[Eng Sub] Lee Seung Gi – Forest (숲) MV

credit: LoveKpopSubs11

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3 Responses to [Eng Sub] Lee Seung Gi – Forest (숲) MV

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now i get the MV..this can be story of anybody not particularly Seung Gi,it can be his dad or his future or someone elses story. This is about reminscing your past when you meet and falls inlove with someone and after time passes by,after all the trials here you are together made it through somehow. Hence the rewind of the story because he is thinking about the past. At the end Seung Gi meeting the girl means like the guy who accidentally met his wife can also happen to Seung Gi that’s why they showed him meeting the girl. 🙂

  2. chuotkt says:

    I think this is story about how Seung Gi’s “character” father and mother met each other. there’s a picture about his family in a car and I think a little boy is Seung Gi. If you watch mv Return, you can see his parent who’s waiting for little Seung Gi when he left his school and received a keyboard from his first love ( I guess ^^).

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