12.12.13 M! Countdown Press Photos – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 46 pics so far*

credit: as labeled

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19 Responses to 12.12.13 M! Countdown Press Photos – Lee Seung Gi

  1. super says:

    Congrate to Lsg.he look very handsome.hope he can win some more awards.

  2. milkteanlsg says:

    He is like the crown prince!!! Sooo handsome!!!
    And awesome live performance as always~~~

  3. says:

    Superb seunggi with super handsome look (~ ~

  4. bee says:

    Is it just me or did he got more handsomer? Love his looks!!! Congrate LSG. Fighting!!!

  5. Jamielsg says:

    Congrats Seunggi ya. He look so charming when he smile.

  6. Congrats, our prince 🙂
    U look so so so handsome!

  7. babygirl says:

    Congrats, our king Lee SEeung GI*** ONE AND ONLY Top STAR @ MCD*****

  8. yelni says:

    Congrats Seung gi ya, your voice so amazing, and handsome too

  9. nrp28 says:

    Congrats Lee Seung gi I’m so happy for you take care bless you more we love you!

  10. airen says:

    wow..he really looks great…as always…i have no doubt about him winning the award..again..but it must be weird for him to be ‘ the most veteren’ singer on the stage since he always the maknae in any shows.

  11. Poply says:

    Congratulation, seunggi. I’m really happy so much. Most important, a lot people near him and support. When saw him live perform really seem like prince and near another idol seem like king. Best perform hope see you with another stage. Seunggi fighting, airen fighting.

  12. ming says:

    King Seung Gi looks so confident and awesome on stage…and everybody was gawking at him as if he’s a god who just came down from Olympus…they must have loved him and jealous of him, i guess..lol..love him too!

  13. Muljen says:

    He is the tallest on the stage, the most handsome, the shinning one, he is everything, he is Lee Seung Gi. Congratulations for winning triple crown SeungGi ya.. You deserve it. We love U

  14. Yuen Ling says:

    Congrats Seung Gi! Fantastic, spectacular, marvellous!

  15. Anonymous says:

    He somehow REALLY became more handsome! Perfect hair and outfit!!

  16. Airyn says:

    Awww, even the other performers on stage seem starstruck. (But who wouldn’t be?) *_*

  17. Jen says:

    Can’t take my eyes of you, Lee Seung Gi. You look so bright n cheerful n confident – a deserving SUPERST*R indeed! Love you with all my heart!!!

  18. seunggicharm says:

    congrats to our triple crowned Prince!^^ I love the photo where all the hoobaes are bowing at him showing their respect for him..^^ Seung Gi-ya is really well loved!^^

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