13.01.07 Billboard Daily Music News, The Beat: Lee Seung Gi’s K-Pop No. 1

Haha, it is soooo nice seeing SeungGi’s news in English, and from US Billboard, no less! 😀

source: billboard
ripped by tryp96.wordpress.com

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12 Responses to 13.01.07 Billboard Daily Music News, The Beat: Lee Seung Gi’s K-Pop No. 1

  1. iGo승기씨 says:

    NICE!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 🙂

  2. Mich says:


  3. AIreN says:

    hearing he says “lee seung gi” in his accent just make my day^^

  4. livinia says:

    Wow ~ ❤ :O 😀

  5. chuotkt says:

    So proud when our Gi appear on billboard news, hope there’re more a lot of people all around the world know and love Gi and become Airener ^ ^

  6. manassuper says:

    thanx for ripping the video…..wow!LSG is creating waves everywhere as a singer with his phenomenal vocals…..great going lee seung gi…….really spreading his aura everywhere in the world ….and you know billiboard acknowledgement is always very special and the icing on the cake is that he created a benchmark for other artist to follow by breaking the previous record of PSY&IU and creating history………

  7. PEnnE says:


    Seung-gi keeps returnIng to being number ONE!

  8. Eva says:

    Oh WoW! This is really awesome! Thanks for sharing this!!! Daebak to the Max!!! I wish it’s much longer than that, like umm, an hour talk about Seung Gi…I’m being greedy am I? LOL 😀

  9. manassuper says:

    Here are netizen awesome reactions on LSG song “Return” achieving all kill on monthly charts- Article: Lee Seung Gi ‘Return’ ranks #1 on monthly digital charts… ‘all kill’

    Source: Star News via Nate

    1. [+171, -8] Album’s great and the concept fits well with Lee Seung Gi’s voice.

    2. [+166, -8] #1 on the monthly charts of nine music sites! Congratulations to Lee Seung Gi!!! Wishing that your songs receive more love while I wait to meet you as an actor through Guga Medical Book. Fighting!

    3. [+158, -16] Lee Seung Gi’s songs have been playing a lot on the streets lately

    -no matter what he is always in positive dump.This goes to show the tremendous love he gets from korea which he thoroughly deserves…… cr: netizenbuzz

  10. ELVIRA CAMPO says:

    Wow! Very nice seung gi, I LOVE!

  11. trish says:


  12. weini haile says:

    am soooo happy! congrats to lee seunggi n all of us-his fans!

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