Daebak Wishes for Lee Seung Gi & Gu Family Secret

I guess even though the dclsg fans are boycotting drama support because of fandom politics, someone still made a rice cake with well wishes:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

source: dclsg

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37 Responses to Daebak Wishes for Lee Seung Gi & Gu Family Secret

  1. scbound says:

    can you explain about boycotting please thanks

  2. what happen tryp? why there is fandom politics..?

  3. leeseunggiwithlove says:

    yeah what happened?

  4. mecattsumori says:

    Yes, tryp, what happened? Are dclsg fans are not going to do fan project/ volunteer project for supporting the drama, like what usually korean fans like to do? For example, giving gifts, foods for staff n crew, etc? Why there’s fandom politics going on?

  5. tryp96 says:

    I’m not a good person to answer these questions, because I don’t know the details, and I’m not really interested in finding out all the details because I don’t like politics. But basically, the dclsg fans and the seungsunlove cafe fans are not happy with Hook and the daum cafe fan who was elected as Airen 5 president. So they have decided to boycott the fan events for the drama until Hook makes some changes.

    • dearest tryp, could u pleeeeassseee just edited the sentence in your posting about the issue, coz im worried the issues will getting bigger~ i read on twit this 20 minute ago @GuFamilySecret
      Lee Seung Gi fans are still showing love through a cake after protesting against Hook Ent. to change the Airen5 pres. pic.twitter.com/DK949sk3EV

      thank u in advance 🙂

      • tryp96 says:

        How do you think I should edit it? I wrote that because I was surprised someone from dclsg still made a rice cake despite the ongoing boycott. But who is running that drama twitter account? Is s/he a SeungGi fan? Why does s/he have to tweet about Airen fandom politics to drama fans? Do you think s/he got the info from my blog? Then why does that person never credit his/her source?

        • i dont know about who ruin that twitter~ dont know anything about where he/she got the source but few sounds similar from here~ i’m so surprise about it too~
          i just dont want it make this getting worse/negative.
          i really dont want airens and seunggi will get hurt, in the end.

  6. aaaahh…. stresseu. but this doesnt mean airen will not support seunggi for his upcoming drama rite?
    can’t wait….. who ever it is that sent the well wishes through the rice cake, jeongmal gumassimida.
    seunggi-ya… FIGHTING!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    hate politics. if hook listen and make change, no end. we don’t like vp, boycott too?? then hook no end to all this and no peace. just accept. so much trouble even for this. hope all this just stop and just support seung gi

  8. super says:

    Hope they can solve their problems .don’t want to have Lsg getting hurt unnecessary .lets support him unconditionally.we all love and admire him.

  9. crazyahjummafan says:

    But aren’t they hurting Seunggi indirectly?

  10. dewi asmarani says:

    OMG,,,complicated but
    I want to says “hwaiting oppa”
    And Don’t worry,,we are family’AIREN’

  11. Maris says:

    If we as fans are saddened by this news, I can only imagine how much LSG will be on hearing this news. As I recall, he did ask for love and support for his new drama. With such intensive preparation for the drama and how tough its going to be until it ends, he is going to need it from each and every supporter to be behind him to the maximum. I firmly believe that all of them are truly his fans and so will rise to the occasion and resolve their differences by compassionately listening to each others point of view. Hoping to hear good news from all sides so that we can all enjoy the experience of watching GFB together. 🙂

  12. PenNe says:

    Omo 😦
    First sad news I got since seeing Kang Chi photos. Hope this doesn’t mean less support for Seunggi?! But yeah, it can hurt the “entire dynamics”. Sad ;-(

    Wish things can be resolved. I wish everybody well.

  13. poop says:

    wuutt..if they boycott drama support then wouldnt seunggi think that his fans has lessened? wouldn’t he feel bad somehow? this is his first saguek so im sure he needs support in a concrete sense..

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hate this politic things…, if you still call yourself Airen…please support and don’t hurt Seunggi!!

  15. crazyahjummafan says:

    You know the saying, “United we stand, divided we fall” – If Airens don’t stand together and are divided just because they don’t get what they want or like, it’s a sad day for everyone, especially, Seunggi. One of the things that I love about 1n2d, season 1, was their unity even in the face of difficulties and hardships.
    Can someone pls tell the dclsg fans and Seungsun love cafe to think about Seunggi rather than their own preferences and personal agendas? I don’t want to judge, but it seems very selfish to me. Isn’t the fan club about Seunggi? How can fans of a celeb boycott his drama just because they don’t like the president chosen? Then they are NOT really his fans! It seems as if they have other personal interests. Right now he needs all the love and support he can get, esp from Korea where he’s filming the drama. If they don’t give him the support, we, the international fans can’t do as much!
    I really don’t understand. Even if there are internal bickering and dissatisfactions, why take it out on poor Seunggi? Have your quarrels and fights amongst yourselves, but don’t take it out on his precious drama. If you’re angry with Hook, take it up with them after the drama. He prepared so much for it and is working very hard now…. 8 hours of filming at one time…. Come on Airens!

    I so saddened!

    • tryp96 says:

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • Eva says:

      100% agree! So what’s the purpose of voting then if they will not respect the decision? This news is really disheartening. I don’t know what on earth is going on between these people but I hope that they better get their acts together. They need to realize how their actions can reflect on and/or affect Lee Seung Gi. *sigh* this is why I never liked politics.

    • Anonymous says:

      Although I do not cheer anything could made Seung Gi sad, but hey are boycotting the drama support EVENT which they spent their own money that depends on Hook’s allowance (and maybe the airen5’s president), not boycotting the drama.

      • crazyahjumma fan says:

        Isn’t that almost the same thing? When u boycott the drama support event or whatever, it’s still related to the drama. Seunggi is known for his overwhelming fan support in such events. Not to support it, is the same as not supporting the drama. He probably gets his encouragement from such fan support, so to withhold such support, I feel is hurting him.
        It seems as if they are arm twisting …. nay, threathening Hook! But the one who loses the most is our Seunggi! Urrgh!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t matter because fans have only minor impact on the success of a drama and I believe LSG will do even better when he faces this kind of challenges.However, These kind of things always happen between fans. Those fans who decide to boycott might just want to get more recognition from Hook. Hook should have done a better work on this. For fans outside of this battle, the best we can do is to not take side and be happy to wait for the drama coming otherwise it will impact more than less.

    • AnnMichelle says:

      I totally agree. What you said puts things into perspective very nicely. It is not the first time Korean fans having issues with Hook and (sadly) it probably won’t be the last.time either. From the number of votes cast, people directly involved in this time’s argument were far from the majority of Seung Gi’s fans. To think that would affect the viewership of the drama is exaggerating if not delusional. I am sure Seung Gi is aware of that and he knows there are lots of support for him and his drama from his core fanbase and from viewers at large. So, I will just ignore this incident and continue to cheer for Seung Gi and Gu Family Secret’s success.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, let’s cheer for SG and GFS, I have a strong feeling that this drama will be a huge success!

  17. eratoworld says:

    I am a bit well upset. I fell in love in Lee Seung Gi and after reading so many stuff about Airen and talking to some fans of him I thought it’s like one big family. That was one of the reasons I joined Airen 5. I thought fans should be united. Who cares about fandoms? I joined pretty much both sides pages and I do not care, nor take any sides. All i want is to show my support towards Seung GI , who shows his love for fans. So lets get together instead of being selfish and show that love is stronger than any personal issues or politics!

  18. Rainbow says:

    Never comment until this things happened..
    I thought that all Airens should put Seung Gi as our top priority..
    we all his fans, our goals are being his solid supportive fans, no matters what his project. I kinda dissapoint toward boycott things. Because. It means we aren’t supports him in his 1st Sageuk drama. Didnt they forgot about Seung Gi feeling ?

  19. PenNe says:

    Omo, I dread the thought of SeungGi hurting, in any way, during his filming of GFS.

    As we all know now, when he was filming TK2H, he was also sort of hurting because of transition period (after leaving both tv shows, although it was his decision, of course).

    Knowing SeungGi, I know he can focus well, under all circumstances, but you know, I just wish it is a bed of roses for him, at least until GFS is concluded.

  20. Anonymous says:

    we, the international fans can’t do as much!
    We can! As far as I know this is on-going. I have contributed so are many other countries.
    This is one way we can show our support!~

  21. prissy717 says:

    aigoo. they should not have behaved this way. Just support SeungGi and his drama, if fans keep boycotting I don’t think it would be a good thing for SeungGi. Whoever was elected as Airen 5 President, just give him/her your full support

  22. noodlelover_ says:

    oenni jjang!! d(^^)b

  23. paola colunga says:

    ¿qué ha sucedido?

  24. seunggicharm says:

    This is such a sad news.. Though it isn’t the first time that I have heard about issues like this circulating in the Official fc. I just hope, like everyone else is wishing here that they set aside their personal interests and show the real support Seung Gi needs in his first ever sageuk drama. I guess, they should just accept the results of the voting process. It wasn’t Hook who voted for whoever the new president is. It’s the members who casted their votes. Hook should not bend down to them just to give them what they want coz if that happens, it will only happen again and again in the future. Hook may not be as perfect as the other management, but things like this will not be resolved in drastic actions as boybotting Seung Gi’s drama. I hope thay will all sit down and talk it over diplomatically. Respect the final result. Move forward. Aim for what’s best for the FC and other Airens and most especially, continue to show the Love and Support Seung Gi needs. I hope they will all be open to hear each other and join together in bringing the best for every Airen.^^

    That is a very beautiful rice cake by the way.^^ Airens, United for the love of Seung Gi!^^

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