Baek Ji Young, ‘My Ear’s Candy’ with Lee Seung Gi… ‘Sexy UP’

OMG! According to the press, SeungGi will be performing not only his own song at Baek Ji Young’s concert, but also the sexy dance with her! Can’t wait for the fancams!!! 😛 “It’s expected to be even more sexy and powerful than their performance 3 years ago…”

source: osen via nate

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10 Responses to Baek Ji Young, ‘My Ear’s Candy’ with Lee Seung Gi… ‘Sexy UP’

  1. meliejoo says:

    aww!!!! I hope there’s fancam!!

  2. muljen says:

    Woohoo…can’t wait

  3. chuotkt says:

    kekeke, can’t wait to see how sexy he willl perform in baek ji young concert ^ ^

  4. Rann says:

    Yes, train the hidden beast within Seung gi for his new drama hehe.

  5. Gen Wong says:

    Omg, omg!!! I’ve watched the 3-year old video a million times already, and sometimes I still watch it. Really love their chemistry.
    Sooo excited to see the new one!

  6. Melbee says:

    OH.MY.WORD. Let the fancams loose people!

  7. dalsg says:

    oh yes!!! Ji Young noona & Seunggi will be so goodd ~~~ ^^ Saranghae (saranghae)
    I love you (I love you) Wo ai ni (wo ai ni) ^_^

  8. manassuper says:

    here comes the aticle- Baek Ji Young and Lee Seung Gi to Perform “My Ear’s Candy” by sompi…wow! there is also a video i guess

  9. mppy says:

    Let me be baek ji young… TT TT I’ll promise to be as good as her…let ne replace her just this once~~~ TT TT

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