Heritory 2013 S/S Making Film Screencaps 2 – Lee Seung Gi

 photo 130208CcediligravecedilregcedilTHORNAgraveIgraveAringmiddot001.jpg

 photo 130208CcediligravecedilregcedilTHORNAgraveIgraveAringmiddot002.jpg

 photo 130208CcediligravecedilregcedilTHORNAgraveIgraveAringmiddot010AgraveIcircCcediluumlmicroeacuteAgraveCcedilacuteeumlEgraveshy.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_002_EBB681ED9D90EBB681ED9D9001.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_002_EBB681ED9D90EBB681ED9D9002.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_002_EBB681ED9D90EBB681ED9D9003.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_003_ECA080EAB1B0EC8AA8_EB85B8EB8390.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_004_EC9E98EC839DEC81A8_EB8F8BEB84A402.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_004_EC9E98EC839DEC81A8_EB8F8BEB84A403.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_005_EB8C80ECB2B4EBAD98EBB094EBA5B8EAB1B0EC95BC02.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_005_EB8C80ECB2B4EBAD98EBB094EBA5B8EAB1B0EC95BC03.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_006_EC82B4ECA79D_EABB84EBA081.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_007_ED919CECA095EBAF80EC95BC_E3858BE3858BE3858B.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_008_EC9984EB8C9CEB8B98.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_012_EC9DB4EC81A8EC9DB4EC81A8EC9DB4EC81A801.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_013_EBB094EBB094EBA6ACEBA7A801.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_014_EB8C84EB9494EBB3B4EC9DB401.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_015_EBB484ECB49DEAB081.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_016_EBB484EC9D98_EC9A94ECA09501.jpg

 photo 130208_ED97A4EBA6ACEBA994EC9DB4ED82B9_016_EBB484EC9D98_EC9A94ECA09503.jpg

source: dclsg

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6 Responses to Heritory 2013 S/S Making Film Screencaps 2 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    cakeeep bangeett

  2. Marlyn says:

    Oh My Sueng Gi!…Why are you so handsome and so dazzling!…I can’t get enough of you! Saranghaeyo!

  3. AnnMichelle says:

    He can wear any color! Strong, subtle, bright, demure…he just looks good in them all!

  4. Anonymous says:

    looking young and fresh….very sweet…He looks like a young boy going for a day out and having fun. I think this kind of attire is much more suitable to his age. Normally he tends to choose much more mature style and it always makes me forget that he is actually still a young man. I just wish sometimes he would stay being a cute little boy that i’ve seen on xman and on early days of 1n2d for a little bit longer and stop trying so hard to be a mature man/grown up so fast.

  5. Cklelia says:

    Oooh, double the fun, triple the pleasure to see the young prince! YES, I LOVE these pixs!:0) He looks so cutE , SO adorable! oh my goodness how I adore this kid!=D his so lovable, so charming, so so belo!!!!!!

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