12.12.29 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

There’s a news article on SeungGi’s new drama today. The only new piece of information I can find is that the drama will start filming at the end of January.

Suzy is still the rumored female lead. The drama seems to be confirmed for the Monday-Tuesday time slot on MBC.

source: donga via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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  1. noodlelover_ says:

    what a news in the morning

    2013 may this year be his and ours the airen ^^ aja aja [pie~ting] ㄱㄱㄱ

  2. AnnMichelle says:

    Very happy to see the new drama is gradually taking shape…I can hardly count the days until actor Seung Gi in action. In his Star1 interview, he said he wanted to be a ‘senior’ actor that junior actors can lean on. I have total confidence that he will do a terrific job at that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can Dclsg stop talking about his music and force on his new drama soon?!?!

  4. SCbound says:

    I might be alone, but it irritates me that this girl has not confirmed her acceptance of this role. I find it disrespectful to LSG. its been since October that her part in this has been rumored,yet still no word form her or her camp. I dont understand that, and filiming is starting in Jan? tsk tsk on her she should be expressing her excitement, and honor to work with our Seung Gi. Now I feel better I got that off my chest. I was actually hoping for a different female lead.

    • airen says:

      yeah i also kinda wonder why the female lead is still in vague and not confirm ye since the shooting gonna start very soon. If she out of nowhere suddenly reject the role is it possible to cast a new female lead in this short amount of time?? i just dont want them to postpone the drama because of this coz it will crush my heart.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, you’re not alone. But it might not be her fault though, I blame it to her agency. Vaultofdoom (The Vault) blog has a very insightful info about her agency (post [K-Drama Newsdesk] Updated 12-17 – December 13, 2012). I actually have a love/hate relationship with her agency as people have repeatedly mentioned that they love media play and they expose this girl too much that many netizens are tired reading news about her.

      I’m currently watching King of Dramas, and this drama has opened my eyes about what happen during drama pre-production & production. How hard it is for production companies “fight” for a timeslot in any broadcasting station. How hard it is to receive budget for any drama production (that’s why many dramas are now casting idols because it guarantees high profit when they export the drama to overseas countries). Ratings are now quite irrelevant as I read an article last week that many Korean viewers are now watching TV on their smartphones. But broadcasting stations still hold on to the ratings system and only reward dramas which have high ratings. *big sigh*

      *sorry for the long comment & rant :D*

      But I trust Seunggi and Hook’s decision, praying hard that this drama will be well received by the viewers & Seunggi will have a great & fun time filming this drama. He’ll definitely grow more as an actor. As an avid Korean Drama watcher, I’m very disappointed with the majority of fantasy sageuk aired this year, so fingers crossed his drama will have a very unique, fresh yet interesting storyline.

    • Airyn says:

      You’re definitely not alone in being irritated that it’s taking this long to cast the female lead, considering the drama is probably in pre-production now. It might not be Suzy’s fault, though; it might likely be her agency. I do hope they make a decision soon! Worst case scenario is the producers will have to look around for another actress, and if they are pressured because of the timetables, they might not get the best possible person for the role. :S

  5. Anonymous says:

    I want LSG to act in Sword and blossom.. that story is better than male gumiho..
    is there any other casting confirm yet?? why take so long?? I wish Han hyo joo to act with LSG again!

    • tryp96 says:

      Are you meliejoo? Could you please give it a rest? I’m sure there’s a very good reason that SeungGi chose The Gu Family’s Book over Sword and Blossom. So if you are really his fan, please support, or at least respect, his decision.

  6. mtdt says:

    oh end January means shd air on tv by Feb? oooh I wish to see him while he is filming!

    • AnnMichelle says:

      Read carefully: filming will START in late Jan. How can they air by Feb.?

      • mtdt says:

        I tot usually Korean will shoot 2-3episode and then air/shoot at the same time? is it not the case?

        • Airyn says:

          This is only true somewhere in the middle of the drama already. Usually, productions have at least a month or more of a headstart in the beginning.

          • mtdt says:

            I see… as I was reading another fan account. they saw the shooting on 24th Dec and it’s air this week! so I tot 2-3episode only…

        • manassuper says:

          it is due to take the monday-tuesday slot and that means after horse doctor complete. it’s episodes……so it will air by april..but as seunggi mentioned in the interview shooting will start by the end of january becoz of it’s grand scale and highly packed action scenes which require a lot of preparation and perfection and also since it is a story about a half human half beast visually also it had to be eye catching i mean the graphics and all…… so i think it makes sense shooting early…….ithinin the alkpop article MBC ALSO CLARIFIED THAT IT’S MOST PROBABLY TO AIRING IN APRIL AFTER HORSE DOCTOR COMPLETE IT’S RUN……….

    • Airyn says:

      IIRC, SG mentioned it will air by April/May.

    • Anonymous says:

      It will probably aired in April / May, the current MBC Mon-Tues Drama is 50 episodes MBC Anniversary Special sageuk drama (it aired ep 25 & 26 this week) and in the past, MBC loved to give extension to their Anniversary Special Drama.

  7. super says:

    Good morning Tryp and friend s.I just hope for the best for the drama and Lsg and everyone involved .as an overseas fan i hope to be able to watch the drama.have a nice day everyone.

  8. Marlyn says:

    Forget about Suzy!,,,It would be great if Seung Gi be paired w/ great actress like Kim Tae Hee or Park Min Young! I am not anti Suzy…i just want a good actress to work with him. I wish him all the Best!.

  9. garden29 says:

    There is already a Facebook account for the drama.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Just simply support and respect Seung Gi in his decision! It is always a learning path and process be the decision is correct or wrong. Many contributing factors involved for success/failure, so it’s not for anyone of us to judge or decide on behalf of others.

  11. babygirl says:

    Seung GI should be very **happy** if airens love him with a ***Simple Hearts***
    pS: Airens ,Don’t worried be happy… our King Seung gi new drama…. coming soon.. 2013
    Good year..Good drama…Good Rating….

  12. seara says:

    I don’t care about female lead actress anymore
    As long as LSG will appear, i will definitely watch!!
    Case closed 😛

  13. Anonymous says:

    if seung gi like to act with suzy i like it too.
    the important thing is who seung gi want to act with!
    sorry for my bad eng

  14. Maris says:

    It is LSG with Suzy. There is no other name floating since the beginning. It’s just that with both busy in other activities and the drama still few months from premiere, their agencies might be refraining from starting the publicity too soon or waiting for the right moment. Also, I really do not think that actors have a say in casting. Its the writer and producers who most likely make the casting decisions. That might be affected by many factors, the uppermost being financial aspect.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Is Seung Gi came to the Awards? I just know he didn’t win the popular award… Hope he will get best actor awards…

  16. manassuper says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Does it means SG and HJW didnt win any award? I saw his family and his best bodyguard in TK2H…but cant see the king and queen…

    • noodlelover says:

      woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot :O
      my sleepless niiiiiiiiite just gone with the wind???sigh dang it
      2013 shoud be his year, i mean eet!!
      gonna sue MBC then *in hell*

    • Anonymous says:

      One thing I know, PYC won best actor against Jung Il Woo, Yo Seung Ho, Yoon Jae Moon and one more actor (most of these actors are not lead, they’re second lead). So I’m not sure why PYC was nominated with them. While Seung Gi was nominated alongside Kim Soo Hyun. MBC year-end award is always very fishy, so don’t worry about it.

      Seung Gi doesn’t need any award to prove that his acting transformation in TK2H won so many new fans. Awards are merely about popularity and partially political. But I believe MBC has yet to allocate timeslot for Seung Gi’s new drama, so hopefully it will go to other broadcasting station.

      • manassuper says:


    • melissa says:

      lol how can he win for an ongoing drama that’s not really successful? Eh, not a big deal anyway. I’d just focus on the new drama coming up. These awards aren’t that serious.

  17. manassuper says:


  18. Anonymous says:

    I know korean awards somehow more on popularity n ratings. But i just hope at least SG will get one. Seems like SG didnt atend any ceremony award this year. This is first time since he join 1n2d perhaps…he is so quiet….

  19. Muljen says:

    I am so upset with MBC as well. That ‘s why they didn’t show the result of the voting. How do we know which actor/actress have the highest vote/ most popular. They could just twisted the result. It is so unfair!! I’ve never watched any yoochun’s dramas so I cant make any comment about his acting. I really hope Seunggi can win the best actor for TK2H but it seems MBC only gives award based on ratings. the weird thing is I just checked IMY ratings and it is not high enough. This makes me worry since Seunggi’s new drama will be on MBC again. I am glad Seunggi is on vacation right now ( It’s my guess since i remember he mentioned about holiday at the end of year) and will come back fresh with new fighting spirit and no need to watch this injustice right now. But i guess he already knows it 😦

    • noodlelover says:

      i couldnt agree more..at least they shoud show us the voting progress just like any other pool did 😦
      well hope he have fun for his vacation…

  20. SCbound says:

    I am heart broken for Seung Gi, he worked so hard, and was so proud of this project., this is his first time not winning an award, what a shame… and a scam

  21. Anonymous says:

    When I heard PYC new drama at MBC, i knew this will happen..just like at Baeksang award. But didnt expect going to be like this. I hate MBC! I hate KBS! Is only popularity and rating are important? Damn it

  22. meliejoo says:

    I hate MBC because they only used ID to vote, not only telephone to Vote.. T_T
    I hope LSG will win next year drama!!!

  23. meliejoo says:

    how come my DaumID doesn’t work anymore?? T_T
    did daum deleting everyones ID??

  24. Airen says:

    sigh… its weird that an ongoing show is part of the nomination! They shd have a cut off time for eligible shows. Anyway…. its over!

  25. Anonymous says:

    In our love for Seunggi, we, his fans, are understandably upset about the awards.
    What I don’t understand is, if the awards are based on popularity, why isn’t SG getting it? Isn’t he hugely popular in Korea? I know MYC is popular too, but is he THAT much popular? Can someone unlighten me pls?

    But after all that’s been said, I recall a recent interview SG did with Star1 magazine. When asked whether he worries about failure, SG said that its the people around him who worries more abt that than him. Rather than worrying abt failure, he’s more concerned about taking on new challenges. He also said that instead of focussing on the outcome of any project, he’s more concern with whether he’s done a good job and given his best! What a man!

    I think we his fans should take a cue from him. If Seunggi’s not so concern about the results, then we should not be too. By all means BE concern, (it’s only natural) but don’t be too upset. We know and anyone with a pair of eyes and ears and even half a brain, can see and hear that SG had certainly given his best for TK2H and that he had worked very hard too.

    So let’s rejoice instead that he has evolved?? certainly improved as an actor, and compared to the many idols-turn-actors, he’s definitely outshines them! This year is somewhat of a turning point for him, in acting as well as singing. He’s finally established himself as an actor (despite not winning many awards) and as a strong competitor in the field of singing. And let’s not forget his CF deals – Heritory and the others have been doing extremely well, and as for Samsung Asak…. well, we all know how that turned out… Even in this arena, he’s a force to be reckoned with, despite having less cfs than last year! (I think the companies that dropped him as their model, must be regretting their decisions now!)

    So Airens, Heads up! Let’s not fret over inconsequential things and look ahead and forward to the new year with our one and only beloved Seunggi, to new and heartfelt projects from him!

    • crazyajummafan says:

      Sorry, forgot to identify myself!

      • manassuper says:

        I THINK myc is pyc and he didn’t won the popularity award…..it was won by ksh becoz of it’s ratings. i guess…..thepopular awards doesn’t only count votes…i think it 30-40%vote…..20-25%survey,30% by…..that’s also followed in kbs and sbs……..i don’thave anything against ksh as we know ratings are mostly the yardsticks for drama,,,but what i was surprised was I MISS YOU won so many awards when it’s ratings are below TK2H…IT’S still in the halfway…..i am sure tk2h could have won many awards….i am not comaring it to weekend drama as we all know weekend drama mostly get great ratings anyways…the fierce competition is mon-tue,wed-thurs time slot dramas…..pyc got the top excellence awards but he was not nominated with lsg,ksh.ljg but with yoo seung ho,kim bong gu etc..the 2nd leads of the drama……..great mbc strategy to make sure pyc attend the awards viewing the void and lack-lusturness created by abscence of top stars like lsg,hjw……..i am sure if the above drama won awards Seriously TK2H WOULD HAVE WON SO MANY…….Lee seung gi not winning a single award and HJW who is considered the nation’s top actress losing out to ha ga in which acting was so much critices……even HJW not getting a single award……..anyways LSG for us you stood out as best….HOPING FOR GOOD THINGS AND WISH YOU A GREAT SUCCESFUL YEAR AHEAD!

        • crazyahjummafan says:

          To be honest, I really don’t understand how it all works…it’s baffling, cos it’s not based on talent but something else. I’ve given up trying to understand, bec it’s so orchestrated. I’m get going to enjoy my Seunggi in whatever field he decides to entertain us, be it singing, acting, variety, cfs and especially dancing! Somehow, I just love seeing him dance! 🙂

        • Frankie says:

          To manassuper, first thank you for writing normally; screaming all caps are really eye-hurting 🙂
          Secondly, you made a mistake in saying that ‘I Miss You’ guy won ‘Top Excellence’ award. No, he did not even get nominated. Seung Gi was nominated in the top category (so was HJW in the actress’s) but lost out to the ratings guy.
          The funny thing is, as you pointed out, that guy, as 1st lead, won out over the rest – all 2nd leads, oh, wait, our Bong Gu was there too, a 3rd lead??? It shows how ‘hard’ MBC was scheming over this. Hahaha!

          • manassuper says:

            yeah PYC won on best actor in a mini series….just may not have used the exact term….. where was i wrong….. i only said..if you read all my comment….. but wasn’t he nominated with yoo seung ho and others……where lee seung gi was put with ksh,ljg in that category…i just said that in order to make sure PYC wins a awards he was put in that category ……on writing normally i don’t think tryp96 has a problem with it… i always try to write with caps off……but if you insist i will take your suggestion…..but i guess when you write with free flowing emotion you don’t that much care about whether caps are on or off……..there are no 3rd lead all others actors put in there other than the main lead you can call 2nd lead or 3rd lead it’s more or less the same……

  26. Maris says:

    LSG has grown tremendously as an artist in all areas…..singing, acting, variety. This is indicated by honours that he received this year.
    He represented Korea in Olympics. He was selected to appear in ad asking people to exercise their right to vote. I believe this election was the one with the biggest turnout. His album broke all sorts of records. His drama established him as an actor of great standing. His appearance in running man created a record. He has spread out his following in other Asian countries. If one looks at how much he has achieved……does anyone else even come near to be compared? Does he need a stamp of approval? I would pick his achievements over any other this year.
    On a personal note, I became one of his followers :). And I don’t feel any other male artist worthy of my time no matter how many awards he receives. For me he is the winner hands down.

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      All in all, I think it’s been a great year for Seunggi. When he left 1N2D and Strongheart, I think he was leaving the past, and venturing out into the new. It was a bold move, one that received much criticism – both good and bad – but it worked out well for him.

      And venture into the new, he certainly did! He did something bold and unconventional in his drama – first by working with an actress 9 yrs his senior, and taking on a controversal drama – but it paid off in his acting!

      In his singing, he tried a new way of singing his ballads, a new kind of music, and that paid off well too.

      Then there were many honourable moments for him too – as mentioned – his participation as a torch bearer in the Olympics and his role as honourary ambassador for the NEC. Both of which were very successful too.

      There’s also his first concert in Japan, and his forays into SE Asia – his first ever fm in S’pore (SE Asia), followed by fm in Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

      It’s truly been a great and awesome year for Seunggi, and for me, his crazy ajumma fan. This year I’ve come to know a wonderful group of fans, the Hearties from DB, and had wonderful discussions about TK2H with them, which I haven’t had since my university days. Some of these people have become my personal ‘spazzing’ friends. I’ve also had the opportunity of meeting up with some equally wonderful Airens, and most amazingly, I’ve had the great privilege of seeing Lee Seunggi in person, three times this year and shaking his hands twice!

      I’m proud to be an Airen!
      HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! May 2013 bring wonderful blessings to u and your families and may we continue to spazz together over this wonderful man, Lee Seunggi!

      • Anonymous says:

        nice one!
        Happy New Year \(^o^)/

      • PEnnE says:

        Oh, wow! Seeing LSG 3x, and shaking hands with him 2x. Such a wonderful gift of precious moments!!!

        Am feeling very good about this. For you. And being a fellow fan, I share your joy, as if I were there too, basking in his presence.

  27. yon says:

    There are things in life which we can control and things that we can’t. For award ceremonies, there is no answer whether is it fair or not. how do they judge who is a better actor? In fact, we never know who are the judges for such award ceremonies.. they were never mention… so a drama rating becomes the yardstick for awarding best actor,etc which is totally the wrong method for doing so. Moreover, they are such a high tech country, viewers can watch it not only on tv but also live streaming,etc. Didn’t they take into consideration the high rating TK2H has been achieving since episode 1 till 20? I have been watching K-dramas for more than 11-12 years, never have i been so disappointed before for an award ceremony. How could they ignore the rating for live streaming as well if rating is to be considered as part of the judging criteria?

    But knowing how crappy an award ceremony in korea nowsaday, i’m glad that Seung Gi is spending his time more wisely… whether he is spending time with his friends or family members, holidaying, doing his studies or working hard on the drama script,etc…. at least he did not waste his time attending the crappy award ceremony..

    Like some of you have mentioned, he has proven alot this year. Everyone was worried that by giving up 1N2D & Strong Heart, how would he far this year.. He has proven his acting skills, his singing skills & variety sense is still there (thru Running Man). He has achieved what others have not done so…

    As it is less than an hour from New Year (according to KST), let’s hope that 2013 will be a better year for Seung Gi in drama, singing & variety, he will be rewarded for all the hard work he will be putting in for 2013..

    Tryp, Happy New Year 2013 to you too! Hope you will continue to bring us latest & updated news about Seung Gi. I know i’m greedy, but your blog has become a site that we will surf many times a day for SGi news. we can’t live without it….hehehe……

    For fellow Airens, Happy New Year to everyone too!! ^_^

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      Happy New Year to you Tryp! May your blog continue to bring us ‘hungry-for-Seunggi-news’ fans another good year! Many, many thanks for all the hard work and dedication you’ve put into this blog! Seunggi will be proud of you!

  28. yon says:

    I just read that KBS categorize their dramas into 4 types.. Daily dramas, Miniseries, mid-length & serial…haha…. OMG! what are the korea tv stations doing? competiting who is giving out more awards to the actors/actresses? 😦

  29. madqueen says:

    This MBC awards results are not surprising but I learnt from the results of the last few years’ awards from broadcasting systems that these awards cannot be taken seriously. Basically, it is about ratings and politics. But even so, I had hoped LSG and HJW would win the award. Seeing that both of them did not turn up, I had the feeling that they know how such awards and the industry work. Or maybe they just really had commitments more important than this award.

    What baffles me is that TK2H seemed to be much less popular in Korea compared to outside of Korea. Not just this MBC awards, I find that TK2H is generally being ignored in most awards in Korea this year. While it cannot compete with some of the best in terms of overall drama quality, LSG and HJW’s acting in this year can certainly be ranked amongst the best, but both of them had not won any awards within Korea itself.
    HJW did make it to the final 2 for Best Actress prize (judged by international panelist) in Seoul International Drama Awards 2012 (definitely a prestigious award) and TK2H picked up the Outstanding Korean Drama which was based on 70% votes from Korea.com and 30% of votes from foreign buyers (broadcasters?), which again goes to show that TK2H is getting recognition o internationally, rather than locally.

    In any case, I think LSG mentioned in his Hope concert that the most rewarding / significant thing he did this year was TK2H? What’s most important that he himself feels that he was greatly rewarded and has progressed significantly as an actor through TK2H. The important awards will come if he continues to shine, I’m sure.

  30. AnnMichelle says:

    I have been very disgusted by the MBC awards so did not intend to say anything else about the subject. But after reading madqueen’s comment, I felt maybe we should appreciate how Seung Gi’s Lee Jae-Ha was perceived by Korean audience.

    Here is a translation of the Nate article Tryp mentioned in her twitter update, based on Chinese translation posted in Baidu Tieba:
    (Only the parts about Seung Gi were included)

    Results of 2012 MBC Drama Awards caused quite a big wave among viewers.

    Aired in the beginning of this year, The King 2 Hearts, led by LSG and HJW, did not receive more awards and that fact elicited lots of complaints from audience. TK2H, due to its subject matter, had some trouble with general viewership, but the acting of LSG gained praises like ‘rediscovered’ and has attracted ‘mania’ level of support from many fans. Audience complained that TK2H did not receive more honors simply because of its ratings.

    Netizens expressed their misgivings: “Couldn’t they do a better job at divvying up the awards?” “It’s a shame LSG and HJW did not get any awards.”

    The article used the word ‘mania’ to describe fans’ devotion to Lee Jae-Ha, and that totally rings true with the overwhelming support Seung Gi has been getting from his Korean fans. So, TV ratings notwithstanding, TK2H is much loved in Korea as well as internationally.

    • melissa says:

      The whole ratings thing is kind of silly since IMY has worse ratings than K2H, even if it’s been #1 in its timeslot a few times. I also saw some were upset Jo jungseok didn’t win, when he was truly deserving for his breakout role. The two that did win, one isn’t new and the other… I don’t even remember him in the drama he was in.

    • crazyajummafan says:

      Thanks Ann Michelle, I was hoping someone would translate that article. Seems like the fans liked it, but the media and broadcasting stations didn’t?

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Did you mean the media and broadcasting station (MBC) did not like TK2H? I would not say that. I remember reading some reviews by Korean ‘media experts’ in which the drama’s novel approach to the North and South conflict was cautiously praised. See, this topic is so polarized, everyone, even critics, tread it with care, or reluctance, especially in an election year. I still have hopes that someday there will be more fair and knowledgeable reviews of the drama as it certainly deserves.

        As for MBC, they totally love TK2H. Again, I read that they view the show as the ‘filial son’ show. Because of all the income brought in from sold-out commercial spots, the show made money for the station from the get-go. Not to mention all the sales of overseas rights that have been going on hotly ever since. Also Seung Gi is able to command ever higher fees for his future dramas because of this proven track record.

        I don’t think the above had anything to do with the MBC Drama Awards. That’re mostly PR and marketing negotiations between the station and the production companies. (Ask yourself whey they went out of their way to promote a certain current show, even though the show is received poorly and does not do well in ratings.)

        • manassuper says:

          I don’t know about the broadcasting station but ceratinly TK2H was critically acclaimed by the media and garnered postive reviews….while TK2H was broadcasted on there were lot of article praising TK2H and lee seung gi for amazing acting transformation from bratty king to the king whom people can lean on and how he is not a idol- actor but actor in a pure sense……the confrontation scenes between kim bong gu and lee jae ha had become an hot item and also garnered praises from veteran sunabaes in their interview like lee seon jae,yoon jae moon etc…….so don’t get mistaken as it garnered positive reviews from majority of the media……….

        • crazyahjummafan says:

          Sorry, I’m confused. Pls excuse this ahjumma’s ignorance. But if MBC is promoting a certain current show, despite its poor reception and ratings, because of PR and marketing negotiations, then why not promote TK2H when its made money for the station? Isn’t SG a hugely popular celeb, not to mention HJW? Isn’t it good PR to promote their drama? I can’t think of any marketing negotiations that would not benefit MBC if they were to promote TK2H.

          Please spell it out for me.

          • AnnMichelle says:

            Because the current show still has hopes of making money, preferably more money than it’s currently making now. MBC will get a big share of the ad revenues. LSG and HJW are big stars all right. But promoting them NOW benefits the stars themselves the most. What does MBC get??? If MBC has unlimited ways to promote their dramas of course they would do everyone. But they have to choose with their limited ‘awards’ carefully. Also we don’t know what’s the cuts of profit share among different production companies. For example, Hook (or TK2H’s own production co.) vs. Mr. Bae’s company (that produced Moon Sun), what if Bae gave MBC a better deal in overseas rights??? We don’t know for certain. But we can guess from the way how certain dramas are being treated. It’s all business, my dear.

            • crazyajummafan says:

              Thank you so much my dear, for making things clear for me!
              But by recognising Seunggi’s work in TK2H, won’t it benefit MBC as well, since he’ll be doing another drama with them in 2013? Or are they so assured of the advertising deals that come with him that they don’t need to do this?

          • manassuper says:

            MBC gave lot of love calls to seunggi when TK2H. was broadcasating uploading lot of old seunggi videos….and they made sure that use LSG to the maximum for talk segments and bites becoz of the contract…….MBC also made a lot of money as all the advertisement slots got sold out from the very 1st episode…….MBC did promote TK2H on it’s various show segments…..also soon TK2H will be broadcasted on HALLYU terristial channel japan,it’s soon to be broadcasted on channel seven in thailand and also it broadcasted on asian territories like indonessia,singapore…..so it’s promoting TK2H and already ripped lot of profits from it…….but yes MBC didn’t unfairly acknowledge TK2H in awards…..if you want reason it could be various factors from political favouritism,connections……other SBS both KBS AND MBC have major political influence at their head………or may be it could be LSG refusal to their certain demands to do their shows,appear on their music programmes………usually they don’t dare to this things to top star but MBC has pretty odd history of doing strange things………so let’s not dig more as it is us who will only get hurt……TRUTH IS MBC WAS GREATLY UNFAIR…….AND crazyahjummafan no need to say sorry…….i know how adorable seunggi fan you are yourself ……..always delighted when reading your heart-felt comments about seunggi………and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

            • crazyajummafan says:

              Thanks Manassuper. It’s a crazy world out there!
              Happy New Year to you too, and to Ann Michelle as well.

  31. manassuper says:

    THANX Ann,for the translation……and happy new year……….can’t thank you enough for all the translations throughout the year… yeah!netizens are quite right and reason to be dissapointed……look at sbs and kbs who made sure lee min ho, and other and all other got awards despite faith ratings,,,,,also kbs made sure all top star song joong ki ,joo won got the the awards…let’s leave it at that…more you dig deep the more hurt you are….happy year ann…wish you a healthy,happy,prosperous new year……..hoping for a greAt year for ariens as well as LSG…

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