13.01.12 Lee Seung Gi Birthday Party Fancams 9

*updated – 6 clips*

Sexy Dance

Promising ‘From SeungGi’

Happy Birthday & Words of Love


fans rehearsing

credit: Joohee38


source: dclsg

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3 Responses to 13.01.12 Lee Seung Gi Birthday Party Fancams 9

  1. crazyahjummafan says:

    It’s so funny how the fans on stage with him took the opportunity hold his hand while he was cutting the cake! i would have done the same thing too!

  2. PEnnE says:

    How I wish for eng subtitles for these fancam/fanvid of the birthday party, especially that video where a fan was doing a sexy dance with our man, to the tune of “Return”.
    I am so happy seeing these videos here (thanks Tryp), but am sure it will be doubly exciting if I ever get to understand what he’s saying. Ohhh, I should really learn Korean language.
    *Dear Tryp, or any fan out there,
    Would anyone know if there are birthday videos with eng sub? Or where I can find them?
    Thanks 🙂

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