13.02.13 2nd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards – Lee Seung Gi

Live Streaming: http://kpopstream.wix.com/streams#!ustream/c23jw


source: dclsg

credit: nayo7474


The awards ceremony starts at 7pm KST. Red carpet starts at 5:30pm KST, but I don’t know if SeungGi plans to show up there.

credit: devily040



credit: dimple


A fan heard SeungGi’s Return earlier at the Olympic Hall. He might have been rehearsing.

credit: summersonaki

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13 Responses to 13.02.13 2nd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards – Lee Seung Gi

  1. meliejoo says:

    where is he now? there’s no news yet?

  2. melissa says:

    finally he appeared in the audience! looking handsome.

  3. meliejoo says:

    he looks lonely because he’s the only singer as a solo..

  4. Anonymous says:

    OMG! His tie…what the hell with his Cody?

  5. meliejoo says:

    i like his hair and cody today.. it’s better than SMA..
    today’s hairstyle looks perfect because he don’t use Gel again

  6. manassuper says:

    130213 Lee Seunggi December Digital Singer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF1GGQ0x3RU&feature=youtu.be&a

  7. leogalsg says:

    he look adorable in the first pic…at last the king show himself….

  8. Yon says:

    Oh….he looks good! I like today’s style..makes him look young.. he also look a bit different, can’t describe it, but its a positive feel.. ^_^

  9. babygirl says:

    Hahaha !!! Our Airens really…really ….great

  10. Poply says:

    Congreulation again. Much more deserve.hardwork guy, what that i most want to see you, to ask how are you?, good health? More few day no news update you when you attention today, i’m so most excited. Love all style of suit .so cute.Hope more another will sucess for you. Miss you, next day, happy valentine day! Good 9 airen all.

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