‘Gu Family Secret’ Lee Seung Gi “First Sageuk of My Life, Half-Human-Half-Beast Character”

This article is basically talking about the BTS video released by MBC today, so I’ll just translate the part about SeungGi’s greeting.

Lee Seung Gi introduced Gu Family Secret, “It’s been a while since my last drama, and this is the first sageuk challenge of my life. The genre is martial arts action drama.” He then said confidently, “Kang Eun Kyung writer-nim’s solid story with an element of fantasy, of me being a half-human-half-beast, meets Shin Woo Chul PD-nim who’s considered to be one of the best directors in the country, I have no doubt this will be a good drama.”

Lee Seung Gi also made a request, “I will greet everyone with a good drama and good acting. I would like to ask for your support.”

source: newsen via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
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8 Responses to ‘Gu Family Secret’ Lee Seung Gi “First Sageuk of My Life, Half-Human-Half-Beast Character”

  1. Gen Wong says:

    Actor Seunggi is really back! After sooo many months of slow news, we’ve just suddenly been bombarded by news almost everyday! It’s happiness all around in Seunggi-land again. Hope this is just the start of many good things to come and look forward to! Seunggi-yah, fighting! I still can’t believe I would see him in a sageuk! Soooo excited!

  2. Dianie says:

    You get all hearted support from me seung gi ya…….

  3. Poply says:

    Excited and nervous , coming soon. Actor lee in drama , i’m glad to him. Hope sucessful and safe all way. Seunggi and all staffs hope good health. Must tired because hot weather. Seunggi ,support forever.

  4. jan says:

    Seung gi ya whatever you do
    We Airens all ….Support you……Love You
    PS: just take care of your self

  5. leogalsg says:

    We will support you with all our heart and time.
    Fighting seunggi.

  6. agentmaria says:

    you can count on me all the way my support and love for you i love u seung gi

  7. muy emocionada y ansiosa por verlo ya en estilo sageuk se que lo haras muy bien y siempre te aapoyare seung gi shi… i love¡¡¡

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