PD Na Greets 1N2D Fans in Taiwan

PD Na’s English is pretty impressive! 😛

Mogu, a 1n2d fan from Taiwan, actually got to meet up with PD Na on the day he left KBS, and was even treated to lunch by him. You can read her detailed fan account here (in Chinese).

What’s really interesting is that she found out PD Na was really planning on a new program with SeungGi! But because he was leaving KBS, the plan was put on hold. But PD Na said he would still try to bring it about someday! The program concept was ‘snacks’, and they wanted to introduce foods that were delicious but not too expensive, which SeungGi really liked! And they wouldn’t limit the program to Korea!

source: Mogu Entertainment
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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12 Responses to PD Na Greets 1N2D Fans in Taiwan

  1. windmill says:

    Wah……hope to see PD Na and Seunggi will be together again in a variety anytime soon. Really miss the combo, Na Seunggi ^^

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh, pd Na is so evilly sweet :)), I hope the program he planned with SG is true, it sounds so cool, just like those programs such as ANTHONY BOURDAIN: NO RESERVATIONS on Travel channel, but it’ll be bad if SG turns out as fat as KHD :))

  3. Gon says:

    I don’t understand..why is he leaving kbs? Didn’t he just made a program, the ‘human condition’ and attend the gag concert a while ago?

    • Anonymous says:

      So you should ask KBS how they treated the 1N2D staffs that most of them have to leave after not working on 1N2D before and even those who didn’t join in 1N2D ss2. I think they still stayed in KBS beofre because the friendship with the 1N2D’s members and other staffs with many happy and also difficult years. But now 1N2D ended so why they have to stay at? Not only PD Na but many 1N2D staffs left KBS.

      • kimchi says:

        Hi, I’m kinda confused if Na PD left KBS or not coz I just happen to read an article that he has a new show with KBS – The Human Condition. That’s why I have to go back to this article if he left the new show or not. I appreciate if someone can enlighten me. ^_^
        Sorry if this is not about Seung gi. Just like the others, I also want them to collaborate again someday but not with KBS.

        • ccinta says:

          PD Na is leaving KBS, he submitted his resignation on last month and will transfer to CJ E&M this month. I heard a rumor that PD Yoo (PD who left 1n2d at the same time when Kim C left) will take over The Human Condition.

          I hope one day Seung Gi will collaborate a new show with PD Na in a cable channel.

  4. jan says:

    when talk about 1n 2d we think about PD Na and we forgot who is PDLee .For me during 1N2d PD Na is Evil ,Naughty,but he is a gentleman too?? He trusted his men, he play with them if he lose he paid for the food .presents..with his pocket money…he even said sorry if he is wrong..
    He is a good planner too,he saved the food money from 1n2d and plan for viewer’s tour and it’s not one time it was three time Viewer’s Tour.i ‘m thinking which PD could thanks the viewers like this KBS is so lucky….now 2012 end he is leaving KBS.
    PD Na good luck to you ..God bless you..

  5. Jennifer says:

    PD Na is so soft spoken n gentle….completely different from the mean n evil PD he portrayed in 1N2D. I’m impressed that such a kind looking guy can come up with all those entertaining yet torturous games!! Hope to see PD Na reunite in a new variety show in the near future…

  6. Skaterjomag says:

    Oh I totally miss PD Na and the whole 1n2d S1 staff, members and everyone! Seriously hope to see them reunite soon!

  7. layman says:

    Korea.. variety world now a day is a bit boring… variety show Strong hearts..Win Win ..Go show come & play also facing problem..Even the two variety show KHD return the rating also not good. Hopefully PD Na and Seung gi ..may be MC Mong also.. reunite with a new good variety show.

  8. Uyen says:

    on reading “they wouldn’t limit the program to Korea”, i immediately imagine how great it would be to catch Seung Gi filming on the road in my country, but, no such happiness for us international Airens as yet *sigh sigh*

    • bibibaba says:

      coming soon…coming soon..??
      PD NA Fighting..fighting ..fighting…..i sure wait for you @ the airport with chilli crabs .chicken rice..malay nasi ..india prata…

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