09.12.12 My Ear’s Candy – Lee Seung Gi & Baek Ji Young

As requested (but I hope Hook won’t hunt me down for this!): ๐Ÿ˜›

source: dclsg

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20 Responses to 09.12.12 My Ear’s Candy – Lee Seung Gi & Baek Ji Young

  1. geese says:

    guys view it before someone request it to take down…thanks…nice seunggi..

  2. paola colunga says:

    Este video me encanta!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for this concert. After hope concert, SG did perform this song during MBC year end music show. Next will be his 3rd time to sing this sexy song! Aww…

  4. crazyahjummafan says:

    Thanks tryp! Enjoyed it tremendously! How can he look sexy and cute at the same time?

  5. zambak70 says:

    we will save you tryp96^^thank you very much dear,this one is hot enough…and after 3 years,Seung Gi is now more matured and hotter…girls try to imagine this performance …come 16 febuary come…

  6. Serafine24 says:

    Seunggi oppa is so hot in here and he’s dancing is also quite good too XD

  7. triangel25 says:

    Dear tryp…

    Thank you so much for sharing with us this video..
    Seriously, appreciate it a lot since I couldn’t find it anywhere despite 3 years has passed…
    Everyone, faster watch this and save a copy if you are interested before its too late…
    It is a precious copy..hahaha…

    Is this the concert where SG is said to bare his abs during his concert as he promised to his fans??

    • judepps says:

      @triangel25 yes.. it was Hope 2009.. he also performed the MJ dance which is even more sexier and hot than this number..guys you should checked it out the hotness overload during MJ dance performance in his 2009 Hope concert. I don’t know if someone has the video of it.. I think i saw it in YT before. search & get ready to drool ! 0_0

      • PEnnE says:

        That “hotness overload” video floors me each time.
        Kills me each time.
        I watch it over and over again over YT. There’s no way to get over it.
        Simply SeungGi madness, in a nutshell!

      • PEnnE says:

        I think there are 3 versions (fanmade) of that hotness overload video (2009 Hope) –
        One is with Smooth Criminal dance prelude,
        2nd is the techno dance with his white shirt already “ajar” (ugh!!!)
        Then another shows younger LSG/earlier concerts & a slow motion/lingering/ slow death blow-by-blow shots of that famous abs exposure.

        Search is officially over. Found my fountain of youth. SeungGi abs, no less ๐Ÿ™‚

      • triangel25 says:

        Serious??? it the video still available in YT?????
        Cant wait to see it~!!!! =)

  8. viqavircha says:

    Oh my GOD he’s soooo HOT, so damn HOT,. I can’t handle myself when see his dance and his chest *ups :p

  9. Ivory says:

    Wow…tq Tryp. It remind me of his justin timberlake dances..n his hot dances in KMKF, in here he really improves a lots…he did several dances performances actually. Well, except d la vida things. I like some of his very rare dances performances, especially ‘entertainer songs’.

  10. PEnnE says:

    Tryp, thanks a lot for posting this video of SeungGi & BJY. It’s my first time to see this.
    Sexy dance!!!
    I especially go crazy when they share the microphone, when he comes very close to BJY’s cheek & neck. Aaaahhhhh! [more like waaaaaaa ๐Ÿ˜ฆ wish it was me]

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