13.02.14 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

Happy Valentine’s Day to SeungGi and Airens! ♥♥♥

Valentine’s Day, #1 Star People Would Like to Give Chocolates to – Lee Seung Gi

credit: seungsun love

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7 Responses to 13.02.14 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Yani says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too Tryp and of course Happy Valentine’s for our Seung Gi and all airens ♥

  2. ELVIRA CAMPO says:

    Happy Valentine

  3. manassuper says:

    LEE SEUNG GI……sure such a heartwarming fellow…..his charms and heartwarming and gentle persona add to his million dollar smile and soulful healing voice can make any women heart’s beat like crazy….this just makes me perfect man to confess on valentines day i guess there will there will be lots with chocolates on offer for you….be careful with it’s intake as too much sugar can lead to diabetes…just kidding…..enjoy the chocolate….lee seung gi is a like a “CHOCOLATE” that’s how lee seung gi described on KJE’S Chocolate show and stated ” like choloclate which provide many things ..it gives sweetness as well as energy ….so like he gives off both these things( happiness and enegy) at the same time ……

  4. Iva says:

    Happy Valentine all….
    Love melted…….
    Sorrow melted……
    Hearts melted…..
    when the Whole World melted,
    it became Lee Seung Gi….
    ( re – quote from tryp on Lsg coffee ad lib…)

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