13.02.13 MTV K-Pop Hero – Lee Seung Gi

*updated with vimeo link*

source: official fan cafe

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14 Responses to 13.02.13 MTV K-Pop Hero – Lee Seung Gi

  1. lindakwtwt says:

    Why TK2H is not included? I will wait for English translation!!!

  2. frznarz3 says:

    huhuhu… thanks for the video from the philippines… waiting for translation… i can read hangul but can only understand a few… T_T

  3. manassuper says:

    just perfect in every field to be called ” multientertainer of the millenium” be in terms of hit shows or critical acclaimation….i can’t remember any other who are worthy of ” best multienterainer” title other than Lim Chang-jung, and um jung hwa in korea he has already brought a revoultion in k-pop by excelling in all fields…. be it his vocal skills,his variety skills or acting skills he is just a phenomena which i highly doubt can be replicated by others be it now or in future……the great thing about lee seung gi or what amazes me is his smooth transistion when he switches over to diverse fields apart from his earnest work ethics, charming,gentle,upright and heartwarming personality…..he is just a rare gem too perfect to be imitated…..hoping you even grow more as a multientertainer and add more feathers to your already crowned glory in future …… proud to be your fan ……lee seung gi “The emperor of korean showbiz”

  4. seungifan says:

    watched the whole thing without English subtitles. while watching the video, the one thing i can comment on his how much he has grown, he was this shy kinda awkward boy with a raspy voice that had ‘nunas’ as fan and he has grown up to this charismatic gem that is irreplaceable.
    i have been a fan of seung gi since 2006. first saw him on exam and swear down it was love at first site. there was something about me that was just drawn to him.
    i have followed his career ever since.
    from every drama to variety to every songs…. he has really matured alot anas become a truly Multi-entertainer.
    he became my role model, with his fantastic grade and hard working spirit.
    even my family and friends fell in love with.
    he is my first k-pop hero and in this past 6 years no other celebrity has come close to how great he is. he is one of a kind and in the next 100 years i don’t think korea would get such an amazing talent ever again.
    i am so proud and honored to be an airens.
    AIRENS fighting..

    • seungifan says:

      may i add, the emotions he potrays when he sing…… wow
      you just feel it…
      it is second to non

  5. Lulu Ibrahim says:

    the video is blocked in my country >.<

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic! Thank you.

  7. Jo says:

    Thanks for sharing this. There are so many footage we don’t usually get to see. Does anyone know where we can download this video??

  8. proud to be your fan and be an airens, Thanks for sharing this

  9. Gen Wong says:

    This is love!!! I’m so glad I came to know this awesome guy!
    After Brilliant Legacy, there’s no turning back!
    The ultimate entertainer, singer, actor, variety star, emcee, CF star, awesome awesome resume!

  10. sarah says:

    Im very lucky to get to know this guy..^^ He didn’t change at all.. and he just gets better to best..
    I feel how hard he trained before.. when I think of it my heart hurts but look at him now.. He’s on momentum and still keeping it up.. I cant thank enough mentor Lee SunHee for sharing to us this Multi entertainer Lee SeungGi… 😉
    Thanks Tryp for the video.. Though we know him now.. we are not that fully aware of his beginnings.. Im a fan since 2011 but I Love to listen to his husky voice.. those old music vids of younger Seunggi and him singing a little bit awkward are gems for me..^^

  11. Iva says:

    He was trained under wing with such all the Big Korean Legendary…..
    Trained by legendary teacher Lee Sun Hee…..
    1st song produced by legendary Psy….( all his old album made by hit makers )
    Mc ing from legendary Kang Ho Dong….
    Acting from legendary Go Hyun Jung….
    But what made him so successful is his ‘Work Ethics’, willing to work hard all the time , Upstanding Image and Humility………etc ( too many of his fine quality )
    and his ‘Nerves of Steel’…..( I always admired him by his nerves of steel and persistent…)
    talent, looks, brain ……all useless without any of those quality,
    even if you train under big star…….
    even if your management throw a lots of money as investment for you…..
    that’s why he recognized as ‘a very high high standard’ by his fellow celebrity….
    He made them ‘Awe of Him’……..( including me, who always thinking, what have I done so far…#sob sob……)
    Seung Gi Yaa……..please give away your ‘persistent and nerves of steel in a bottle for us’….

  12. Nam nam says:

    Could anyone help to translate this video to either chinese or english?

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