TK2H on Japan Tsutaya DVD Rental Chart, Week 9

TK2H has once again taken over the top 10 spots on the Asian TV Drama DVD rental chart!

source: tsutaya

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4 Responses to TK2H on Japan Tsutaya DVD Rental Chart, Week 9

  1. AnnMichelle says:

    Here is some secondhand news about TK2H in Japan (from TK Baidu Tieba)
    The drama is dubbed in Japanese, with excellent Japanese subtitles that totally convey the humorous parts.
    More importantly, it has been edited very skillfully (according to Korean fans its editing is better than some wonderful fan-made cut). Apparently it has lots of ads so show time per episode is about 42 minutes. The magic show part, for example, was totally cut. However, the editing did not affect the flow of the story at all. This demonstrates how much love and care the editors have put in.
    The title of Episode 6 is “Can’t be – Right in front of the fridge?”
    From Japanese fans’ comments, they like ‘spoiled, handsome brat’, the bath scene, and the fridge kiss.

    Now I want to watch this edition! If only they can restore the original sound tracks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    how is it ratings wise? any ideas?

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