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Heritory Making Film Event – Lee Seung Gi

What happened on the filming set? You guys have seen the making film, right? What do you think SeungGi and the little girl Kelly were talking about? Use your imagination and fill in the speech bubble for a chance to … Continue reading

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13.01.15 Gimpo Airport Fanpics 6 – Lee Seung Gi

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Airen 5 Membership Card & Merchandise – Lee Seung Gi

The membership card is a USB card, so there should be 3 pictures in there.

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13.03.15 Gu Family Book Filming Fan Account 2 – Lee Seung Gi

This fan took pictures around the filming location since she wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the filming. 😛

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Lee Seung Gi Fan-Made Caricatures/Stickers 9

Another finished version: credit: geniusSYYS

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13.03.15 Gu Family Book Filming Fan Account – Lee Seung Gi

This one is pretty short, since the fan was writing it on her phone on her way home: In the middle of the filming, a body double (KangChi’s?) was passing through the inner gate, and bumped his head lightly. Everyone … Continue reading

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Lee Seung Gi ‘The Brilliant Show’ Official Goods

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