Hook Tweets Lee Seung Gi’s Seoul Music Awards Backstage Photo


A heart-felt thank you to the fans for giving endless support to singer Lee Seung Gi who’s enjoying the honor of 2 consecutive wins of Bonsang and Popularity Award at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards!! Please support actor Lee Seung Gi passionately as well in the upcoming ‘Gu Family Book’ ♥

source: hookent
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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18 Responses to Hook Tweets Lee Seung Gi’s Seoul Music Awards Backstage Photo

  1. nina says:

    I’m one very PROUD fan ^^

  2. PEnnE says:

    You are most welcome, Hook Entertainment.
    To support SeungGi, is our pleasure & honor.

  3. leogalsg says:

    Congrats seunggi. ….
    I’m so proud of u..
    tonight is the best night…

  4. ELVIRA CAMPO says:

    Congratulations, Seung ki for the 2nd AWARD Tonight you a spectacular night!!!

  5. babygirl says:

    Congrats Seung Gi
    PS : Dear Airens …Thank You

  6. wanne says:

    Congrats Seunggi! ‘Return’ is doing so well on the charts, breaking the records here and there and these awards just complete it, we can’t be happier for you! Singer Seunggi is definitely having a daebak year. Definitely looking forward to go crazy over Choi Kang Chi and ‘Gu Family Book’ next! Fighting!

  7. dalsg says:

    Seunggi congrats!! ♥♥♥♥♥ Im a happy airen ^^

  8. Marlyn says:

    Thank you Seung Gi for .making Airen fans proud of you!.. We will always love and support you! : )

  9. Poply says:

    Omg! Congratulation ! Love you so much and all airens. So proud that seunggi continue hard work until today. Fighting seunggi for another new. New drama , fighting!

  10. Anonymous says:

    One word: HAPPY!! ❤
    Joy is overflowing 🙂

  11. serafine24 says:

    Seunggi oppa congratulation!!!!! You really deserved it from all of your hard work! Hope you’ll always do you’re best and always getting better and better. Seunggi oppa congratulation and fighting!!!!!:D

  12. kira says:

    I’m very very very proud of you, Heodang ah!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Congratulation SeungGi ah..we will always support you and be with you. Best wishes for “Gu Family Book” to be daebak as well. Seung Gi Fighting!!! Airens Fighting !!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    A heart-felt thank you Hook Entertainment for sharing the sweet backstage photo ♥
    All Airens will definitely support actor Lee Seung Gi passionately in the upcoming drama ‘Gu Family Book’ ♥

  15. triangel25 says:

    Congrats Seung Gi~!!!
    A good start and good sign for the beginning of 2013~!!!
    Keep up the good job and may more awards come to you in the near future~!!!
    May 2013 brings you lots of luck and job~!!! =)

  16. Irma Sumiati says:


  17. cimuthdirgee90 says:

    Congratulation Oppa ~~
    We love You ^^
    Always and forever ♥

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