09.11.25 One Night’s TV Entertainment Cut – Lee Seung Gi

This is a pretty old interview, but it had never been posted on this blog before. Anyway, if my memory serves me correctly, this was the first interview SeungGi did after recovering from H1N1, and it was the first time his chocolate abs were revealed to the public! 😛

Concert Practice Interview & A Look Back at 2009 Showbiz Through Surveys

source: official fan cafe

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6 Responses to 09.11.25 One Night’s TV Entertainment Cut – Lee Seung Gi

  1. annaaphase says:

    Good morning Tryp. Can you translate what our oppa said? Or can someone with a good heart translate the interview? So that our fellow non-Korean airens can understand the interview. I still watched it because it’s our oppa eh. Haha! I so love our oppa! ❤

  2. triangel25 says:

    Huh? SG got infected with H1N1 before???
    Quite shocked to know this since he always looks healthy to me~!!!
    Yes..plz, can someone kindly translate it for us who dunno and not got in korean~! kamsahamnida~!!!

  3. jude says:

    this is the best year for Seunggi for me 2009.. best look after he recovered from H1N1..lots of awards he received for both music and drama..memorable year for me for Seunggi.. since its 2009 where i got to know Him.. I think i saw one version of this video with english sub before but im not sure anymore from whom blog it is.

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