12.12.08 Epitone Project Concert Audio – Lee Seung Gi

Return & Talk:

source: dclsg

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  1. AnnMichelle says:

    Okay, the following brief transcript was translated from a Chinese post from Baidu Tieba / seunggijin 微博:

    After Seung Gi’s first song (“Turning Back”), SG was chatting with Cha of Epitone Project.
    Cha: Because SG is such a great speaker, I would not say more to bore you…
    (Cha was ready to leave the stage. But SG totally did not get the hint and continued to chat.)
    SG: I was going to invite Hyung to be my guest at my concert. But as soon as he heard there’d more than 10,000 people attending, he begged off. ~~ It’s so quiet here. There’s no noise. I thought I was singing alone in the dark. ~~ It’s great to be on stage with Hyung near year end.
    Cha (hurrying): Thanks so much. Such a rare opportunity to have SG here. Please sing another song for us…(trying to get off stage AGAIN.)
    SG: It’s very important to pick the right song. In this atmosphere if I sing ‘Let’s go on a trip’ the mood would be too quiet. So I considered at length and decided to sing ‘You are my woman.’
    Cha: Okay, got it. (Only then he made his escape successfully!)

    Talkative SG! So cute!

  2. manassuper says:

    Lee Seung Gi(이승기) _ Return(되돌리다) MV Making Film with english subs hardsubbed(hint- turn on the caption).here goes the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6saGcKJNY1I&feature=player_embedded

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