12.12.13 M!Countdown ‘Return’ Encore Full Video – Lee Seung Gi

A dclsg fan posted the video a couple of days ago, but I could only watch the 1st minute for free. I tried again today, and somehow managed to download the full video. 😛

source: mnet via dclsg

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6 Responses to 12.12.13 M!Countdown ‘Return’ Encore Full Video – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Amita says:

    So sweet,,,,,,…,,,,,,,

  2. SCbound says:

    haha he was able to make lots of eye contact, I bet each girl there was in heaven ” he is singing to me” love this guy to no end……

  3. AnnMichelle says:

    Wow! They really packed the place, didn’t they? I wonder how many there were Airens. Yes, I did see the trade mark light sticks, but when he put the mic to the audience, the sing-along was not as assured as those in the concerts. So, at least some of those crazy, screaming fans were just ‘casual’ drop-ins? Hahaha! Talk about popularity…
    Another good thing about the sing-along was that it proved Seung Gi was doing live! LSGfan reported that, because he sounded so perfect, some were questioning whether that was lip sync! No, ladies and gentlemen, that was a great singer giving a great live performance!

  4. ay says:

    I love to see the fans screaming and piling on one another to get close to the stage–such warmth and enthusiasm. I love to see Seung Gi sing ‘Return’ live. There is so much sincerity in his voice and face. I feel like crying every time.

  5. CrazyforU says:

    Some of the fans look and sound hysterical…:). Seunggi looks gorgeous as always.
    Can’t wait for his new drama

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