TK2H Japanese DVD BTS Screencap – Lee Seung Gi

AhHa couple’s back hug?! 😆


source: dctk2h

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8 Responses to TK2H Japanese DVD BTS Screencap – Lee Seung Gi

  1. prisy717 says:

    LOLs. I didn’t see this back hug in the drama, did they edit it out? or was it just a rehearsal ?

    • Glogi says:

      Haha it’s actually not a back hug, it’s when our prince Jae Ha tried to steal the gun from Hang Ah’s hand. He did it from her back, though 😀

  2. Sophea says:

    I want to see the BTS.. cutey!

    • MTDT says:

      I heard that there is about 10 BTS! Have the piano scene too!
      I want to see BTS! Pls someone share it online…. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, please share the link…. I would love to see their real interaction, especially the piano scene, if there is one…… Thank you, Airens….. You are all the best!

  3. MTDT says:

    I also dont rem this scene! Tot they only had a fight in the toilet? Hmmm.. I need to rewatch! :p

  4. yy says:

    i heard that in the quickly deleted piano bts, seunggi jokingly played the intro of because you’re my woman and the staff including hjw laughed.
    eeehh want to watch that so much

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