Lee Seung Gi Autographed World Airen Map

This is simply amazing! 😀

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Hello~ Our Worldren 🙂
During our Seung Gi’s birthday event last month (January)…
A World Map with Korea, Japan, Singapore, United States’s logos was prepared and presented to Seung Gi to commemorate the event
Seung Gi autographed it like this and sent it back to us ^^
We apologise for the delay in posting this ^^;

Before opening the autographed map, we thought he had just given one large autograph in the middle of the map, but …
This is indeed our full-of-sense Seung Gi sshi~
He would like to express his gratitude to fans in each country equally
For each country’s logo… An autograph was given.. haha
Considerate Seung Gi sshi~~~ Thank you ♡
Imagine filling up this World Map with logos and autographs~
Worldrens~~ Let’s fill it up together ^^

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Reposted from LSGKWA

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8 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Autographed World Airen Map

  1. Marlyn says:

    He is so sweet and full of sincerity. That’s why so many fans adore him. From Singapore….we love you Seung Gi !

  2. leogalsg says:

    I am proud to be your airen.
    Thank you for ur humble n sincerity autograph.

  3. PeNnE says:

    OMO, my home country isn’t represented in the map, but that’s alright.
    I wish SeungGi knows he is loved, even where I am from, a remote place which may not even be included in Google maps 🙂

  4. dramaaddict says:

    tryp, I think we do not need to worry abt filling up the World Map. This World Map would be filled up in no time. By looking at your Airen World Flag Counter, most of the countries are represented and quite active too.
    Fans, let us fill up the World Map asap. 🙂
    SG, you are really thoughtful by endorsing on the countries represented.

  5. trish says:

    Nice! Very thoughtful of him!

  6. hajar says:


  7. blackholeangel says:

    from Vietnam, we love you, Seung Gi. Jeongmal jeongmal johahada

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