Lee Seung Gi – Forest (숲) MV

Finally! 😀 (I have to say, that was such a nice reversal! :P)

credit: seunggitown

credit: LOENENT

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47 Responses to Lee Seung Gi – Forest (숲) MV

  1. Mich says:

    My late Christmas gift but early present for New Year!! Thanks Tryp 🙂

  2. ing says:

    wow!! finally

  3. LoveLsg says:

    Wow nice Mv, 1st Mv Return is about Sgi past, this is about his future?

  4. judepps says:

    I can’t interpret correctly what the story behind the MV..all i know is just im melting with Seunggi’s voice..though im missing badly his hoarse voice in tha past. Love the LOENENT very much & the Audio quality is such a Daebak..reason why im melting listening to it… Seunggiah you ARE loved! No doubt these MV will make again a huge success!

  5. Airyn says:

    I like that they went for a sort of unified concept for all the MVs so far, although it would’ve been more fun if they released this right after “Return” instead of “Invite”, considering it takes off right after the end of “Return”‘s story line. But hey, I won’t complain because this MV is a beauty. 😉

    Now there’s just “Words That Say I Love You” left, and I hope they continue with the same concept somehow. 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m debating if this is his parents story or his future story or maybe he and his dad has the same love story! 😀 I remember forest is especially made for him. I love every bit of it!

    • eva airen says:

      yes im agree with u…im confused about that…the cild was seung gi or the man was seung gi and the little boy was his child??

      • Gon says:

        I think the story is about his parent, no? if you see the return MV, when his parent came to pick him up, they face were kinda the same, even tho not very clear, beside, the director said the MV told the story of seung gi’s life? the mv from ‘word that are hard to say’ is kinda similar to the story in ‘return’ but different period? hehe, n seung gi said during 1n2d, with pd Na that he lived in the same place as him as a kid for 2 years before transferring? hehe, the ep was when seung gi talked about the ‘squid taffy’, keke..why my memories about seung gi is so vivid..:)

  7. eva airen says:

    everyone can u help me to tell the story of the forest mv?
    thats the future or the last story??

  8. Anonymous says:

    wow!! now i wonder if its his future story or his parent and the little boy he saw at the beginning is him himself. or maybe its the love story that he want to create? anyway wouldn’t it be great with there’s an alone in love mv. LSG asking the girl out? ( not the Japanese version)

  9. tryp96 says:

    I think when he opened the magical door from the other side, he walked into his future. But he was walking backward in time. That little boy he saw was his son, and the journey through the forest ended where he met his future wife. 😛

    • eva airen says:

      how bout the family photos in his car?
      oh my so confused about the mv…we should ask LSG for know the answer…hhahaha

    • Airyn says:

      The plot is a bit off when you consider the lyrics of the song, but taken within the context of the story arc of both videos, this interpretation makes sense. 🙂

    • prisy717 says:

      Most likely what tryp said…hmmm..

    • Maris says:

      For me, the door represents the point where his parents past is visited once he passes through it. Where they met, dated, married and had him. The girl who fell off the bike reminded him of how his father met his mother. That is why we see the father helping her from the ground. The boy reminded him of himself at that age which might have triggered all these memories. The framed picture is of that time of him with his parents. In the end he sits on the bench just like anyone who has just revisited a place full of happy and special memories ….in this case of the couple next to him…..presumably his parents. 🙂
      It could be the story of him or anyone revisiting a place. Just one of the many possibilities.
      But all very enjoyable in context of this beautiful MV.

  10. Anonymous says:

    so does that mean he want a son? hehe Both return and forest mv are very creative!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    i think its the story of his parent, because he seem to recognize the little boy. i mean if its his future then how does he know the boy is his son. it could be anyone’s boy, i don’t know the mv is a mystery itself. we should ask LSG himself for answer lol.

    • prisy717 says:

      if it’s about his parents, in the end of the MV he met those two ppl but they didnt know each other

      • Mich says:

        Maybe, just maybe he recognized her but she couldn’t because her son (I assume that’s Seung Gi) was not even born yet?

      • Anonymous says:

        maybe he hasn’t return to reality yet, still in the mythical land.

      • Airyn says:

        We have to remember that in the concept of both this MV and “Return”, SG (his current self, the one who sings the songs) is like an observer most of the time rather than an actual character that is involved as part of the stories. He’s like Scrooge being taken through life stories by Ghosts. In the case of “Return”, Yoo-jung is like the “Ghost of His First Love”, who takes him to the past.

        Question is, just who is the little boy “Ghost” in this MV? If we keep the “A Christmas Carol” analogy, this should be the “Future Ghost”, so Tryp’s interpretation that maybe this was meant to be his son makes sense…up until we see the family picture on the dashboard…unless that was part of the scene from the other man’s POV, just before he disembarks from the car.

        The part where the woman nods to someone is also kind of open to interpretation: was it SG or the other man? Because it would make a world of difference whoever she nods to.

  12. prisy717 says:

    I am confused with the story of the MV.
    at first I guessed it was about his future or his past, or maybe his past love was married to someone else. But the very last part of the MV makes me confused, he met those two people but they didnt know each other, and then in his car there’s a picture of a family featuring a son and those two ppl

  13. Mich says:

    Personally, I think this is his parents’ story because near the end of the mv, we can see a family picture with the little boy in the car. If it was his own story, how could he have that kind of old-looking picture? Nevertheless, I like how a 5-minute mv can give us healthy discussion just like we do to dramas/ movies 🙂 Good job, Seung Gi ^^

    • Airyn says:

      Okay, the parents’ story angle is plausible too, and that family picture in the car seems like our clue to that.

    • Osi says:

      That makes sense too, but when he come out of the car after he almost hits the girl, we can see the picture was changed from Seung Gi to the man and to Seung Gi again. Is he seeing his own future? Is he ‘re-enacting’ his future? Does he still in his ‘future’ world and drive his ‘future’ car?

  14. inee says:

    i think its his parents story.the boy is him and the baby girl is his sister.and in the end of the music video is his future.he wanted a the same love story of his parents.same girl?because ,sons wanted to get married same as their mothers and daughters wanted to get married same like their fathers.

    • Airyn says:

      I’m trying to figure out if the actors who played the parents in “Return” is the same as the actors here because that will probably end the debate…to a certain extent. LOL. Can’t see much of the faces of the actors in “Return”, though.

      • jn91 says:

        It is indeed his parent’s love story, I checked the Return MV and the picture in the dashboard, the actor and actress is the same, it’s just in the Return MV the Dad wear glasses and the Mom tied her hair. But they look the same, so the story is going backward, and he met his future girlfriend like his father did.

  15. garden29 says:

    I also think its was about his parent and that little boy was seunggi he walk through the journey of his parents relationship,backward.
    Yeah, I agree that in return mv the woman that wait for seunggi at the car is similar to the one in forest mv. Ha3 whatever it is the mv is so beautiful.

  16. this song really make me melting in it… nomu nomu nomu nomu joha…. 😉
    what a perfect album !!!

  17. layman says:

    Oh Oh so many story .. hook sure said she don’t know the answer..and seung gi may be is on holiday ..? at Bali .USA..don’t know where is he? sorry,we only can carry forward this till 12 Jan 2012 – birthday Even

  18. ER says:

    Personally, i think this MV like looking back story of his parents. His parents met with accidental, almost got hit by a car, after that they know each other, dating, proposal, and eventually got married, got pregnant, and had a child (seung gi). child seung gi wanted to show a beautiful love story of his parent to seung gi and the story begin with seung gi child show him how he loved so much when he was baby.. ^_^

  19. dellamahar says:

    Reblogged this on dellamahar and commented:
    awsome seung gi oppa

  20. May says:

    When he entered the door, the memory was his childhood. When he came out from the door, he met his ex-girlfriend (the one in school) who had grown up! When she fell from the bicycle, he held her up, but her boyfriend (husband) came to her rescue. And he smiled. Take a look again 😉

  21. crazyahjummafan says:

    Whatever the interpretation of the video, I’m just so happy that there’s a third MV! Seunggi’s really spoiling us this year end! Although his album has only 4 songs and a beautiiful Intro, they are all lovely, heartfelt songs,,, and to include 3 fantastic music videos… I’m over the moon! I love this last MV as much as the other two!

    Thank you Seunggi!!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas wherever you are… and with whoever you’re with! May 2013 bring you much joy and love and success!

  22. Eva says:

    Woah! I wasn’t expecting to see this MV today but perfect timing to end this year with a nice music vid from our Seung Gi. My eyes went big when I saw the date 2012-11-28 coz that’s MY birthday!!! 😀

  23. yelni dahler says:

    whatever we intrepreted the Forest MV, I really love it, Seunggi ah, Daebak

  24. Michelle says:

    Ah, my most favourite song of the album. Forest. When I first heard this song, I was deeply captivated by the intro tune of the song as it is pretty different from other songs. And Seung Gi’s voice blended so well with the music and I really really like this song. The feelings it gives off is just.. Amazing. And so happy to see the mv of this song.
    Personally I feel that it is up to one’s own interpretation of the storyline of the mv and there is no right or wrong answer. The beauty of the mv lies in the ambiguity and warm soothing feelings it exudes. Really beautiful. Love the scene where SGi touches the small boy’s face, when he was sitting on the swing, when he was walking in the woods, and when he was “peeping” behind the stone. Hehehe. Really cute and nice. 😀
    And yes thank you Seung Gi for this amazing present that makes our 2012 complete ^^

  25. Anonymous says:

    Seung Gi plays guitar! Scene on playing guitar and singing to gal!

  26. Anonymous says:

    memories of SG being in love and having a happy family (his deep down wish!).

  27. hello tryp96 ^_^
    for me ‘The beauty is in the eye of beholder’…
    thats not have exact story behind this MV, because this video can match for all range of age, not only for youngster that have their dreams but also for other person because it also relate with the memories how thier life begin.. for me, this such nice reversal life is mention how his parents met, in other way our prince making such complete album for all his airens around the world for each age group because all the songs is connected and it’s just how people see the video and try to associate with their life 😉
    lastly, this album really superb !!! 😉

  28. Maris says:

    LSG opened the door and walked even further back in the past to open up the memories related to his parents…..their wedding, early lives( as heard from them) and eventually how they met triggered by when the girl on the bicycle fell on the road. He is revisiting the place he lived. The fond and affectionate smile on his face as he observes without any sadness, the framed photograph in the car ……indicates to me that the memories relate to his parents. The album after all is named “Return”.
    Just my take on this nostalgic, beautifully created MV …..forest……full of as many memories as the trees.

  29. sweetspring says:

    I’m in the ‘Its Seung Gi’s parents’camp so he goes back further n further in time as the mv progresses to when his ‘dad’ 1st encounters his’mom’. I also notice Seung Gi was stil holding on to the piano piece his childhood gf gave him from the last mv as he walked thr u the door. Seung Gi looks adorably sleepy some parts of the mv,I think he juz got woken up from his nap he had shownfrom the BTS video 😛

  30. noodlelover says:

    still confused about the interpretation of this MV…i thought it’s about his first love which he left behind in return MV .. and that he found her already meet a new lover, get married and has a son that seung gi met in forest? (__ __)” “brain freeze”
    since seung gi stated that the return MV is all about his love memory with a girl who left him in reality because she has to go abroad for school? well i d k

    • Maris says:

      I feel the album is about revisiting old memories and places. The MV return is the one about the girl he liked and the forest about parents. Again you are right… It’s not totally clear. It is open for individual interpretations and universal enjoyment. 🙂

  31. I am totally agree with what tryp said excellent POV…….

  32. PLZ someone can tell me the name of the actress in the MV, she’s the same actress of Primary last MV, i like her so much … someone now ?? PLZ!!!

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