is the best. one of a kind>>> thanks tryp>>>

  22. PEnnE says:

    Korea is very lucky to have a music artist like Lee Seung Gi.
    Those like me who are not from Korea, are lucky too, to partake of his music through the Internet. Thanks to you, Tryp, of course!

    LSG is a rare musical gem!
    That we, his fans, cry when he sings “Return” only means that with each note & with each word, he doesn’t only sing. He gets his heart involved, all the way. His music come not solely from his vocal chords, but from his heart as well.

    That’s why we see and feel that all is real!
    That is his music.
    That is Seung Gi!

    • PEnnE says:

      May I add –
      His aura is so perfect. So relaxed and collected. Seems like “the moons in his axis are in order”.
      Just incredible really, everything is! His looks, his music, his voice, most especially.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me thinking his voice was a little hoarse in the song “return”? may be because of too much practicing for the concert? But other songs are as just good.

  24. Yunee says:

    Love, love this performance!!!! His acoustic renditions of his songs are always love for me. It’s when his voice totally shines.

    Why are you apologizing??? Thank you for being your normal awesome self by providing us fans with daily info / clips of Seung Gi 🙂 until I can find a way to send you a gift to show you my undying appreciation , I will send you cyber hugs and hearts instead 🙂

  25. toy says:

    Hi Tryp! Do you know when Sketchbook airs on KBS World? I can’t seem to find it in my local cable channel schedule guide. Thanks for everything! You and Seung Gi are the best!

  26. LeeSeungGiLover says:

    The singer Lee Seung Gi,the actor Lee Seung Gi and the mc Lee Seung Gi is like a three different person to me and that why i never get bored being a Lee Seung Gi fan.I’m sure i will still be a lee seung gi fan in next 10 years and by that time i will be 24 years old~

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  28. Anonymous says:

    tryp, can you fixed the setting and make this video not privacy? i can’t watch it 😥

    • tryp96 says:

      Vimeo is just acting up because my membership is expiring today and they haven’t processed my renewal payment yet. Hopefully it’ll be fixed by tomorrow.

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