13.02.22 Gimpo Airport Fanpics – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 2 pics*

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

source: dclsg

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40 Responses to 13.02.22 Gimpo Airport Fanpics – Lee Seung Gi

  1. dalsg says:

    Perm hair~~~~ Seunggi, u make me curious..

  2. Reblogged this on leeseunggiturkeyairen and commented:
    …ve Lee Seung Gi nin beklenen permalı saçları^^ önünü dönsede yüzünü görsek….Japonya dan neden erken döndü anlaşıldı.yarın bekleniyordu…ama süpriz yaptı hemde dalgalı süpriz 🙂

    • sorry….im actually zambak70….im new in blogging…this why my comments apear in turkish…firstly i make big bow in front of miss tryp…who did this awesome work night and days…its really hard and sometimes trouble full for a beginner like me..so pls forgive me if i make mistakes.and when if comeses to Seung Gi’s hair…..i like it ,dont know how he looks from the front but i can nearly imagine…like the same when he goes to the Malaysia fm…and now we know why he goes to Japan actually….to perm his hair!!of course joke…what he wear,how he cut his hair….really not important for me…so long our King is happy with it…

  3. AnnMichelle says:

    Call me biased but I don’t find anything THAT shocking or strange about his hair this time. Like dalsg, I am just curious how it would fit with the character’s style. Can’t wait!

    • yon says:

      same here.. alot of fans are worried but he doesn’t have the flower boy kind of look, so the perm hair may look ok on him. Need pic of him from the front view now. hehe…

      if the perm hair is for his drama, i can visualise it better now…. and i think it will suits him in the drama….

      • crazyajummafan says:

        What puzzles me is why go to Japan to perm hair? Can’t he do it in Korea? Maybe no time in Korea? So have to do it while on vacation in Japan?

        • yon says:

          Maybe Lee Seo Jin recommended him to a hairstylist in Japan? or could he want to try out the different cutting from japanese hairstylist? if he do it in korea, you are likely to get the typical korean style of perm…

          now every one is curious is this the hairstyle for his drama….

    • manassuper says:

      same here…..but hope there can be a pic with front view…. why his face not in the picture……

    • Melbee says:

      I agree, like TK2H he had to cut his hair short. As an actor he will do whatever is needed for his character because he’s that dedicated! Hair grows out, it’s not the end of the world. Although, I’m sure it will shock and amaze us in a good way. Plus, Lee Seo Jin hyung would tell him if it’s a bad idea since he was with him. 😛

  4. meliejoo says:

    why is his hair always perm?? T_T
    it makes him look old.. I am worry about the drama photo T_T because he hair;;

  5. Linda says:

    He doing perm or forget to comb his hair?? :p LOL…
    What are you doing with your hair baby….

  6. meliejoo says:

    honestly, his face are handsome.. but his perm hair makes him looks..
    I want straight hair again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Baek ji young concert.. his straight hair looks fine that day.. today’s airport hair looks puffy to me.. i’m worry to see how it looks like;;;;;

  7. Jenny says:

    Either perm hair or straight hair!!!! You always cute!!!

  8. Jenny says:

    Please share front view, I am eager to see how cute he is!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    im not shock at all if he had his hair permed cos hes been having that hair style, what i can picture on him is, he will have a bandit style appearance or you know like the hair of elijah woods in the lord of the rings,well just my vision, which i know he can pull it well and in a manly way, cant wait,its getting more exciting with all those tidbits and stills!!!tnx for all the updates tryp 🙂

    • sarah says:

      wah.. my imagination is working.. Elijah Wood Seunggi?!!! really cant wait…
      Straight or Curl.. I just Love the Man wearing the hair..haha Just Seunggi!!:D

  10. meliejoo says:

    if his doing a drama.. i wish he put head bang on because everyone knows hair forehead is wide..

  11. manassuper says:

    Yesterday there was reports of seunggi and lee seo jin spotted at a beauty care saloon….may be did the perm there……anyways be whaterver hairstyle or form you are we love u uncondtionally neither cared about his hairstyle and in fact i liked all his hair styles may be some of his hairstyles more and some of his hairstyling less but never read too much into it in past or present and nor will do so in future becoz you are always charming in any mode………

  12. melissa says:

    I’m sure he’s not doing anything to make himself look bad or out of place in his drama. We know how seriously he takes his job. Wild and beasty Kang Chi with a little wave in his hair would actually work out… Or he could just wear a wig. We’ll see. 😀

  13. airen says:

    I saw his front view pic on weibo… and I… I… dont like what I see! I hope he would straighten it back asap!

  14. Anonymous says:

    All of us love to see Seung Gi in a one way or other, isn’t it rude and impolite to take pictures sneakily somehow or other! Eventhough it’s the price of an entertainer but this is intrusion into his privacy! Love him then give him due respect as you yourself like to be treated please!

  15. wanne says:

    Oh dear, here we go again. Seunggi and his perm.. I’m getting nervous for his look in the drama..

  16. shila sudin says:

    No matter how he looks, he is still very very good looking with his dimply smile that can melt my heart….

  17. jan says:

    Seung gi ah you really a ***FASHIONMONGER*** ( PERM HAIR ..CHANGE HAIR STYLE…..already made Airens shocked..
    PS : Hopefully Gu Family Book …Rating also like this .UP…UP >>>till 50%

  18. Ivory says:

    Its a must in his character….
    He always doing those kind of things according to his ‘role’
    So, if we love him to death and desperaty to see his cute adorable present in our small screen, we have to support him too.
    If TK2H, we forget about Seung Gi….but remember and aching for Awesome Lee Jae Ha. I believes this time he will make us forget about Seung Gi and The Great Choi Kang Chi will be appear
    Seung Gi Yaa…..Jaranta!

    • PeNnE says:

      Now that you mention this, yeah, I just realize now, I really loved Jae Ha.
      I love Jae Ha till now. I love him .like I know there’s only one who can upstage the real SeungGi, and it is Lee Jae Ha.
      And I say this with sincere admiration for SeungGi’s stellar perfromance in TK2H.

  19. garden29 says:

    Scrolling tweets and there are many airens concern about our King’s new permed hair.haishhh lets just hope everything will be ok after this and choi kang chi will rock us all!!!

  20. puahahah hair style effect~ come on airens let him be~ he like it~
    anything always okay for me since its uri SeungGi 😀

  21. meliejoo says:

    seems like dclsg fans are upset about perm hair now.. it’s so quite today because he changed his hair messy T_T

    • Anonymous says:

      can you please stop saying nonsense things! I had enough of you whining about his hair!

    • tryp96 says:

      Seriously, meliejoo, you need to stop being so negative all the time. Did it ever occur to you that it could be quiet today because it’s weekend and people are out and about enjoying their time off? What makes you so sure that it’s the effect of a hairstyle?!

  22. super says:

    Why the fuss about his perm hair.It seems fine to me.Actually he have appeared with perm hair before and he still look handsome.Will support you always.

  23. dory says:

    Straight hair or permed hair seunggiya.. what ever it is I still loved it… Because its Seunggi…<3

  24. diaz says:

    Whatever how is your hairstyle, I still love you oppa~~

    choi kang chi! Choi kang chi ! Choi kang chi !

    Let’s we just ignore meliejoo’s words. .

  25. Anonymous says:

    kekeke, remind me to a snarky rich boy character from a drama…XDXD, somthing over flower (?)
    but i like it tho i wish i had some hair to be permed XD
    wide forehead?is it a big deal? :O
    even mine’s as wide as helipad doh XD

  26. serafine24 says:

    I don’t care what Seungi oppa hair right now or before is. For me he’s always handsome with any kind of looks and will always like him:)

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