Fanvid: Lee Seung Gi and Kids ♥

credit: iGo

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15 Responses to Fanvid: Lee Seung Gi and Kids ♥

  1. kira says:

    very very very cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤

  2. ELVIRA CAMPO says:

    That’s the cutest thing! Seung gi, as a baby was perfect….actually as a man he is perfect too.

  3. crazyajummafan says:

    Seunggi and kids go together. I especially love the one where the baby was lying down and he was playing with him. That’s how he’ll probably be with his own child – so sweet n gentle.

  4. samsamy says:

    very nice and thank you but wat is the name of song?^^

  5. dalsg says:

    My heart~~~~~ melting.. thank you Igo for the video. ♥ so touchy….can i know the title of background music?

  6. madqueen says:

    Thanks! My heart really melted.
    As a mother of 2, I can always tell whether a person really like kids just by the way he/she carries the kid or the look in the eyes when he/she looks at the kid. And most definitely, Seung gi loves kids from the way he carries and looks at them. He mentioned in some interview that he wanted 4 kids isn’t it?

    Also, the photo of Ha Ji Won and him holding the boy and girl… whose kids are those?
    It looks like a family photo of our AhHa couple, except that the kids are clearly eurasian!

  7. Ay says:

    Thanks iGo. Last night, I was just rewatching the 1N2D episode in which they went hiking with the 6 children from a school in the remote area. I marvelled at how Seung Gi was protective with the kids, wrapping his arms around them during the game, fighting off Jiwon when he was bullying them, and how the kid was clinging to Seung Gi like a koala bear hanging on to the eucalyptus tree. And I thought, ‘something should be done about Seung Gi’s chemistry with kids’ and here it is, the fanvid with kids!! You read my mind!

    I think the kids have a natural liking towards Seung Gi because of all the positive vibes he sends out.

    • AnnMichelle says:

      Love your comment. And I was smiling at the picture of that baby girl staring at Seung Gi’s ad on the shopping cart. She seemed to be mesmerized! Positive vibe transmission indeed!

  8. crazyahjumma fan says:

    Seunggi n kids – another pic came to my a while ago. The one where KHD married Seunggi to a cute little girl who offered him a drawing, during one of the 1n2d episodes.

  9. Iva says:

    my mom always said that children can identify a person with a ‘Good Heart’….
    since children are still ‘pure in heart’ in early years….’Innocent heart and thought’
    and we all know that Seung Gi is a certified Innocent….
    a rare 26 years old innocent…..( watched a yadong it’s not made him not innocent )
    that’s why he is became a Hoe Dang….

    • tryp96 says:

      Osi, your comment was marked spam by the system because of too many links. But it’s ok to post links in the comment, you don’t need to write out DOT. 😛

      • Osi says:

        Actually I wanted to avoid spamming, that’s why I wrote DOT, hoping they won’t appear as links. Hehe. I think I need to remove the http later. 😀
        Thanks tryp.^^

  10. Melo says:

    what is the name of this song?

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