Lee Seung Gi Mini Album 5.5 Photo Essay, Complete Version Part 1

The amazing AY has actually finished translating the photo essay a few days ago, but I had been too busy to put a few finishing touches on it. I’m still busy, but I thought I should just break it into parts so that you could at least start enjoying the fruits of her labor. 😛

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Filling up someone’s playlist with only songs from this album…

starts now.

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Usually, I am not sensitive to changes in weather. When I was shooting ‘The King 2 Hearts’, I felt the cold air becoming warm. That was the only time that I felt spring had arrived. I had to travel a lot and very far to the shooting locations for ‘The King 2 Hearts’. When I was in the car or waiting on the set, I would listen to music. The playlist was actually not as extensive as one would expect. There weren’t too many songs. So I played the same songs repeatedly. Perhaps, the people who worked with me for a while had got tired of them. But I was not. I did not think it was a problem. It seemed that the music flowed in the air, and I just enjoyed it. It was as natural as breathing. As the shooting became more intense, I became tired physically and mentally. It might sound a bit exaggerating, but listening to the music on the playlist unwound me. I wondered if people who listened to my songs also experienced the same relaxing and comfortable feelings, even after listening to them over and over again? This question popped into my mind and the question became the desire to make this kind of music.

The name ‘Epitone Project’ was featured very prominently in the playlist that accompanied me through last Winter and Spring. I wanted to meet him no matter what. I was filled with anticipation at the thought of discussing music with him and learning from him. At the time when we could feel the warmth in the air, I met him near Dosan Park. Although we shared a love of music, it might still be awkward for two grown-up men to meet for the first time. But our meeting was like a high school girl gathering. We chatted and the idea of collaborating to create music was readily accepted. It was so exciting–Lee Seung Gi working with Epitone Project to make music that heals. It was a secret. I should not tell anyone. I had a feeling that we would achieve great success!

After working together for about one month, we finally listened to our first work, “Return” for the first time. It was difficult to describe how I felt. “Exhilarating”–that is probably the word I would use. Music had replaced words to express how we felt. We indulged in our great sense of achievements. With the heartwarming lyrics, “Forest” magically carried me from the present moment into a refreshing green forest. And then, after a bit of struggling, “Invitation to Me’ arrived at our side. Recording, mixing, post-production and getting ready for release–the sweltering summer flew by; I did not notice the coming of autumn. All this time, I was immersed in creating music. Not until the day when I put on a knitted sweater did I realize that the air had turned cold. For fear that my breathing would affect it, I completed my third self-composed song “Words of Love” in one big breath.

For this special album, I planned some bonus. I travelled to places that convey the mood of the album and captured the feelings with my camera. What would it be like listening to the music and at the same time, vicariously visiting these places through the photos? The photos essay was conceptualized with such a thought in mind…… For this purpose, I stayed in Gangwon-do for one night two days, ventured into a small community in Seoul that I was not very familiar with, wandered around in the nearby market, and spent 1 night 2 days shooting the MV in Inje, Gangwon-do; my shutter button and the other shutter button that captured my images were pressed non-stop.

The news of our partnership was leaked very early on. This new collaboration raised expectations and, at the same time, built pressure. Another winter is here. I return to the season when the idea first budded in my mind. This album is titled Mini Album 5.5. Lee Seung Gi, someone who knew nothing and once performed at small theatres as a band member, has released five full albums, two re-make albums and digital singles. Although I have become a professional singer with countless songs, I still get nervous when I perform on the stage. In the past 8 years, I have hoped that people who listen to my songs will feel a sense of calmness. That hope has not changed. These songs may not be exactly the type of music that I would like to pursue as a professional singer, but as of now, in 2012, they are the songs that Lee Seung Gi wants to sing most, wants to listen to most, and wants to share with you the most. Would this be too much to ask? Perhaps. That’s why I want to thank everyone who has helped me achieve what I want to achieve. My deepest gratitude is expressed in this mini album and the photo essay. It is my wish that all who listen to the music can spread the warmth and I really hope that someone’s playlist is only filled with the warmth of these songs.

Written at the time when the tip of the nose is turning cold,
Lee Seung Gi

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carefree feeling.

Before the first concert [in 2007?], I had come to Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm to film an insert video for the concert!!

At that time, the world was entirely covered in white. Although the fence clearly indicated that it was a ranch, not a single sheep was in sight, let alone a flock. So we visited the place again.

At the arrival of Autumn, the place was truly filled with sheep, grazing in small groups. The word, “carefree’ immediately came into mind. I really wanted to invite someone amid this carefree feeling.

Beyond this vast meadow, ginkgo leaves were turning yellow!!

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People often say ‘as gentle as a lamb’. But a staff told me that this was a wrong concept, and sheep were so wicked and violent that it was really misleading to call them gentle. However, these sheep that were enjoying the hay fed by the inexperienced novice keeper (?) made me believe that they were the gentle sheep that I once heard of. It was a rare and pleasant experience.

I also fed the puppy that passed by….

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Grassy green makes people feel fresh.

I just happened to stop by Cheongtaesan Recreational Forest on my way.
The squirrels that wandered among the trees, showing off their stunts,
and the warm sunlight that beamed through the tall trees.
Would it be too much to say that everything there seemed like paradise?
But the delicate scent of that green forest really felt like paradise to me.

photo source: baidu tieba
Korean to Chinese translation by dlww1234 @ baidu tieba
Chinese to English translation by AY, special contributor to Everything Lee Seung Gi

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19 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Mini Album 5.5 Photo Essay, Complete Version Part 1

  1. nicoleko66 says:

    Ay, thank you so much for the translations! It is definitely a great piece to own and cherish even more for overseas airens. Let have Seung Gi’s warmth continue to spread around the globe~ ^^

  2. sashimiDou says:

    Thks for sharing, tryp. Thk ay for translating. U guys r amazing.

  3. Lilly says:

    Awww :3 thank you so much ❤ I love the album and the photo essay so much ❤

  4. seara says:

    I think seung gi really miss his brothers in 1N2D. He even says word ‘1 night 2 days’ twice lol~~~

    “For this purpose, I stayed in Gangwon-do for *one night two days*, ventured into a small community in Seoul that I was not very familiar with, wandered around in the nearby market, and spent *1 night 2 days* shooting the MV in Inje, Gangwon-do”

    I miss seung gi too 😦
    when his drama will start filming??

  5. Lilly says:

    Reblogged this on My world. My dream. My life. and commented:
    I really love Lee Seung Gi. He’s very talented. And his new album was an outstanding work. 🙂 I love listening to the songs from this album (Forest) while I’m reading the photo essay =3 #perfectForWinter

  6. joingen says:

    I feel so happy to be a Seunggi fan, because of the many generous and hardworking Airens who share their time and hardwork in spreading the Seunggi love. Really, really love this blog, where everyone shares anything and everything Lee Seung Gi!

  7. dalsg says:

    Ay..thank u so much for translation..this is really a gift for me..now can understand what sgi feel in the travel essay.. i thank u from my heart. Tryp thank u to always handed us ..gomawo. Have a warm newyear gals.. ^^ Seunggi, we miss u. ♥ so much

  8. zambak70 says:

    thank you tryp and Ay….for this awesome translations. now its my time ,of course with credits ,to translate it in my language^^

  9. Airyn says:

    Thanks again for your hard work, Tryp and AY! I look forward to the next pages. 🙂

  10. Reblogged this on ♥ 이승기 ♥ 인도네시아 ♥ and commented:
    Thank u sooo much tryp and ay, look forward for the next part ^^

  11. sarah says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH AY and Tryp..^^ God Bless You both for ur hardworks!! ^^

  12. trish says:

    Thanks so much for this amazing work. Tryp and AY, you girls rock!

  13. hannah018 says:

    wah! thank you!!! thank you for the end subbed!!! :* :* :* super love it 🙂

  14. Anonymous says:

    he is such a good writer. words just come out beautifully. so soothing~~~~
    thanks for the post

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the translation!

  16. Eam zeraus says:

    Everytime I read or listen to lee seung gi’s words its always inspired,,

  17. Kym de chavez says:

    super like..! his songs are very warm indeed!

  18. Mirna Andita Sari says:

    saya sangat menyukai semuanya….
    lagu-lagu Seunggi tak pernah bosan untuk didengar….

  19. cielmps says:

    Reblogged this on Acapella and commented:
    Thank you so much for translation.

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