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13.02.21 Lee Seung Gi’s Autograph 2

A Japanese fan saw SeungGi and Midae hyung’s autographs at a store called ‘Hallyu Space’:

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13.03.14 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

Happy White Day! Lee Seung Gi, Crowned As White Day ‘Candy Man’

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Gu Family Book in Chinese News – Lee Seung Gi

It’s too hard to read the article in the small picture, but I think the highlight here is the headline. The article is talking about the actors/actresses making their k-drama comeback in April, and the headline says, “Lee Seung Gi … Continue reading

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Lee Seung Gi Fan-Made Caricatures/Stickers 8

Here’s a finished version: credit: geniusSYYS

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Lee Seung Gi, Exceptional Courteousness… 90-Degree Bows “Indeed Upright Young Man”

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Heritory White Day Guerilla Event – Lee Seung Gi

Have a sweet White Day with Heritory~

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‘Gu Family Book’ Ceramics Sponsorship

This is great! Even sponsors are promoting with fan art! 😆

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13.03.13 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

This is a post found in some cafe by Dimple: The nicest celebrity I’ve ever seen~ Lee Seung Gi. It was when I had a part-time job as a camera assistant for TK2H last year. He talked to me, such … Continue reading

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