1N2D Staff: From Lee Seung Gi

A dclsg fan posted this without any other explanations, so I’m not sure when or where SeungGi wrote this:

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Take good care of your health. Our staff who have really suffered are so cool and admirable. Let’s! Eat well! And live for a long, long time!!

source: dclsg
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

And here are some random pictures, just for old times’ sake. Can’t believe it’s been a whole year since 1N2D ended!

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

source: dclsg

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25 Responses to 1N2D Staff: From Lee Seung Gi

  1. noodlelover_ says:

    miss them a looooooot.their jokes.the way they negotiated.their laugh n laughter.every single interaction they ever had

  2. AIreN says:

    i love all the pics especially for the one where they sleep in a pile. lol~ kang ho dong, eun ji won, mc mong, lee su geun, kim c and our lee seung gi had really worked so hard to make this show internationally known. regardless what they’re doing right now, this fact can’t be change :))

    • AIreN says:

      sorry not sleep in a pile, but they sleep in one place. but still i like the word pile. seems more suitable for them as they’re so close to each other^^

  3. judepps says:

    Missing the Golden days of 1n2d .. Epic show i ever had and this show means alot to me not just for entertainment but because it’s a show that paves a way for me to meet a lot of nice people globally..thats including Airen..

  4. babygirl says:

    Although this was over night new…but still better then nothing…miss them so much..Hopefully could see them together again at 2013

  5. seunggicharm says:

    whoa.. I have been missing them a lot! the photos below Seung Gi sleeping was the episode I rewatched last night.. Seriously, 1n2d Season 1 is the best ever Korean variety show I’ve ever watched. It’s their camaraderie that makes it more interesting. Their love for each other is just great that it reflects to how they do on the show. Like Judepps said, it’s a show that brought us all together.. ^^

  6. yaleeh says:

    Miss them so much….Kang hodong,Lee seunggi,Kim c,Eun jiwon,Mc mong and Lee seguen….thanks God i downloaded all the episodes from the start LSG joins 1N2D,,,up to the last episode where he and eun jiwon leaves the show…..i can watch them anytime i want….!!^_^

    • Anonymous says:

      envy you so much. I wish I can still watch the older episodes 😦

      • yaleeh says:

        i really tried hard to download all the episodes of 1n2d season 1…i got them all in you tube using my ipad and android cp(youku)..its still there you can download them too one by one,,,and then just copy it in your own computer….and you can watch them again everytime you want….

  7. Marlyn says:

    Why is he so adorable even when he’s sleeping?

  8. Iva says:

    OMG……….miss them so badly.
    Those time, when MC Mong sort of done something to Seung Gi, I never felt a little bit upset, because I knew that he adores him ‘big time’…
    Kim C who always…always take care of him…
    and off course KHD famous shout out : Seung Gi Yaa…..Great…and Prince…
    The three of them who sincerely treat him lovingly like ‘a maknae’….and we all saw it.

  9. Sophea says:

    totally miss them… TT

  10. Anonymous says:

    Seung gi , why are you so cute even while sleeping? I’m making this as my wallpaper, that way I can kiss his picture before I go to sleep myself! Please don’t judge me 🙂

  11. lindakwt says:

    and I was watching these epi last night for hundreth times now….not missing them much no!!!

  12. mppy says:

    2d1n is nvr same without lsg and ejw…i hope they can come into the variety industry back as a duo! 🙂

  13. yaleeh says:

    im mean facebook…(*_*)

  14. Anonymous says:

    For me, 1n2d Season 1 with PD Na, Lee Seunggi, KHD, Lee Seugun, Kim C, MC Mong and EJW is the best. Their chemistry could not be replaced with anyone or anything. No offense to current 1n2d, but I don’t think it’s as good as before. They were doing the show with all their hearts and minds, above and beyond what they were supposed to do. I missed them so much, as much as I missed LSG & KHD Strong Heart duo. Thank you for posting those pictures.

  15. AnnMichelle says:

    Indeed the golden days! To be fair to other members, the atmosphere of the Golden 1N2D just cannot be duplicated, even by the Fave 6 in my opinion. They were new, unsure, and hungry. They weren’t afraid to try anything. They were getting to know each other and were trying to bring out the best in themselves and in others. They could not wait to end a trip because by then they were totally exhausted; they could not wait to start a new trip because of all the fun and joy they could share and show the audience. I am just so happy and grateful that 1N2D happened and I have the episodes on my computer to reassure myself.
    Dear Tryp, love all the BTS photos. I’ve seen lots of 1N2D screencap but BTS stuff is rather rare. Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. triangel25 says:

    The leopard jacket is so cute~!!
    SG reali has a cute side of buying that jacket to wear and it really looks good on him…
    I still rmbr the scene where his tail was bitten~!! LOL..

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