13.02.20 Press Photos – Lee Seung Gi @ Gimpo Airport

*updated – 13 pics*

SeungGi just went to Japan this morning for “personal schedule” and it looks like he wasn’t expecting to see so many reporters at the airport! 😛

credit: as labeled

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42 Responses to 13.02.20 Press Photos – Lee Seung Gi @ Gimpo Airport

  1. dalsg says:

    Omg. Missing him so much Seunggi ya~~

  2. meliejoo says:

    the reporters is very strange.. how can they know his face with a mask on??
    maybe he is doing interview in japan..

    • triangel25 says:

      Dont u rmbr how he got recognised during filming RM despite being fully camouflage with cap, mask, jacket etc?
      Everyone can notice him easily despite he being fully covered up~!!! LOL…

      Its like he has “I am Seung Gi” all over his body that cause him to be recognised easily by ppl…He just cant hide~!!! =p

    • Iva says:

      his face been plastered all over Korea…..
      from tv to ad…
      but, since president election, all his face all over street and City Hall….
      off course he could not hides…

  3. Eva says:

    Awwww he looks so surprise and he’s so adorable as usual 😀 ❤ him!

  4. melissa says:

    He looks really surprised lol. He’s looking good.

    @meliejoo it’s not that hard to figure out who it is even with a mask…. 🙂

  5. ampa says:

    He seems to like this jacket, I think he also wore it to Choi writer’s wedding. Is this the first time he’s worn a mask? He’s looking mighty fine. 🙂

  6. Airen says:

    ooh he looks cute when surprised! How come the press so resourceful? Any Japanese Airens “catching” him in Japan Airport? :p

  7. Marlyn says:

    OH MY GEE!,,,,He looks cute even with the mask on!

  8. graciabellsg says:

    what he’ll be doing in japan? vacation?

  9. serafine24 says:

    Is oppa sick or just disguising himself because he’s wearing a mask? If he’s sick, then poor him. I hope he’ll get well soon:( But if it’s for disguising, then I would say even if he wore a mask people will still recognize him because his too popular:)

  10. crazyajummafan says:

    I’m super suspicious! This is the first time I’ve seen Seunggi with a mask over his face! Seems as if he is trying to avoid detection, but couldn’t. Hence the shock and somewhat guilty look! Seunggi, what are u up too? Are u meeting someone special in Japan?

  11. Anonymous says:

    he didnt wear makeup..that’s y he covered his face. He must’ve think he wouldnt look good in pictures..he still cute by the way…

    • Anonymous says:

      SG did not makeup many times before. I wonder if he has some troubles with his chin. If it’s a pimple due to his busy schedule, I can only say kekeke. But if he got injure while practicing martial arts for his up coming drama, OMG, please takes care of our boy!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Love his expression where in his covering his mouth with his hand. Probably his saying to himself ” oh oh , I got caught” 🙂 Naughty naughty Seung Gi :))) Anyway, enjoy your vacation! You deserve it.

  13. AIreN says:

    or he might be stay there for his upcoming event, “the brilliant show”? no? i just guess seems everyone so curious. count me in. doesnt he has shooting for drama in korea? i’m so cluess right now, need seung gi-antidote~

  14. ruro says:

    Love his surprise and also adorkably guilty look :), where are u going, my dear? I feel bad for always wanting to know his whereabouts but cant help it 🙂 miss him so much these days.

  15. seunggilicious says:

    my feeling say he’ll meet someone special… 😀

  16. cute^^ Seung Gi,suprised ?! how can you think not to be recognize.you cant see everyday a adroable like you on the airport… but as you already out of Korea and its a personal schedule,can you come to Istanbul and sing with PSY ”because you’re my woman”or better ‘nunastyle’ on Friday :)!

  17. Jo says:

    Well… So many ways to give himself away… His car/van, his manager, his horn-rimmed glasses. Kekeke… I am sure the paparazzi has been camping around his home and office. Miss him so much, everyone.

  18. kimia says:

    mayby he has a beard for his drama so he dont show his chin

    sorry for my bad eng

  19. Anonymous says:

    if im not mistaken, last month seunggi also went to japan, undetected by fans nor reporter… but there are no photo or fancam taken like today. is it something to do with the drama? or …. :p

  20. sarah says:

    the first big news I heard today.. early in the morning my sister pm me that Seunggi is in Japan and wearing a mask..?!! and then speedily check it on here.. 😀
    wah!! He is really!!!^^ This is first time.. so i dunno what to think.. o_O hmmm I just felt that really you cant hide on press people in Korea, they are everywhere.. poor Seunggi. :O Trying to hide but People knows him very well..hehe and can recognize him easily..I think I can also recognize him with the way he walks..ahaha 😀
    anyway if its for personal visits I respect that. I think his management is giving him some spare time before his full pack schedules will start.. and He just deserve that.^^
    ENJOY my Seunggi!^^ Take good care too!^^

  21. Eva says:

    These are just my opinions regarding his mask so don’t shoot me LOL. I learned this when I live in Japan for couple of years and I actually do it now too. People wear masks for two reasons. 1 – a person is sick and doesn’t want to transfer the disease to other people, which I think is very nice of them especially if they are in crowded places. 2- a person doesn’t want to get sick so he/she is using the mask as a preventive measure. I’m hoping that Seung Gi is doing it for the latter reason especially he’s got a drama coming up and he needs to keep his health up to par. Most people that are in a stressful situation tends to have their immune system go low. So maybe he’s using it as a precautionary measure. I wish him to be in great condition at all times. He’s a smart person so I don’t doubt that at all that he’s taking good care of himself. Good luck Seung Gi-ya! Patiently excitedly waiting on your upcoming drama! <3<3<3

  22. manassuper says:

    I guess he is on a vacation with his hyung and labelmate lee seo jin. who as pointed by tryp is making a special appearance at the ‘YUMI KATSURA 2013 GRAND COLLECTION IN TOKYO’…….great bromance then….. Anways Enjoy your vaccation lee seung gi……it’s good to take some time off yourself with a rigorous drama and other activities schedule ahead………..

  23. Marlyn says:

    Hahaha….Airens went crazy over Seunggi appearing at airport with a mask on….Looks like both Airen and Seunggi surprized with it..Take care Seungi yah…papparatzi are all over. : )

  24. zara says:

    I’m curious whether he went there alone, just himself or he was with his manager. It would be interesting if he went to Japan alone.

    • Anonymous says:

      He went with his staffs including his managers and stylists. I don’t think he went for personal schedule. Maybe his job this time has no name or details.

  25. Ivory says:

    Seung Gi yaa….let me teach you a few tips of disguising :
    1. Dont wear your famous scarf ( same scarf on President election ).
    2. Dont wear famous coat.
    3. Ask the winner of face off to do your face.
    4. Leave your long leg at home.
    5. Store your adorable Doe eyes and cute face at Zippel.
    6. Borrow a clothes from Gdragon.
    7. Use a privates Jet .
    8. Or you can ask me to be your partner, so both of us can be stand as an old couple..( #running from airens…qe qe qe)

    • Anonymous says:

      lol! ure hilarious. anyway, yup! his fans definitely can recognise his familiar outfit!
      he showed some heodang-ness even when disguising.
      definitely our adorable seunggi 😀

    • noodlelover says:

      i laugh so hard for last point, OMO
      daebakk, if only i had more than two thumbs i’d give you them all

  26. Anonymous says:

    he always think his disguise nobody will recognize, same as what he did in running man so confident of his disguise but he did not know with his height and figure it is so easy to spot him! 😛

  27. Apple Box says:

    No matter what you do, SeungGi, we will SEE you, we will HEAR you, we will be able to distinguish your shadow from the shadows of the rest of the people in this world. And we can, within 400 mile radius. Believe me!

    But, please know, many respect your privacy. We do. Don’t worry.

  28. Apple Box says:

    *2nd to the last picture

    That face – that face is the reason why, we will always SEE you, always…. even in our dreams!

  29. Cklelia says:

    Love all of your comments, they are all true, specially the first one! :0) very clever!!!!

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