12.12.31 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

K-Pop Hot 100: Lee Seung Gi Ties All-Time Record, Girls’ Generation Returns by Billboard


Is this a record of some kind? K*BS giving 0 broadcast points to the most popular song in the country for 3 weeks in a row…

source: kbs

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28 Responses to 12.12.31 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Rensha says:

    honestly i don’t really understand about this topic but have 0 point for something always meaning bad.. why KBS give 0 broadcast point for SeungGi Oppa song?? what criteria they use for their conclusion? it’s true KBS was banned LSG song??

    • Milano says:

      You have to show up in variaty show or they play the song any program, however, they are so trying not to play the most popular song in the country on any KBS program. Just bully.

  2. manassuper says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Wondering is there any noise making from local fans there???? This is obviously unfair and weird!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Broadcasting point is the only one k*bs can control, given the strong digital dl point, they can only give a 0 to make sure seunggi will lose. I don’t know whether this breaks any record but quite sure this almost concludes that k*bs is banning the song!!!!!!!!!! What the @#£%*;:#%)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it’s bc lsg didn’t appear in any of their variety shows? Bc lsg did win music bank once and he did appear in one of the kbs variety shows. I think broadcast point is result how many time a person/idol appear on kbs channel. My theory

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think the song is ban, just lsg haven’t been promoting it and there’s no reason for it to broadcast the song when there’s other singer been promoting their song on variety shows like crazy and performing on music bank. So in fans eyes it might be unfair but everything is business. By all means I want lsg to win, I mean he been topping online chart for weeks.

    • Anonymous says:

      This might be the case but sure not the only reason. I don’t think PSY goes to any variety show to promote his song. And i don’t see any direct linkage between “showing up on variety show” vs “broadcasting the song” in the professional way.

      If you add up the point you’ll see how many broadcasting k*bs has each week and a “0” 3 weeks in a row absolutely mean something.

  5. yani rahayu says:

    3 weeks in a row … Hmmm is it connected with Seung Gi appearanced in Running Man which has the same time slot with 1N2D so KBS might feel that Seung Gi betrayed them?

  6. Anonymous says:

    What is broadcast points? And how do you earn them?

  7. Jennifer says:

    WTF. How can KBS blatantly behave in such manner? They are insulting the singer and countless audiences and fans who enjoy the song! This is so absurd. If they cannot be a respectable broadcating station engaging in fair play, they could perhaps cheat in secret. In this instance, KBS show no respect to anyone at all. I wonder if this is the act of an individual? Or in fact is the culture of this station?? How can such unsrupulous commercial action be brought to light? …… Or do KBS have no respect for the righteous way of conducting business?!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree and this way of handling basically k*bs is announcing this cheating action under everyone’s eyelid. If there is no noise making locally this could be a culture thing.

      But seriously i rather they make up the numbers/points or at least do it wisely. 0 broadcasting in 3 straight weeks simply means “unrespectful” and being totally arrogant than not getting the No.1 seat!!!

  8. “Weird” is the only word I can think of …. though I don’t have enough information on the reasons behind this weird action taken by a public broadcasting company.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm maybe the profits of IN2D drop too much and they blame seung gi for that.

  10. bella says:

    The longer i am in the k-fandom the more secrets i know.. Just a turnoff of how corrupted the world is. *sigh. Sorry, i just watched ‘inside job’ for my finance assignments so this news kinda upsets me more.

  11. PEnnE says:

    Whatever is happening? And whatever are they doing to Seung-gi?!

    I do not know the truth or the reasons but I am bothered. I hope no one is out there to put our Oppa down.

    The entertainment industry (maybe, generally) is so subjective. I mean, is there someone out there who intends to “hurt” our Seunggi? Oh, if yes, that is scary and I am worried about our Oppa! I hope he will surpass all these. With our support, he will! Fighting!!!

  12. babygirl says:

    Dear Airens we known Seung Gi is the** BEST**seen we unable to change the broadcast point THEN DON’T LET THE BROADCASTING POINT SPOIL OUR MOOD. we should support him in other way…support his music….support his dramas…his variety show..we all out to support him ..START FROM NOW..FROM 01 JAN 2013..SEUNG GI FIGHTING…AIRENS FIGHTING..HOOK FIGHTING..

  13. leogalsg says:

    so weird..the point should not be 0..dat mean kbs nvr play his song at all…this is absurd….

  14. AnnMichelle says:

    Just read the Billboard 5 consecutive wins article and this lowly trick from KBS (mind you, even news clips and radio stations airing are supposed to be counted as broadcasting) …I guess this has always been what Seung Gi’s striving to do: be so so good that no one, not even your national broadcasting station, can diminish your accomplishments! A tall order, especially for someone so young! But, hey, that’s our Seung Gi!!!

  15. PEnnE says:

    “That which does not kill us can make us strong” (by F. Nietzsche)

    What cannot put out the burning passion of Seung-gi, can make him strong!!!
    Even if, momentarily, it brings him & us considerable unease.

  16. sara says:

    But KBSWORLD has shown his MV. I once watched it. I don’t know if it was just that one time.

  17. serafine24 says:

    I’m always excited whenever I turn on the channel KBS in my TV. But now I kinda felt annoyed of what they did to Seunggi oppa. I hope that one day the KBS will finally realised of what they did and will do the right thing. I hope Seunggi oppa will still do the best even if KBS did this to him and always be tough. Seunggi oppa fighting!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    KBS is just showing its ignorance. How can the number 1 song on all of Korea not be played at all in their station is beyond stupidity if not being disrespectful to their audience. How can they be mad at Seung gi when he did appear at Gag show, that music show and the helping hand show ( sorry forgot the correct name of the shows). I think whats playing here are the other record labels and entertainment company trying to block Seung gis company. There are probably some money involved in here and that just shows corruption in the entertainment business. I am now thinking about cutting my KBS world subscription from my cable company.

  19. Maris says:

    I think we should take que from LSG and just move on. Nothing like his setting a record for keeping the first spot on billboard for the 6th week to make the critics rethink their stance. A history making event that is bound to make them the losers rather than LSG. They must surely be regretting their decision.

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