#1 Most Favored Actor With a Beautiful Smile – Lee Seung Gi

This is from an article that talks about SeungGi being the #1 consumer-preferred CF model for 3 years in a row:


In a survey, ‘Which favorable actor has a beautiful smile?’ conducted by a Cheongdam-dong dental clinic in December, Lee Seung Gi was ranked #1.

Regarding the great affection the general public has for Lee Seung Gi, experts say, “His upright image creates a feeling of trust.”

Director of the dental clinic said, “Lee Seung Gi sshi’s attractive facial features include the corner of his mouth that curves slightly upward and the even teeth you see in his smiles. A slight upward curve of mouth corners is a prerequisite for people with beautiful smiles that’s acknowledged worldwide. And a beautiful smile can increase trust and optimize a person’s upright image.”

Even in the advertising industry that’s sensitive to public response, “Lee Seung Gi sshi has a wide name recognition as a versatile multi-entertainer. And his easygoing yet upright image that satisfies both the advertisers and the consumers is the main factor in his popularity.”

The advertising industry insider said, “Lee Seung Gi’s popularity will last. It’s because he has left the general public a deep impression with his sincere image shown through singing, dramas, and variety shows. Being seen as a responsible public figure and always smiling good-naturedly helps convey the product message and purchasing power.”

source: nanumnews
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
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11 Responses to #1 Most Favored Actor With a Beautiful Smile – Lee Seung Gi

  1. crazyahjummafan says:

    Can’t agree more! An upright, responsible and easy-going man with a beautiful smile certainly brings across a trustworthy image! And yes! His popularity will certainly last!!!!!

  2. zambak70 says:

    dear tryp reblogged,this and your other posts^^ and make only turkish translations,never use them without your links or credit.and you can be sure i fight often with those ,who use your post without any explanation…zambak70/tulin

  3. Marlyn says:

    The best smile…that conquers all!

  4. melissa says:

    Obviously he’ll win again. He does have the best smile in the world.

  5. leogalsg says:

    he has a beautiful smile which make me cant forget
    it always smile in my mind…

  6. Maris says:

    It is more than the stretch of muscles to bring that smile. Everyone in their life have to smile sometimes even when we don’t feel like. But this particular smile Is definitely not that one…..it is even more appealing and beautiful from his usual ones because it stems from his sincere love for children and the pleasure he gets from being with them. He is truly happy here. I have a feeling that this CF is going to be popular one.

  7. Anonymous says:

    everyone is hypnotized by his killer smile…

  8. Cklelia says:

    His smile is more than beautiful, is like a breeze of fresh air, is so delightful, so enchanting. I love to see him smiling

  9. belle says:

    i fall with his gentle personality and of course! with his sweet smile 🙂

  10. Shormarna says:

    Found this a bit late, but I totally agree with this article. Lee Seung gi smiles is indubitably the best smiles ever. With his irresistibly charming personality, he is definitely the number one Korean actor with a very beautiful and charming smile.
    Its one of this facial feature that made me fall.for him. I can’t resist someone with a very enthusiastic and charmingly bright personality.

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