Merry Christmas! Lee Seung Gi ‘Forest’ Album Giveaway

OK, I’ve procrastinated long enough. I mentioned a possible album giveaway while celebrating the blog’s 2-year anniversary. Well, that was almost 2 months ago; the album wasn’t even released yet, and who knew it would be such a big success?!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, to celebrate the holidays AND the daebak success of SeungGi’s healing music, I’ll give away a copy of the limited edition mini album. AND, a super kind and generous Airen, who usually comments as Erika or Dimples (not to be confused with the dclsg fan Dimple), has sent me a copy of the album to be given away as well!!!

The rule is quite simple, and I’m borrowing the idea from last year. ๐Ÿ˜› If you would like a chance to win one of these 2 copies (by random draw), please tell me where you are from and what you like about this album. The deadline will be 11:59pm PST on January 1, 2013. Please don’t procrastinate like me. ๐Ÿ˜›

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93 Responses to Merry Christmas! Lee Seung Gi ‘Forest’ Album Giveaway

  1. anggiaanggia says:

    Hi Tryp! I’m Anggia from Indonesia! ๐Ÿ˜€
    What I like about this album is that the songs have a lot of autumn feels (with slow tempo and easy listening kinda songs) which I ~really~ like! Moreover, this album was released after I met him at his fanmeeting in Jakarta which successfully added gazzilions of excitements in me xD
    Hope i can win this giveaway~ hehe
    Happy holidays and pamper your tummy! :>

  2. I’m Camille Castillo from Manila, Philippines and I really really like this album because it is our beloved heodang Seung Gi’s and I also love his songs here. The lyrics are just I don’t have the ability to buy one because I’m just a high school student and I’m really hoping I could win this one. Merry Christmas~! ^^

  3. Iโ€™m Camille Castillo from Manila, Philippines and I really really like this album because it is our beloved heodang Seung Giโ€™s and I also love his songs here. The lyrics are so meaningful. ๐Ÿ™‚ I donโ€™t have the ability to buy one because Iโ€™m just a high school student and Iโ€™m really hoping I could win this one. Merry Christmas~! ^^

  4. dalsg says:

    Hi Tryp..Merry Xmas to u dear! have a wonderful day with ur whole family ^^ Forest album for me, is like a home, everytime i listening this album, i can feel the warmnes, comfy mood, also can feel all Seunggi hardworkin soul thru the touch our heart so deep,bcoz Seunggi doin this wit his full heart to Airen. -Indonesia

  5. ririn says:

    Hi tryp…I’m ririn from indonesia

    I like this album because it suits best with our seung gi…his voice is so sweet…the melody of the song make me wanna repeat the song couple of times…the mv trully reveal what is autumn feels…and I’m so impressed with the fact of the mv “return” about his first love…hope I can win this give away…

    Happy holiday tryp…^^ thx 4 always giving us an update about our seung gi…

  6. Hi I’m Rowena from New York City. I like this album because the songs totally radiate our Seung Gi’s warmth and sincerity and listening to him sing just makes me so happy.

    Thanks for the opportunity and Happy Holidays to you Tryp!

  7. mppy says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO! I am Melissa from Singapore.

    The reasons why i love this album is firstly, it focus more on classical ballads. Classical ballads can express ones voice,and this is no different. The songs in this album, especially and , proved the angelic voice that Seung Gi has hidden for a very long time. Furthermore, the change from pop ballads and rock ballads,from the previous album,to classical ballads is a very big,and a lot of skills is needed to pull it off successfully.
    Secondly, there is a meaningful goal behind this album. Seung Gi wanted to produce an album which contains songs that will not be tired to listen to after multiple times. He has achieved his goal when the album came out as I found myself listening to the songs on replay. I have never got tired of it once unlike most songs, and each time i listen to them, i love the songa even more.
    Thirdly, the songs on this album are very unique. As I am able to communicate with music, there were some times when i don’t understand the song at all. However, this album is so unique that within the firsr verse, i could already connect to the songs. Moreover,i can relate to the song,and that makes the song that extra bit of meaningful.

  8. leyzlie says:

    Hi tryp! Merry Christmas!!
    I’m Leyzlie from the Philippines.
    I really like the album because all the tracks are warm to the feel.. Really soothing to the ears that i always play it.. I am saving as a present to myself last month but wasn’t able to get one until now. Since it is a limited CD, I am worried it might be sold out before I could purchase one. Yet still I am positive to have a copy.
    Hoping I could win this giveaway. Thank you =)..

  9. triangel25 says:

    Hello tryp..

    I am from Malaysia… I started to like SG after watching Brilliant Legacy..But unfortunately, I started to like him a little late, since I watched BL not when it was first broadcasted in SK, but instead when it was broadcasted at my country’s tv channel, which is a few months later.But then, I haven’t started to really like him or be a fan of his. I didn’t know he was a singer at the first place. It was only sometime after that when I rewatched BL, that I decided to look for it OST when I realised that Will you marry me is sang by him!! I loved that song so much that I was replay it again and again when I am in the car. After that, MGIG started to broadcast. I watched it from DVD i bought after it has finished broadcasting. I find his acting was pretty good. And coincidently at the same time when I watched KBS channel, I saw 1n2d (I just managed to watch a few ep here and there because I was usually not at home during the broadcast time). I recognised him in there. There, I find him to be cute, funny and charming since 1n2d is a variety show that show the true self of the members.

    I decided to find out more about.. Download his dramas to re-watch again and again. Try to find 1n2d but unfortunately didn’t managed to find all the episodes since most of them have been deleted long ago (sob sob).. Listening to his songs, which I find it quite relaxing. I found this website a little late, which make me to be a little lacking behind of his news and updates. Then, early this year, I found that he released an album (Tonight) and downloaded it. I find it really nice especially the first song he composed by himself – Time to Love… This song is really nice and I find him to be pretty talented as he is a muti-entertainer.

    Ever since I joined this website, I get to know more bout him including each and every updates bout him. For this first time, I waited for his drama of the year (TK2H) to be broadcast and watched at stimultaneously as it was being broadcast in SK. I was asking myself, why did I know him so late and how nice if the previous two dramas of his I am able to watched when it is being broadcast? Then I would know every single details bout the dramas, from when he is being casted, who are the other main casts selecetd to act along with him, was are the rumours and stories going on during the shooting, the snapshoot of the shooting scene etc..Due to be acted to his acting in TK2H, I rewatch it uncountable time till now.

    Then, from this website I got to know that he is going to released his latest album – 5.5 in November. I waited patiently for you to announce the date of the release. On the day it was relased, I was having my exam. Right after I finished my paper, the first thing I do when I left the exam hall is to check on the released news and updates in this website. tryp you are kind enough to share us the link for all his 4 songs in the album Forest. I downloaded them and listen. I fell in love with melody and lyrics of the song immediately after the first listening. Just like how SG said, music is like a healing to him. It is the same to me. I loved to listen to music especially when I am sad, lonely, stress and depressed. Music give me a calming effect which calm my mood and emotion better than anything else. Since this is my final year, the exam gave me a lot of stressed till that I am badly sick. I listened to his new album especially Return countless time as I am studying for my exam, which I am still doing it now since I am having another paper the day after xmas. When I am tired of reading, I would rest for 5-10 mins and that time, I would watched his return’s mv. The song, melody and the storyline of the MV matched prefectly well..

    There is no other words that I can used to described how much I like the album.. All I can say that I truly love this album as it accompany me through my hard time now studying for my exam and it is also the first SG’s album that I ever listened for the first time on the day it was released (since the previously album, I only got to know them early this year). So, I do truly appreciate this album and looking forward for his next upcoming album in the following years~!!! I hope that with the information and updates shared here, next year as well as the rest of the years, I am able to listen to his new album on the day it was released just like how I did for the first for Forest album this year~!!!

    Hence, I hope to be able to win this album~!!! hehehe ^-^

    Thank you and Merry Christmas everyone~!!!
    Of course Merry Christmas to our SG as well.. Hope he spends a great time with the ones he loved since he mentioned that this year he hoped that he wont celebrate with SJ hyung anymore~!! =)

  10. Airen Eiqa says:

    Hi~ I’m Afiqah from Malaysia

    I like this album because all 4 song from the album made me felt relaxed.
    The gentle melody plus Seung Gi gentle voice…WoW!!! nothing make me feel better than this~
    This album also showed Seung Gi great vocal,it became the mark of the Prince Of Ballad comeback.Its been almost 4 years since I became a Airen but I always feel bad as a Airen because I was not able to buy any of Seung Gi album because I’m just a 14 years old high school girl even if I have money my mom will never let me spend it.I really want this album so much because for me this is Lee Seung Gi greates album since the genre fit my taste perfectly.

    Merry Christmas and happy holiday~

  11. sarsersor says:

    hy tryp merry christmas.

    i’m sarah from indonesia.. I dont know why exactly i like these album.. I just like it, the songs are so ‘easy listening’. i dont need think hard when i listen of them.. I’m addicted to repeat them continuously
    (especialy invite) And i like it over and over again.

    And i dont know why, just only listen to it, my feelings turn into happy??Haha

    Since i’m not good in english, and my grammar is so terrible, i just wanna say, i love this album is for no reason.. I just like it.

    Note: i hope you all guys understand what i mean.. Hahaha

    God bless you
    Merry christmas

  12. annaaphase says:

    Merry Christmas Tryp and to all fellow Oppa Seunggi’s fans! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m Anna Fe Villaver from Laguna, Philippines. ๐Ÿ™‚ what i like about this album is probably what our fellow fans like: the healing music which Oppa Seunggi has intended to share. He wants us, his fans, to listen to it anytime and anywhere and he wants us to be relaxed while listening to it. I’ve already downloaded this mini album and I just want to have a copy in hand as a christmas gift. Haha. Every night as I go to sleep, I always listen to his songs as my personal lullaby, and as I open my eyes every morning, I wake up with such serene feeling whenever I hear his songs (that have been playing since the other night. Haha!)

    Merry christmas again to you Tryp and to all Oppa Seunggi’s fans! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. hello…^_^
    I’m airen from Malaysia…

    Sincere from my heart, Forest album to me is a love and i just want to say that i’m falling in LOVE again and again every time i listening the songs, especially Return.
    For uri SG, thank you for the song that gives warmth in our hearts, and we all your airen really appreciate your efforts also will always support from behind even if no one makes the recognition.
    SeungGi ya…Fighting!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Jam says:

    Happy Holidays to everyone! I’m Jamie, and I’m from New York City. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love this album because of how calming and sweet it is. I’ve always used Seunggi’s music to calm me down when I’m upset or tired, and his songs always make me feel warmer. Over the past few years his songs have been landmarks in my life because of how I come to love each one as time passes. Whenever I list to Forest I will always remember this November, filled with fall and longing and other emotions that come with the season.

    Fall is also my favorite season! I think Forest captures the sweet, quiet, and calm mood of it well. I’d love to have the album. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Su says:

    Hi…first of all…happy holidays..i hope everyone has safe and wonderful holiday with your family, friends and all of your loved ones. I am from Texas, USA, and hard to believe it myself but I have followed Lee Seung gi from his time of Xman, so from almost since his debut days. He did not interest me that much in the show because the other casts seemed to overshadow him, but everytime he sang bits and pieces of his song I became more and more interested. Thus the first Lee Seung gi that I came to admire was the one wearing a singer’s hat and he was truly impressive. Thanks to all of the wonderful subbers I could even understand what he was singing about even though truthfully all I needed was to close my eyes and listen to his voice to be drawn into a different world. 1n2d came as a pleasant surprise that I just happened to stumble upon and never looked back and that was the entertainer Sueng gi. This one showed a different side – a side that was funny, witty, caring and pulled me more into his charm. Actor Seung gi didn’t even come into play until King 2 Hearts.. yes i know what a big deal Brilliant Legacy was and how cute MGIAG seemed to be but they didn’t interest me…well until I saw him as the King…wow his acting left me breathless…ofcourse it was not without flaws, but I definitely came to appreciate him and look at him as a legit actor. Yes Lee Seunggi was a triple crown in my book in the year 2012. He was everywhere from shows (sadly just geusting) to CFs to doing volunteer work (and making me want to volunteer and give back in the process), but it was again his singing that made me stop in my tracks, slow down, close my eyes and get lost in a different world again. I don’t know how many times I have listened to the song, but even today I can sit here and listen to it on repeat over and over again and not get tired. The peaceful melody and the lyrics just touches your heart. After a busy and hectic day, it really becomes my healing time. And I am most happy that he is receiving the same appreciation from everyone (not just fans, but people in general), so I want the CD a lot, not because I can’t get the song, but I want a memorabilia, something I can hold onto physically (not digitally), so oneday when I recall my “Reply 2012” moment, I can bring this out and show it to my kids and tell them of all the memories that I have associated with this year because it represents 2012 so well for me.
    -Sincerely signing off from Houston, TX…2012 ^_~

  16. sara says:

    I’m Sara from Iran. To me, love doesn’t need any reason. I love it coz it’s a part of innocent Lee Seung gi.

    • kimia says:

      wow! i was thinking im the only fan of seung gi in Iran.
      happy to see you!

      • sara says:

        Me too. Nice to see u.

        • zambak70 says:

          nice to see someone from my neighbour sister country…same here,we not much but our LOVE to SEUNG GI is big then everyone else and mission is more importand,to spread his Love to everywhere.wish you a Happy New Year sara and kimia….tulin send you loves from Istanbul……

  17. Nouzhah Asy-Syifa Haji Mostapha says:

    Hi tryp ๐Ÿ™‚

    Im Nouzhah, im currently studying in the UK but im from Brunei. I really love this album. the song just blend very well with seunggi oppa voice. moreover it warm up my winter here :))). ill be very happy if i could get the limited ed. forest album :)) thank you in advance.

    Love LSG,

  18. AnnMichelle says:

    I am AnnMichelle and I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I own a copy of that wonderful album already. So this is not to enter into the lucky draw. Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks to Tryp and Airens and of course our Seung Gi, 2012 has been terrific; I am sure 2013 will be even better!

  19. jan says:

    Hi Tryp,Dear Airens Merry Xmas
    I remember i wrote this * Seung gi ya you are so DARING* when FOREST release *during that time i’m worried for him, i’m thinking who will listen to his songs but i myseif haifway listening to the song RETURN..i realize.. i ‘m crying. the music the way he sing is so…o my god.. I know .FOREST sure success
    PS :Seung gi ya don’t worried….Airens behide you… support.u .. .Love..UUU.
    HAHAHA !!! birthday and Seung Gi same date: 13 Jan ..but…..different….. of 30 years..13 Jan 1957 ( I already got my Forest album)

  20. lisa lie says:

    hi.. my name is Lisa Lie and i come from Indonesia.
    for me everything about Seunggi is my favorite because i like him so much.. just like your page, everything about seunggi, that’s why i also like his newest album, forest! many reason why i like this album, start from the singer, the cover, and also the songs. This album become my favorite because it release after i met seunggi Directly in Indonesia. it really made me feel that i have strong fate with him, hahah.. within 5songs, i like all song but my favorite is Return, because it has nice melodies, and i really like the meaning of this song, “are we happiness now?”. whoaaa listen to seunggi voice is always making me feel so happy, especially when i heard saranghandaneun mal, because lee seunggi wrote this song, hehehe…
    that’s all my description…. heheehe thanks for reading ^^

  21. Nicolette says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!:Dim Nicolette from Singapore:)
    I love this album because most of all, it is seunggi’s album and I love everything abt seunggi<3<3his voice in the album makes my heart how he will warm me in winter. Even though there is no winter in Singapore, his voice makes me feel how it will be like to be warmed in a freezing cold winter. And seunggi succeeded in making songs that will never make people feel tired in this album cos I can listen to the song Return 20 times a day continuously and still want to continue listening to it!!<3

  22. hi.. here i’m again tryp ^^ let me try my luck :))
    I’m so in love with this album forest, i listen to it every day mostly all the time. Just like seunggi ever said, all the song is fit to listen every time when u wake up and when u go to sleep. All the song on this album is heal me well, make me keep smiling, feel warm and happiness (it’s so seunggi:)

    โ˜†โ˜†โ˜† ๋ฉ”๋ฆฌ ํฌ๋ฆฌ์Šค๋งˆ์Šค ~ ์ƒˆํ•ด ๋ณต ๋งŽ์ด ๋ฐ›์œผ์„ธ์š” to all airen, esp u tryp forever thanks to keep us update : )

  23. Shane_lsg says:

    HI Tryp ! Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m Shane from the Philippines.
    Actually, I don’t usually join in any raffle draws or other stuffs,but when it comes to Seung gi oppa, I can’t help but do everything.. hehe ๐Ÿ˜€
    Honestly,I really like all his albums even though I don’t have one.,But what’s more special in his Forest album is the relaxing melody of his songs there. I always listen to it before going to bed and also before I start my day ๐Ÿ™‚ . And that’s how I live to his music everyday ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wishing you a joyful Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Lulu Ibrahim says:

    Hello tryp ! Merry christmas and may your year be blessed ^^
    my name is lulu from egypt
    i honstley am addicted to the album from the day it was realsed until our day today ๐Ÿ˜€
    i like it because of first it’s quit and harmonies music it is just my exact type i love these kind of music :3 second ori seung gi oppa’s voice is just more then deabak !! his voice is just what you call beautiful !!! and third i this is actually the first album of seung gi oppa that was realsed while i actually knew whom he was so for me it has a very special place inside of my heart because ill never forget me pressing refresh waitng for it to be realsed ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ even though my parents don’t allow me to purchase anything online i really want to own this album so i really hope i’ll win ๐Ÿ™‚
    happy christmas again enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ โค xoxo

  25. jn91 says:

    First, let me say, Merry Christmas to you, Tryp, to our Seunggi, and to all Airens over the world~! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m Julia from Indonesia. ^^
    Autumn is always my favorite season, and it become the MV concept, I’m very happy! For me, this album is the most relaxing album that Seunggi ever release. This album is easy to listen, I listen to it everyday. Even when I took a bus to go to my campus, I fell asleep listening to his songs. It’s just like Seunggi said in his photo book, he listen to the music like breathing, not really listening but flow with the music. My favorite song is Return, the song is so addictive that I listen to it again and again and again. Seunggi’s voice is very soothing in this album, even makes me who like upbeat songs, liking again slow songs. I love Seunggi when he is a musician as much as when he is an actor or a MC.
    Hope my luck is great, hehe. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Wish we all have a wonderful Christmas this year and Happy Holiday, Airens! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Elsie See says:

    @tryp96 I am from Singapore. Album is full of heart and warmth and it’s easy to listen to. It calms me instantly whenever I have a bad day.

  27. Hello Tryp! I’m Sasya from Indonesia ๐Ÿ™‚ What I like the most about this album is that the songs show Seunggi’s warm and romantic side of him. And he’s worked so hard to complete the album to satisfy Airens’ ears and eyes which makes it even more special โค
    Happy new year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. choelyn lee says:

    Hi Tryp ^^ Merry Christmas! I’m Choelyn from Malaysia. I like this album because the songs in it are all so soothing and sentimental. This shows the gentle side of our great singer- Seung Gi! ๐Ÿ˜€ It is undeniable that his singing skills is becoming better and better, melting more women’s heart each time he released an album. His songs in this album especially Words That Say I Love You which he composed himself have the capability to make people shed tears. Other than that, it is very special to have the essay photo book which has tones of Seung Gi’s handsome photos included in the album. It is great and relaxed to look at those photos while listening to Seung gi’s healing songs! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. nadya says:

    Hi Tryp, I’m Nadya from Indonesia. I don’t know exactly why I love this album so much, may be because it’s Seunggi’s album and I love everything about him or.. may be because of the melody or his voice ? I don’t know. may be because all of them^^. I listen to this album everyday without getting bored. in my playlist, the most played song is “Words That Says I Love You” I love this song the most! plus.. it’s Seunggi oppa who write the song, so.. I love it even more! I want to get Forest album so badly, since I just high school student so I can’t buy the album myself, it’s too expensive for me, so.. let me try my luck here ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks tryp ^^

  30. blackholeangel says:

    Hi Tryp, I listen to Seung Gi’s healing music when I am sleeping, eating and working (and I should say, all the time). His healing music is specially good for me when I am sad, having an argument with my closest friend or leaving myself deep into the dreamlike beautiful world, the world of miracles ^^. Seung Gi, thank you. For you, (and for Eun Seung (Han Hyo Joo, my favorite actress), for your dramas and for your songs, I love Korea badly and seek out my dream, one and only dream I do want to realize

  31. Lee Ann says:

    Hi Tryp! Merry X’mas

    Thank you very much for run this blog so lots of airens can get immediate update of SeungGi^_^

    I’m from China, ShanXi province. It is not long after I fell in love with SeungGi that this album has released!

    I heard SeungGi’s first album and think the voice a little hoarse๏ผˆI’m a little unsure about this expression๏ผ‰. But , the voice is perfect, the melody is healing and above all I almost cried when I saw the Chinese translation of its lyrics. Just like a little stone beat on your heart and tears can’t help shed down.

    So, the whole new album is in my playlist, I play it every day and now it seems to be what SeungGi said like “air”. Just like a faithful friend and you just do your things and it won’t bother you~

    In a word, I love this album very much and Thank you tryp!!!

    Wish you a beautiful day ^_^

  32. sinem kaya says:

    hello my name is Sinem Kaya. I’m from Turkey. . lee seung gi loved the album, for bringing me hope and luck. It’s so good to hear. feelings, as if it was the song. but can not afford getting here album. I’m giving you the joy of life, promising to keep people at least, I would love the album. Thank you for giving us this chance.

  33. Anonymous says:

    hi i’m juniey from malaysia.
    i love him simply and unconditionally and becoz of that when i listen to his voice, i’m happy.No matter how difficult my day was, his voice make it better. When i close my eyes and listen to his songs i forget everything else.I truly believe his voice heals me.

  34. hannah018 says:

    Hello tryp96 ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m Hannah Tebelin from Philippines.
    I like lee seung gi’s latest album (healing music) because he sings all the songs with so much passion and feelings just like in his other albums… And whenever I listened to his song it feel so much excitement and happiness for me. Even though I listened to it often I’m not getting tired of it to listen again and again. And the fact that it’s Lee Seung gi’s voice that I listened with made me more happier and teary eyed. HAHA.

    I definitely want this give away, haha. I don’t have a copy of it ’till now. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you tryp96 and more more years to come to this site of yours! Love you! :*

    – hannah

  35. Pich says:

    Hey Tryp. I’m Pich from Thailand.

    What I like about this album is that it is the only album which I can play from the first song and leave it till the last song finishes playing and I would still enjoy it. In other words, I really enjoy all the songs in the album. The simplicity of his music in this album awes me. Compared with some other K-pop music, I would be crazy with it for some time, and that like would gradually fade away, usually taking maybe a week or two. However, I have managed to enjoy his music from the day it is released until today, and I am sure that Seung-gi’s music will continue to be the healing music for me, as it has proved to be for the past month. In other words, SEUNGGI DAEBAK.

    I really want this album as a Christmas gift for my best friend, as he has been so good to me, and I hope that he would be just as happy as I am listening to Seung-gi’s music. Thank you so much, tryp, for this blog, keeping me informed about Seung-gi. This blog is definitely one that I always check everyday, or perhaps even more than once a day. Merry Christmas!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. trish says:

    Hello everyone, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am Trish from Seattle, Washington. I already own a copy of this beautiful album “Forest” and so I am not here to win the album. Thanks Tryp and Airens around the world for a wonderful year. Looking forward to many more wonderful moments and success with Seung Gi and Airens in 2013!

  37. Airyn says:

    Hello, Tryp! Happy Christmas from The Philippines. ๐Ÿ™‚

    What I like most about “Forest” is it really showcases Seung-gi’s evolution as a musician/singer. Although I miss the energetic, rock-ish vibe and his power vocals from the previous albums, I think it takes a more mature and experienced musician to perform the songs here the way he did. And the songs really do deliver on the promise of “healing music” that’s perfect for the season. ๐Ÿ™‚


    p.s. And a Happy and Blessed Christmas to all the fellow Airens who visit here! โค

  38. Sophea says:

    Me here from Malaysia..

    I got to know him when I watch TK2H & Budokan concert in Japan..

    His character made me want to know him more.. When he was in Malaysia for FM, I couldn’t make it & only managed to capture him from behind when he’s leaving at airport.. I’m sure all of Airens felt sorry for him while his staying in Malaysia..

    That’s my moment as a women & airen felt when you are in your own comfort zone went outside of your ‘world’.. people may not give you what you wanted/expected even when you being treated like a princess/ queen elsewhere yet you gave the best you got & as a return, more people appreciate & love you more..

    Forest as its title itself made me feel free from worry & fly like a bird with beautiful green scenery, met with other people, playing with nature & animals… The most that I felt about this forest album is like what you said – brings pride to women..

    LSG, always pray for you to have more daebak next year & be healthy.. not forgetting happy becoming birthday 13.1.13.. Saranghae

  39. imeadd says:

    Hi….I’m from Indonesia
    I love his album coz it’s Seunggi’s hehe..cheeky right? but it’s true
    Love doesn’t need a reason ๐Ÿ™‚ and you know why, I do really want this album bcoz I only have heard 1 song (RETURN), I need to hear entire songs of the album :))))
    Anyway…. Advance Happy New Year!

  40. livinia says:

    hi, Tryp onnie.. nice to know you and of course this beloved blog too .. hehehe ^^
    thank you so much for your news, pics, article, etc about uri Lee Seung Gi โค for 2 years ~
    (kekekeke ๐Ÿ˜€ ~)

    I'm Livinia from Indonesia,
    actually, i havenโ€™t had the mini album since Lee Seung Gi's mini album released. i have ordered but unfortunately our post office in Indonesia wasn't allowing us to took the album and still be detained in post office T^T due for some mistake. but i believe the mini album still in okay in post office and it will arrive safely in my home later

    From Lee Seung Giโ€™s new mini album โ€œForestโ€, I like all the song from โ€œForestโ€ but my favorite song is โ€œReturnโ€ and โ€œWords That Say I Love Youโ€. When I listen โ€œReturnโ€ for the first time in KBS weekly entertainment news and SBS Running Man episode 120, I said โ€œthis is song JINJJA DAEBAK !!โ€ (in my blog ^^ and i felt goosebumps too !. Every time I replayed again-again โ€œReturnโ€ from my track list on my smartphone, it reminds me about my past start from my first love and some great moments in junior class. Love this song from the music Iโ€™m really love it (ballad is the best ~ ^^ ) and of course uri Seung Giโ€™s voice: soft, warm and match with healing music ! โค <3. And the other song โ€œWords That Say I Love Youโ€, the composition in this song really surprising me, Iโ€™m not doubt about Lee Seung Gi as a composer, using French horns really a great move being a composer ^^

    Kekekeke, i'm sorry if I have wrong type or wrong grammar hehehe (I do my best for typing with my weakness in English~)

    Happy holiday for Tryp onnie and Airens all over the world, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~ ^^

  41. Hi, tryp96 nuna. I m Dharshini and I m from Malaysia. The amazing part of the songs in this album is all the songs have the ability for the listeners to reconnect with their memories. It gives out the healing aura as lee seung gi said. It also somehow gives us a calming sensation every single time we listen to the songs. The music, lyrics and the most important, the voice of our lee seung gi melts away the complicated thoughts in our head and makes us more relaxed. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy Wonderful Lee Seung Gi filled New Year!!!!!!

  42. shine says:

    Hi~TRYP96! I’m from Taiwan.

    I like this album because Seung gi ‘s voice made me shocked.
    What a wonderful voice and melody! I love “Return” so much!
    I also love “Words that says I love you” this song, because it is made by Seung gi himself!
    Recently, I become love “Invitation to me”!The MV is so gorgeous!
    The MV is full of Seung gi!!!Haha~~

    Happy new year to everybody!!!

  43. cimuthdirgee90 says:

    Hallyu Our Dear Friend Tryp? ๐Ÿ™‚
    May God always bless U, protect U and bless of all Airen in the world, amen …

    I’m Winda Ratnajaya from Indonesia, nice to knoe U Tryp ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wondering if I met U personally, it would be great moment, share EVERYTHING ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ, like the title of your blog ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hmm …
    Its would be interesting to discuss, what I like about ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ new album “์ˆฒ”?
    Here I go !

    I really mean by that!
    Uri ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ ~ neun is definitely different with the other celebrity that I saw.
    You know yourself, ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ voice is a “GIFT” from God, I am very optimistic that You agree with me, don’t U? ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹^^

    Every time I heard his voice, I wonder like I’m in a different world, ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ could took my soul to a beautiful fantasy world. If I have to say, hmm … ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ is my MIRACLE. I used to be realize that I can do anything well if the motive is ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ. Its my truth confession ๐Ÿ™‚

    I like anything about ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ album “์ˆฒ”, starts from the concept, lyric, location, the message from every song in this album, I loved it!
    I can feel the passion and toil of ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ and team, both the Hook Ent and Epitone from what I listen. All of us can say it is a masterpiece of ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ.

    I hope we can find a same figure and role model like ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ in our next life, and of course we can share joy and happiness together, together with all people who love ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ, forever ^^

    I think the above opinion could never express and describe what I feel about ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ, and his album “์ˆฒ”, but this is a summary of the best that I ever made in my life ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank You and I am sorry Tryp ^^ and to all of You my friend …
    Oh .. and last … โค ์ด์Šน๊ธฐ forever …

    Your other parts of the world friend,
    Winda Ratnajaya ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Marie_Lee says:

    Annyeong Tryp!!. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your family!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I like his Forest album, especially because of its relaxing tune and of course because Seung gi sang those songs..
    Happy Holidays!!..
    —-Marie from the Philippines ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Sunrize_88 says:

    Anyeong Tryp, this is Sonriza from the Philippines. I have been Seunggi’s quiet fan ever since he started at 2D1N and starred at Shining Inheritance. I so love this album because of the different emotion when listening to it. Its not the lively Seunggi or strong ballads we are used to, but a feel good music and sounds that are mellow, relaxing and wants to day dream and smile. Makes you appreciate how talented our seunggi oppa is โค

  46. crazyahjummafan says:

    I’m writing this not so much to ‘win’ the prize but to express how this wonderful album has helped me to appreciate music at a new level.

    Previously, whenever I like a song, it’s mainly for the melody or lyrics, or in some cases, both. I hardly pay any attention to the accompanying music, unless it has a strong beat. There are some singers that I like because of their smooth and melodious voices. But I hardly ever pay attention to a song for all these components put together. Seunggi’s latest album however, has taught me to appreciate EVERYTHING that comes with a song. For the first time, I actually listen to music with both ear pieces and block out every distraction. I have 4 kids, and always have to have a ear for any problems that may arise. However, with this album, I’ve made it a point to listen to it without any distractions, and thus have been able to appreciate the not just the songs, but the music as well.

    The melody and lyrics of the four songs are truly achingly beautifully. Kudos to both Epitone project and SG.

    While listening to this album, however, I’ve come to appreciate not just the beautiful melody and lyrics of the songs, but also the accompaning music for the first time. I love the Introduction with the orchestral music – it reminds of a walk in the countryside. And I love how the Introduction flows so fluidly into the song, Return. I love the piano accompaniment in Return, with Seunggi’s melodiously sweet voice at the beginning of the song, before the orchestra takes over. I also love the french horn in the song, Words of Love. It makes the song more mellow and smooth and really helps to bring out the mood and emotions in the song.

    Lastly, I’ve also learnt to really appreciate the quality of the singer’s voice. Sometimes, when a song has a nice melody and beautiful lyrics, the quailty of the singer’s voice is not so important to me. But in this album, Seunggi’s successful attempt to change the quality of his voice to match the songs, especially, Return, has made me appreciate the songs more and has also made me respect him more as an artist. His voice has never been so sweet and pure before.

    He was not just singing songs, but in this album, he is involved in the whole concept of the album. His aim to make ‘healing music’ that people can listen to over and over again, has certainly been achieved successfully, where I am concerned. I listen to them before I sleep and the songs are the first thing I hear in my head when I wake up. Whenever, I’m cross with my husband and kids, I listen to his songs and it soothes and calms me down. i listen to them full blast while I’m driving alone, when I’m wrapping presents, ironing the clothes, doing my laundry…. need I add on more? They have certainly brought me hours of listening pleasure.

    Lee Seunggi, thank you for the wonderful gift of this album!

    • crazyahjumma fan says:

      Oops, sorry! Forgot to introduce myself! Wrote this at 2.30am Singapore time, so was rather sleepy. I’m Cynthia from the sunny isle of Singapore!
      Merry Christmas n Happy New Year everyone! And especially to you dear tryp!

  47. Emz says:

    Hi! Tryp!!! im Emz from the Philippines, why i love his album is simply because he sang it:))))

  48. pearl says:

    This album was made heartily and produced by uri seunggi, pouring his heart to make this album daebak. CONNECTING to us through reminiscing his happy teenager life at high school which everybody would have experienced during that tender age for puppy love…and luckily he is not the only one who had that kind of experience that’s why people, including me, APPRECIATED the songs in this album and can’t stop listening, playing it all over again and again, reliving those early complicated years of our life.
    -through this album, he never failed to make us PROUD AGAIN. surprising us with his new capabilities always giving us the unexpected, showing his appreciation and LOVE for us..
    ..i’m very proud of him…<3
    from philippines here..

  49. Milano says:

    I am Susan from the U.S. Apart from my addiction to Seunggi, what do I love more about this album? Hmm….His amazingly beautiful and soothing voice and serene melody is like comfort food to me. Whenever I feel down or stressed I look for my comfort food. Now I listen to his songs. From Intro, Looking back, forest and Invitation…this whole album seems like a long beautiful story you want to hear over and over again. It’s been over a month and I probably listened to these a thousand times…I never get tired of it. Beauty of slowness in this fast-paced era, warmth and authenticity…..just love it.

  50. eunjo03 says:

    hello tryp ๐Ÿ™‚ i’m indah from indonesia
    i like all the theme and song of this album. and actually it was the first album that i have wait and feels exited to much. i love return so much. when i listen to the song i will remember my first love. ah, it sweet moment just like seung gi. feel warm and very glad ^^

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