Lee Seung Gi, Exceptional Courteousness… 90-Degree Bows “Indeed Upright Young Man”

Lee Seung Gi’s courteousness has once again become a hot topic.

A BTS video of script reading for MBC’s new Mon-Tues drama ‘Gu Family Book’ was revealed on March 12 and attracted netizens’ attention.

What caught their eyes was the cast making their appearance and reading the script together in the video. What has become a hot topic especially is the exceptional courteousness of Lee Seung Gi, who is usually well known as an upright young man.

After arriving at the script reading, Lee Seung Gi respectfully greeted sunbae actors with 90-degree bows, and also approached the staff either holding out his hand or bowing.

In return, the staff also warmly greeted and welcomed Lee Seung Gi, creating a friendly atmosphere.

source: reviewstar via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
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22 Responses to Lee Seung Gi, Exceptional Courteousness… 90-Degree Bows “Indeed Upright Young Man”

  1. says:

    i’m totally fell for him (♥·♥

  2. super says:

    Simply the best in everything .The one and only great Lee Seung Gi. And many thanks to Tryp for all the info.

  3. Love Gi says:

    so proud of you, Seung gi yaaaah !!!
    how can I express my admiration?
    Love you so much.

  4. manassuper says:

    They say “Actions speak louder than words”…..His heartwarming ,gentle,polite actions tells how well mannered and great morals he posseses….That’s the reason he appeals to all ages from children to grandmas…You are just too perfect Lee seung gi………

  5. foulou says:

    the real issue here was Lee Yeon Hee.

  6. wanne says:

    For such a big star, there’s no air of arrogance at all about him. He’s always smiling and well-mannered, and his smile always looks honest and humble. It’s no wonder even the media loves him.

  7. yani says:

    ahhh Seung Gi why you’re so perfect *.*

  8. summerMD says:

    Just one of the many reasons why i love him so much!

  9. mppy says:

    Lee seung gi,stop being so good…how am i going to find a boyfriend when my standards are set so high… TT

  10. Mary ann says:

    Ideal man, that is lee seung gi!

  11. jenny says:

    One of the reason i love this young man. He is so down to earth. Fighting!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    geez, now LYH’s fans will have reason to hate him, sometimes the press just do such unnecessary stuffs.

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      Am I missing something? Why would LYH’s fans have reason to hate him? What did the press do?

      • melissa says:

        The press just reported about her supposed attitude problem during the script reading. I guess reporting that SG doesn’t have an attitude problem would make her fans dislike him? Eh, whatever. I kind of doubt it.

    • manassuper says:

      I think LYH’s fans are mature enough to know that LSG has nothing to do with it….there is no reason for them to hate LSG…..

  13. jumong808 says:

    What a well mannered young man LSG is. I think credit should be given to his parents who raised him so well. How proud they must be of him.

  14. Jenny says:

    My superstar Lee Seung Gi!!! You always doing good manner to all people. Keeping your good work, fighting!!!

  15. CrazyforU says:

    His actions make me smile and feel proud that I’m a fan of this super nice Star !

  16. Muljen says:

    I am so proud of our Seung Gi, one in a million.

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