12.12.08 From SeungGi

For SeungGi’s original message in Korean, please visit leeseunggi.com

Tidying up December, the end… ^^ 2012-12-08

Hello, Airens~
This is your star… oppa… dongsaeng… Lee Seung Gi…

Puhahaha ^^ Greeting you with this after a long time
I’m just fooling around a little feeling so happy~

Beautiful white snow is falling, and the wind is getting chilly.
It really feels like winter now. Everyone, be careful not to catch a cold.
Always dress warmly wherever you go…^^

Even though I can’t warm your hands with my breath,
I can melt your ears and senses with healing music, right??? ㅋㅋ

Ending this year with the album and the concert, the end of 2012 is right around the corner.
How was this year for everyone~^^?

Thanks to everyone, I was happy with the drama, and the mini album 5.5 is also filled with really good news, and every day has been exciting and overwhelming.

Once again, to all our Airens who love me as always,
I would like to say thank you, thank you again, and I’m sorry.

Among the feelings celebrities have toward fans, gratitude is always accompanied by regret/sorrow.
Seeing our fans always busy working to show a good result [for me], no matter how big or small the consequence is, I’m always thankful and sorry.

I’m also selfish; feeling happy because of your love, I can’t really tell you firmly, “Please don’t do that!!!”…

Please understand… Feeling sorry and grateful, I will repay everyone’s gift of happiness by always working hard… ^^

This year’s concert… Seeing the best ticket sales ever, to give an even better performance,
we invested generously and put our heart and soul into the stage,
which seemed to be well received by everyone, and it feels good.

I realized once again that the concert was shown the way we wholeheartedly prepared it…^^
Instead of making a profit, we invested a lot in the orchestra and re-arranging music…
I hope Airens know this~~ ㅋㅋㅋ^^

Oh…. Even the wire… ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I’m also writing songs in my spare time. I’ll keep working hard so that I can release a few more self-composed songs next time, so please look forward to it~~^^

To the many international fans who came to Korea this time, I would like to say thank you once again~~
I hope you’ll have a fruitful, cheerful, happy, exciting, and laughter-filled end of the year…^^

Thank you as always… I’m sorry… I love you…^^

Our Airens…
The! Best!

source: leeseunggi.com
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
Please do not plagiarize or repost without a link back to my original post.

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43 Responses to 12.12.08 From SeungGi

  1. Nadya says:

    Waah.. Thanks tryp 🙂 you are so fast ! You are the best eonnie !

  2. meliejoo says:

    when did he wrote this? before Ep Project’s concert??

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the translation 🙂

  4. Airyn says:

    “Even though I can’t warm your hands with my breath,
    I can melt your ears and senses with healing music, right??? ㅋㅋ”

    – ❤❤❤ *imagines it* *faints*

    “Seeing our fans always busy working to show a good result [for me], no matter how big or small the consequence is, I’m always thankful and sorry.
    I’m also selfish. Feeling happy because of your love, I can’t really tell you firmly, “Please don’t do that!!!”…”

    – I must say, this is such an honest statement, and it makes me respect him more and also even more willing to support him. 🙂

    Here’s hoping for an even better 2013 for Seung-gi and all Airens! 🙂

    • meliejoo says:

      he meant he felt sorry toward his fans when all his fans voting couldn’t be able to sleep and voting in midnight because they love him so much.. he feels sorry but thankful to them..

  5. riri says:

    no need to say sorry.. we love you too :’)

  6. viqavircha says:

    Tryp96 thank u for the translation 🙂
    What a great Star ,, I have no idea , with all his tight schedule, he take time to write a massage to his fans,, we love u too oppa – indonesia love u ,, we will always support u !! No matter what (ง’̀⌣’́)ง (ง’̀⌣’́)ง

  7. Anonymous says:

    nomo nomo thank you, tryp.God bless!

  8. wong ee siew says:

    ooo…thx a lot,tryp! Omo, my heart melts while reading his message~so warm and touching~ ❤
    Seung Gi ya, u must also take good care of urself and Airens will always support u! Don't feel sorry coz u are the best guy i ever met, Ur presence has lightened up our life! U bring hope, joy and laughter to us…thanks for everything!

  9. Airyn says:

    Also, I just noticed…

    “Hello, Airens~
    This is your star… oppa… dongsaeng… Lee Seung Gi…”

    What about the male fans? LOL. ^_^ Kidding.

  10. Poply says:

    Thank you ,trype! This letter so touch. I don’t know why feel so tear, maybe read , watch, all every his news alot until at one year.seem like travel , i’m happy , excited, tear,alot emotion. When he write ward sorry, no matter, it’s okay, i’m like you already.thank to all airen the world so proud.seunggi , you also proud.

  11. diazty says:

    Awww . .
    Thanks eonnie for the translation. .soo fastttt. . 😀

    sometimes i feel happy with the fact he didnt have any account except in his web. . .so i have something worth to waiting for : Lee Seung Gi’s heartwarming letter. . .hehehe. .his word by word. .always make me smile. .

    Oppa. .keep warming too. .^^

    our Airens
    The! Best! *imagine him say it with his hand gesture 😀

    • priskaprilia says:

      yes, I agree, it’s better and sweeter this way than having a twitter account and update status regularly.

  12. Don’t say sorry, oppa. We as airens will always be there for you and your beautiful music 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    A heartwarming and thoughtful message that brings Airens closer to Seung Gi.

  14. Jennifer says:

    This is such a sincere and heart felt message from Seung Gi. I’m so happy that Seung Gi is feeling happy this holiday season. Really glad I made it to Seoul to celebrate the holiday seasons with the many Airens and our No.1 STAR, dongsaeng, oopa…..I love you, Lee Seung Gi!!! Hope to achieve even greater success in the future! Fighting!!!

  15. AnnMichelle says:

    I read his sorry and thought back to the concerts, where he tried so hard to be wonderful and worthwhile to his fans. Dear Seung Gi, there is really no need to say sorry to me at least. I have not done much other than to love you. And in that there’s nothing you or I can do to change it. Please take care of yourself and stay happy always.

    Dear Tryp, thank you so much for the translation! You are an angel!!!

  16. manassuper says:


  17. Starstruck. says:

    Certain things always get lost in translation but 이승기’s sincerity is always kept intact. You don’t even have to understand Korean to feel his genuine gratitude. ㅋㅋ And oh my ‘even though i can’t warm your hands with my breath…’ Haha are you teasing the fangirls right now? 😀 And the beginning of the message ‘This is your star, oppa, dongsaeng..’ I love it when he gets shameless in his own adorkable way! Not many celebs can pull ththabbbbbt off without given the impression of being snobby!

    • Starstruck. says:

      Gawd my phone is horrible! posted it before I was done typing…Anyway, I absolutely salute him for appreciating his fans’ efforts and taking some time to communicate with them despite having such a hectic schedule. He will definitely end 2012 on a good note and I look forward to his future endeavours in 2013! Seunggi jiiang! Once an airen, always an airen! Ps. anyone knows if he’ll be nominated for the SBS and KBS entertainment awards this year considering how he left both shows..? it’ll be pretty darn unfair if he didn’t get nominated.

  18. LSG4Ever says:

    Thank you Tryp for the translation…I will always be lost without you…hehehe…
    How can you not love and/or adore this guy ~ Lee Seung Gi? He may see himself as lacking but for me I just can’t think of anything that he should or could have…he’s already awesome the way he is. Finding time to write for his fans on his hectic schedule is just so sweet &, I can sense his honesty, sweetness, gratitude & playfulness. One thing for sure, who ever that girl he’ll be with someday is one very lucky girl 😀

  19. Muljen says:

    I have been waiting for Seunggi’s message since the concert ended and it’s finnally here. Thank you Tryp for the translation. So happy that he also mentioned his international fans who came to his concert. I am still in withdrawal mood and his heartwarming message has made my day. Love U so much SeungGi yahh.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Shining star Seung Gi.

  21. Nurianda putri says:

    Thank’s for translate tryp96 🙂

  22. kimia says:

    seung gi oppa you are the best
    Thanks for the translation .you are the best too.

  23. rika says:

    Lovely letter ,lee seung gi its so wonderful with natural way.thanks tryp for the translation.you’re great!

  24. Marj says:

    thank you so much tryp for sharing this…i even loved seunggi more..he has high respect to his fans..and even say sorry…ahwwww…

    • Marj says:

      in which he doesn’t need to feel sorry for his fans..because we are doing this unconditionally..:)

  25. dalsg says:

    Tryp, thank u dear! im reading Seunggi letter with words that says iloveu..it tells all my feeling! Seunggi ya~ no need to say sorry, jinjja. Its u giving us all happiness, joyness, proud, friendship wit many airens around the world..thank u Seunggi.. i hope u’ll have time to visit tryp wonderful blog, so u can see n feel all the love to u. 🙂 All the best Seunggi, have a wonderful newyear ahead ♡

  26. sarah says:

    Thank You so much Dear Tryp..^^ Im a bit tired because of all this Christmas rush but SeungGi healed it all..^^ He is the warmest guy I know !! 😉 His letters are to keeps. so much sincerity..^^
    Dear Seunggi.. You dont to be sorry that we Airens love You too much! You just deserved it all.. ^^

  27. ming says:

    there’s no such thing as “enough’ when you love someone..so, please don’t feel sorry to your fans, Seung Gi sshi…we will follow you til the end.. haha…though I am not an official Airen and have never been to other countries except mine, yet I’ll do my best to support you in whatever way I can..you have my love! good luck!
    thanks, Tryp..wish you all the best..

  28. Nindy says:

    oke.. i love you too opaa ..^^

  29. i can’t imagine that our opaa lee seung gi can do this just to ask an apologize>>to his fans>> no need opaa>>you are one of the best singer<actor>i can’t help but to cry while reading this message of yours>>you are really very thoughtful in many ways>>we are always here your airen family to support you as wll>>thanks to you you are also one of the best >> so fast to deliver this message we love you too>>

  30. Dear> thank you so much>> for giving us opaa’s message so fast>>you are the best>>

  31. cimuthdirgee90 says:

    So happy, excited, fell sad,, and proud read this message ^^
    Thanks a lot for You Sist Tryp, God bless U ^_^

  32. summer21509 says:

    waah! you’ re so sweet seung gi and very humble…you don’t have to say sorry…it’s our pleasure to show how much we love you! i love you so much seung gi!

  33. PEnnE says:

    “LOVE is never having to say you’re sorry.”*
    Remember that always, our Seung-gi!

    (*quote from Love Story, novel by Erich Segal)

    Thank you, Tryp, for your site & for the translation.

    • PEnnE says:

      You do not need to say sorry. Your drama, your music and your passion – these are more than enough!

      Keep warm too. ******giving our Seung-gi a hot peppermint mocha drink******

  34. Skaterjomag says:

    Seung Gi Oppa, mian hajima, nan haengbokhanika! 미안해 하지마 난 행복하니까! Seung Gi oppa, don’t be sorry! I am happy to be able to love you unconditionally. You brought a lot of happiness into my life and we fans are more grateful to you for being so AWESOME! 😀

  35. Maris says:

    Hello to you too, LSG 🙂
    It’s good to know you are happy!
    This is admirer of not only your singing, acting, entertaining but also of you as a very genuine and sincere, caring and warm person. This message of yours is yet another example of that. These sentiments and thoughtful acts of yours along with your music continue to keep everyone warm through the whole year not just the cold season.
    Lot of things happened this year but through you I have only had many hours of happiness listening to your music etc. So, I would like to thank you for those wonderful moments.
    Have a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year. 🙂

  36. blackholeangel says:

    Seung Gi ya, we are happy when you are happy. when you are good, we are good. You help us more than you know. Hwaiting ^^

  37. Gebbi says:

    We love u oppa :’)
    Thanks for so much love for us ^^
    We will support you ’till the end

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