12.12.02 Lee Seung Gi Leaving Concert Venue: Fanpics




credit: airgusso

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10 Responses to 12.12.02 Lee Seung Gi Leaving Concert Venue: Fanpics

  1. blackholeangel says:

    seung gi ya, why are you so cute and handsome. omg, his big eyes ^^

  2. Anonymous says:

    This cute picture really heal my heart and my mind now… i know some of us are broken heart now..but I’m sure SG is already aware on K-Drama industry… So, let’s move on! Tonite we are celebrating 2013 with all happiness and successful…SG fighting!

    • SL Teh says:

      Yes, its time to welcome the fresh New Year with fresh hope, fresh expectations, forget the past just think about ahead.
      Happy New Year to Seunggi, Tryp & Airens all over the world!
      Seunggi fighting!

    • PEnnE says:

      I know. I am so heartbroken now….I remember Seung gi expressing he would like to get recognition or something for the K2H (I would too if I were him).

      I am sure we can all move on as fast as our Seung GI can. But still, it hurts. For now. Not that it really matters, but it hurts. 😦


  3. PEnnE says:

    Thank you for creating this wonderful space & site for all about Seng-gi!
    Thanks for letting us in on LSG updates and more…

    Happy New Year to you, and to all here.

  4. May says:

    Let’s be magnanimous as Seung Gi, let others take the awards and they are actually good. He had been awarded many times, so give someone a chance. There are many years to come, since he is still young and lucky to have great supporters like you all. Cheers and Happy Joyous New Year 2013. And once again thanks to Tryp for updating Seung Gi news ever so fast 🙂

    • Frankie says:

      I think the points some of us were trying to make are:
      1. The awards in question used dubious standards. 2. The winners were not necessarily BETTER – in fact, in some cases they clearly weren’t.
      As Seung Gi’s supporters, if we don’t complain or let our displeasure show, who will?
      Thank you for understanding and wish you a very happy New Year too!

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