12.12.06 DongHaeng Kimchi-Making Cut – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 2 clips*

HD version:

credit: SuperBluerose7

source: official fan cafe

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12 Responses to 12.12.06 DongHaeng Kimchi-Making Cut – Lee Seung Gi

  1. milkteanlsg says:

    He is sooo sweet~~~ ❤

  2. super says:

    Feel sad seeing those kids esp the the two girls .thanks Lsg for being there .A real angel .Bless you always Lsg.

  3. AIreN says:

    what a warm-hearted program 🙂
    it’s so nice to see LSG involves in it 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    My heart feels warmer now.. Heard that day was really cold and he made Kimchi outside for half day and made deliveries as well. I really respect SeungGi to support the people in DongHeng, not like other celebrities who just donate once or twice and make big issue. But SeungGi has been supporting people in DongHeng for more than a couple of years now. Not only money but spend time and really get to know them as well. And people who appear in DongHeng, they were really ordinary people just like you and me but when they were hit by hardship/sickness, they lose their balances and with a bit of help from society, they can stand up and make a better living just like this program does. Also I am so glad SeungGi fans are the same, supporting SeungGi’s goodwill by donating 8 tonnes of rice during 3 years period..

  5. paola colunga says:

    My angel!

  6. dalsg says:

    This is why i loved this man.. Seunggi such a good role model for me. His sincerity & hardwork doin all good things based his heart. We can feel it. Im so proud, respect , adore this man. Way to go SeungGi ya ~ spread the goodthings show the love 🙂

  7. Rensha says:

    i’m falling in love with him over and over again!! He’s so nice and warm person ^^

  8. layman says:

    Love is from the heart. Everyone know winter cold air and winter sun light are very bad for human body.but During winter Seung Gi as a celebrity he made Kimchi for the people in DongHeng at the open place. Can i said Korea are so lucky the have a celebrity ..Lee Seung Gi ??. I hope that more celebrities more people will support people in DongHeng too.

  9. CrazyforU says:

    So sweet to see Seunggi make kimchi with all the ajumahs. Does any other K-pop artist do that ?

  10. priskaprilia says:

    aigooo, how come this man is so sweet >,< I am totally speechless here. Seunggiya no wonder you're a man whom most women want to marry to, you're just way too amazing!

  11. leogalsg says:

    seunggi has such a big heart…I’m proud to be part of him…
    seeing him happy n playing with the kids is great..

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think those 2 girls are the same girls whom Seunggi sent pizzas to the classroom (https://tryp96.wordpress.com/2011/11/03/11-11-03-lee-seung-gis-surprise-appearance-on-donghaeng/). They are growing up so fast! It’s awesome to see Seunggi visit them every year…. Great program with a support from a great multi-talented guy Seunggi!

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