Gu Family Book Releases First Stills

*updated – 9 pics*

These pictures are from Choi Kang Chi’s parents’ fateful first meeting, filmed in Jejudo from February 5th to 8th:

source: nate

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13 Responses to Gu Family Book Releases First Stills

  1. melissa says:

    I really like the whole look of everything. What gorgeous parents. 🙂 The scenery is also really pretty.

  2. meliejoo says:

    i like their clothes and hairstyle..!! so good looking..
    i wish LSG would wear those clothes and start a fighting scene..

  3. ampa says:

    Wow the pictures and colors are really pretty. Best wishes to Gu Family Book!

  4. pearlmintz says:

    I like the feel of these pictures. Can’t wait to meet Kang Chi!!

  5. Eva says:

    Seun Gi is not even in the picture but it already made feel excited!!! Come on April! Airens are waiting ^_^

  6. AnnMichelle says:

    Very atmospheric…Love the texture of the cinematography already! Eagerly waiting for Seung Gi’s appearance! (What’s he doing in Japan? I am dying of curiosity!)

  7. Gen Wong says:

    Omg, and so it starts! MBC is making me more and more curious of what Seunggi will look like! Nervous in anticipation, but hopeful that he will look great in a historical drama!

  8. ruro says:

    Wow, the scenery is breath taking, omg, can’t wait for the drama to air. When can we see Seung gi? Dying of curiousity about how he will appear :((

  9. triangel25 says:

    Ya, really curious how Sg is going to looked like since this is his 1st sageuk..
    But then looking at his “dad” look, u can see that the hairstyle would be little modern then real tradition hairstyle for guys….Hence, I think SG can still show a bit of his modern side in this drama…Cant wait for his pic…

    Btw, me too curious y suddenly he is going to japan out of a sudden and for so many days since I tot he would be bz wif filming now…=)

  10. wanne says:

    Wow, very nice!! The pictures are eerily beautiful, I like it very much. Well done pd-nim and staff. Looking forward to more especially the one with our Kang-chi.

  11. meliejoo says:

    why is the shooting takes so long???
    why not Suzy and LSG start to meet each other yet?

  12. madqueen says:

    She is so beautiful!

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