12.12.03 Entertainment News 2 – Lee Seung Gi

I just LOVE this clip, that’s why it deserves its own post. 😆

TV 1-Minute King – HeoDang SeungGi’s Rough Adaptation Period on Running Man (with peak rating of 26.01%!)

source: official fan cafe

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4 Responses to 12.12.03 Entertainment News 2 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. crazyahjummafan says:

    This is just MY view of the various 007 in history:
    Sean Connery – most suave 007
    Timothy Dalton – most sexy looking 007
    Roger Moore – oilest 007
    Pierce Brosnan – handsomest and most charming 007
    Daniel Craig – most unattractive 007
    Lee Seunggi – cutest, most adorable, most lovable and certainly most heodang 007. The number on my list!

    My most fav moment in this episode was when he was trying to convince Jaesuk to trust him. He was just like a little boy stamping his feet. And I love how he laid his entire fortune on the line! “All my money, my bank books and even my house!” Haha! That’s no small wager, knowing how rich he is!

  2. djl says:

    All those clips they show of him on RM were some of my fav moments of him!! His expressions are DAEBAK!!! LOL RM did successfully bring out his heodang character by tailoring this episode around him. Really fun eps with LSG’s expressions, ideas, and talk.

  3. Sophea says:

    I love seeing him when he’s showing his HEODANG.. couldn’t stop laughing…

  4. Osi says:

    I’m sorry, off topic.
    Please vote for Seung Gi and The King 2Hearts here:

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