Final (?) Group Purchase of Lee Seung Gi’s Mini Album ‘Forest’

This is organized by the official fan club, and hopefully the limited edition album will be sold out after this. So this is likely your last chance to own this collector’s item! 😛 The fan club is also providing 2 special merchandises that you can purchase as a package.

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The 1st special merchandise is a T-Money transportation card. This will come in handy if you plan to visit Korea anytime in the future. The card will be printed with SeungGi’s autographed message (as shown above), but it’ll have a different picture.

To: Our Airen ♥

Accompanied by SeungGi, wherever you go ♥

Lee Seung Gi

English translation:

This actually can be translated as “Follow SeungGi anywhere,” but I don’t think SeungGi intends to turn us into sasaeng fans. 😆

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The 2nd special merchandise is the SeungGi umbrella, as previously posted.

Anyway, if you’re interested, please check out the notice on

Airens, please show your support for SeungGi the singer! 😀

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6 Responses to Final (?) Group Purchase of Lee Seung Gi’s Mini Album ‘Forest’

  1. Anonymous says:

    uwoaaw those umbrella was comeback!! can’t get them when The Best group purchase event before.. will get them for sure now.. thank you for this great information 🙂

  2. prisy717 says:

    hwaaaaaa…i so want that card and umbrella, but unfortunately i have owned one this limited edition album. huhuhuhu

  3. leogalsg says:

    I have the umbrella n the album. I want the t money only.

  4. Sharon says:

    How do overseas fan purchase these. Please advise.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Airens!
    Don’t forget that Airen 5 president voting starts today until the 13th I think. All official Airen 5 members can vote for 1 president, 1 vice, 1 Korean / Overseas staff members on

    We hope many of you can check the candidates and vote 🙂 It only takes a few clicks. Thanks!

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