Lee Seung Gi ‘Gu Family Book’ Drama Support Fundraiser

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Hi Worldren ^^

We would like to start fund-raising support for Seung Gi’s new drama, Gu Family Book which is scheduled to air in early April.

We will start by displaying Ramyeon Wreath at Gu Family Book’s Press Conference in Korea to show our support, followed by meals for Seung Gi, cast and crew to cheer and thank them for the good work. Gifts will also be presented to them as a token of our appreciation.

As this is Seung Gi’s 1st Saguek drama and Lee Seung Gi with World Airen’s 1st fund-raising activity, we hope Worldren would show a lot of interest in the activity and participate actively.

[For USAirens]

If you wish to support the events (both flower arrangement & drama),
please donate fund through our paypal account.
Thank you in advance!

[For other overseas Airens]

You may wish to make a contribution at LSGKWA via Paypal
Paypal account : lsgkorea.worldairen@gmail.com

*Should there be any funds left after the event, it will be carried forward to the next event. 
Paypal currency: USD (US Dollar)
No amount is too small! We welcome donations of any amount.
The fundraiser has no set deadline. Please continue to participate until further notice. Thank you!

Reposted from LSGKWA

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4 Responses to Lee Seung Gi ‘Gu Family Book’ Drama Support Fundraiser

  1. LSGfan says:

    Hi Tryp~~ Sorry to bug you, but could you do me a big favor and include this message for the 9th debut anniversary project from LSG Korea World? I don’t have an account to the site and it’s due today. And i’ve been super busy! Want to make sure to participate, even with a very short message, to show support for our fave guy~~~~!!!! Will they translate? If so, even better! Me not so good in this type of stuffs.

    To our dearest Lee Seunggi~~ Our most fave, lovely, respected multi-entertainer and star role model! Thanks for making fangirling so crazy and fun, and not time wasted in any way! Standing out and distinguishing yourself in the world of cookie-cutter K-entertainment through your real lovely adn true self, hard work, and talents… Happy 9th Debut Anniversary~~~!!!!
    ~Ann LSGfan (USA)

    Feel free to delete this msg/comment from here afterward. Thank you!!!!

    • tryp96 says:

      Of course, Ann, anything for you! 😀 I’ll pass on your message to the person in charge.

      • LSGfan says:

        THIS is why we all love you so much~~~!!!!! I think we all wish you were our real-life unni in real life!!!! You ARE the bestest!!!!!

        Ah, Tryp, why you SO amazing???!!!! Just like our lovely Seunggi! And smart and disciplined just like him too!!! I really think Seunggi may have the most fans that are BOTH incredibly SMART and ACCOMPLISHED and COMMITTED and CREATIVE and TALENTED!

        • tryp96 says:

          Ann, you’re totally making me blush. Thanks for lavishing your praise on me. I hope I’ll be more deserving of it one day. 😛

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