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Daebak Wishes for Lee Seung Gi & Gu Family Secret

I guess even though the dclsg fans are boycotting drama support because of fandom politics, someone still made a rice cake with well wishes: source: dclsg

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13.03.23 KB Bank CF Filming – Lee Seung Gi

SeungGi and Kim Yuna are currently filming the KB CF. The person who tweeted the picture said Yuna was short, and SeungGi was tall and jjang good-looking. 😛 credit: Lapis_Rb

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13.03.23 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

Variety Character Best 10: #2 HeoDang SeungGi

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Fanvid: Choi Kang Chi Intro

credit: chic/haesong225

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Lee Seung Gi T-Money Transportation Card

The official fan club has decided on the pictures to be used on the card, and this is what it will look like: source: leeseunggi.com

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13.03.22 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

April Mon-Tues Drama Showdown

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TK2H to be broadcast in Taiwan

It will be broadcast on a cable channel, Videoland Drama, starting on April 26: source: dclsg

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Choi Kang Chi Fan Sketch

source: dclsg

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Gu Family Secret Fan-Made Wallpapers 3 – Lee Seung Gi

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