TK2H Fanvid: Remembering Lee Jae Ha, Version 3

BGM: Don’t Forget – Juris

credit: path

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17 Responses to TK2H Fanvid: Remembering Lee Jae Ha, Version 3

  1. yani says:

    🎶 don’t forget me I’m still love you 🎶 … of course I do, I never forget my gorgeous King Lee Jae Ha

  2. Racil says:

    First of all I want to express my utmost admiration for tryp96 for all the hardwork in this blog, LSG is bless to have a fan like you who works really hard to keep everything posted about LSG, seems like you are not sleeping at all, great, great job tryp96. I am just a new fan of LSG just this January, 2013 after watching TK2H, the first thing that got my attention while watching was the voice, I so love to listen to the sound of his voice, I never knew that he is a singer when I start watching TK2H, never knew about LSG at all. I finished watching the 20 episodes of TK2H in 3 days, even at work in my break I have to watched the movie I just can`t take it off my mind. Then after I finished watching the whole episode I start searching about LSG and the more I searched the more I become a fan. I watched Brilliant Legacy and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and I am inlove with LSG the more. But in TK2H LSG showed all his acting abilities and it`s really really a shame that he did not the award for this. Anyhow I am looking forward to be an official Airen, and looking forward for Gu Family Book, how I just wish I understand Korean language. More Power to LSG and hopefully this time the panel will acknowlegde the acting ability of LSG, KEEP FIGHTING LSG. Thanks a bunch again tryp96 for all the updates and for your hardwork we do appreciate all the efforts you made. More power tryp96.

    • crazyajummafan says:

      Racil! Welcome to the gang! It’s always good to have and know another Airen!

      • Racil says:

        thanks a lot crazyajummafan, for now I am not yet a member of Airen, as what I understand there is a specific time to apply for it????but I am looking forward to it really!!!

        • AnnMichelle says:

          Don’t worry about the technicality. Anyone who can finish TK2H in 3 days is entitled to be called Dear Airen! With crazyajummafan I too welcome you to the warm, loving, and expanding family of the official/non-official airens!

        • crazyajummafan says:

          Anyone who loves Seunggi is an Airen!!! No need to be an official one!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Aaaaah, how I LOVE Seung Gi’s perfect portrayal of King Jae Ha! I miss Jae Ha so much. TK2H is my all time favorite Kdrama – thanks to Seung Gi’s sensitive, charming n unforgetable acting. Till now, I still can’t understand how n why Seung Gi hasn’t won an acting award in this role? MBC politics again? Oh we’ll, the audiences have eyes to see and hearts to feel. Seung Gi’s acting is by far way ahead of other actors who may have won awards! I am looking forward to Seung Gi in Gu Family. For sure, he will give us a refreshing performance again. Fighting Seung Gi! Sarang heyeo!!i

  4. Iva says:

    @Racil : welcome to the world of Airen…..
    the ‘Voice’ that attracted you was recognized by Sun Hee ….
    she said that Seung Gi voice is deep and it hit the most with our ear sense…..
    ( forgot the technically things she mentioned….)
    try to close your eyes and listen to his voice…..
    I bet you will fall deeply in love …………..
    for me it was ‘Please’ and ‘Desire & Hope’…….
    welcome to the point of no return world………
    ( like us…..he he )

    • Racil says:

      thanks a lot Iva and dalsg I am very glad to have known all of you here in this beautiful blog how I wish we will all be together to see and support LSG in one venue like in person I am from Canada but one day I have to come and visit Korea to see LSG and all you Airens. It’s really funny I watched TK2H for the th time and I wanted to make a note which episode I love the most that I will watch over and over again but when I looked at my pad it was episodes 1 – 20 LOL. I really really LOVE LEE SEUNG GI!!!….Thanks Airens for welcoming to the FAMILY!!!!

      • Racil says:

        ****thanks Airens for welcoming me to the FAMILY!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Hi Racil…^^ try to watch 1n2d (one night two days) season 1.. You will get to see the real Just Seunggi.. ^^ his heodangness, witty idea, funny /playful Seunggi, respectful maknae… I bet you will Love him more after watching that show.. ^^
          I like him on MGIAG first but came to deeply love him on 1n2d.. and overall LOVE everything about him as a singer, actor, entertainer and just him as a person. ^^

          • Racil says:

            viki only have strong heart, I already watched several episodes though I don’t undertsand a bit because there is no subtitle, they don’t have 1n2d in viki, I only watched bit of each episode of 1n2d in youtube, anyone can suggest a site that we can watched complete episode of 1n2d?I really want to see this show, thank you so much, I will really appreciate it if anybody can give me a site.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love this viedo and where can I download it? I miss him so much and I want to watch him many times in a day.

  6. Anonymous says:

    God Bless You my King, lee jae ha :*

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