Lee Seung Gi Brand

SeungGi leaving his mark on the world: 😆

SeungGi Hotteok

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SeungGi Pond

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SeungGi Path

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SeungGi Set (grilled shellfish)

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SeungGi Special Set Menu (even in Japan!)

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source: dclsg

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15 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Brand

  1. leave me the mark too~ seunggi fan hahaha

  2. iGo승기씨 says:

    승지순례!! ㅋㅋ

  3. kimia says:

    SeungGi Pond!
    Remembering the past…

  4. cklelia says:

    Consider this just the begining of many more recognitions for adorable Lee Seung Gi, A LEGEND to be all over the world:0)

  5. Marlyn says:

    The name Lee Seung Gi….is inticingly Magical!..

  6. Osi says:

    There’s also a mark of Seung Gi riding horse in Udo.^^

    Credit: The Lost Wanderer

    • purple says:

      It’s just a mark Seung Gi left in Udo. It’s different from these above because they used Seung Gi’s name like a trade mark or an official name as Seung Gi hotteok, Seung Gi pond

  7. PenNe says:

    Thanks for the photos, Tryp. 🙂
    Oh, Seunggi brand name, how exciting! So happy he is leaving his marks, at such a young age of 27. I am sure his best is yet to come, cuz he always strives to excel.

    Someday, someday, when we are all ready; When he will be ready to wed and start a family with someone who is as awesome as him….I would like to see him having many kids. Then, we can have multiple SeungGis! No doubt, his kids will become the best “LSG brand”!

  8. Rensha says:

    waooow he’s name really something.. i’m so proud of being fans for amazing person like him ^^

  9. Anonymous says:

    I was laughing when I saw “seunggi pond”. It reminds me of how he fell into the pond during the icy winter, being totally embarrassed and demanding the footage to be edited out. He can always return to the pond and reminisce abt the fun times with KHD and gang! How nostalgic :)!

  10. triangel25 says:

    I din noe tat they reali going 2 name d pond s seunggi pond..still rmbr tat akward scene of him wen he falling into it..
    How bout d other things like grilled set n set meal in jpn..r they d food tat seunggi like n alwaz order wen go tat particular shop or stall?

    • tryp96 says:

      I’m pretty sure that SeungGi had been to each of those restaurants only once, and they named whatever food he had after him.

  11. Iva says:

    Maybe I should make ‘Seung Gi Suncream ‘ ???…….
    do you want it Tryp Oeni ?

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