Most Touching Moment at Lee Seung Gi’s Birthday Party

source: dclsg

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10 Responses to Most Touching Moment at Lee Seung Gi’s Birthday Party

  1. zambak70 says:

    …TT TT… comment…..

  2. iGo승기씨 says:

    How I wish I were there to sing that song to him….. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  3. Wana sing it for him like them. He must the happiest guy at tat moment 🙂

  4. dalsg says:

    I wish..can sing that song to him.hikss…saranghandaneunmal..

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am sure all of us wish we were there to be part of the crowd singing it to him or even better stand beside him to sing to him! Sigh… Screaming in envy! I wish I was there too!

  6. Marlyn says:

    From the look of his face…i can see that he”s so touch with the fans singing his song. He looked happy! I wish the video have longer version.

    • PEnnE says:

      I think there’s a longer version of this vid, included in earlier birthday fancam postings here.

  7. CrazyforU says:

    I think Seunggi was so touched to hear his fans singing that song for him. He was all smiles and looked really happy.

  8. PEnnE says:

    You are right, Tryp. Most touching moment of all. First time I saw this video, it overwhelmed my heart. There was just too much CONNECTION, as if the celebrant and the fans are one, as if we knew each other by our first names….and as if we knew we’d always be together. Even if I didn’t understand a word, I knew the song and the moment & whatever good there was in everyone’s heart, including SeungGi’s, converged as one.
    I didn’t have the luck to be present there. But just watching it thru video/intermet doesn’t make the moment any less than what it really meant/means. A moment for keeps!

  9. Milano says:

    His teary eyes with happiness touch my heart and give me an overwhelming feeling. So moving.

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