Gu Family Secret Trailer #3 – Lee Seung Gi

*updated with translation*

Please have pity on this child!
Don’t let him live in sorrow and loneliness.
Please let him grow up as an ordinary person’s child among ordinary people.

The Book of Covenant passed down for thousands of years
Dream of becoming a human
The half-human-half-beast in the legend,
he is awake.
A new history begins.
Gu Family Secret
First broadcast on April 8

English translation:
Based on Chinese translation from baidu tieba

KangChi’s cut:

source: dclsg

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21 Responses to Gu Family Secret Trailer #3 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. CANT WAIT!!OMG~ THE ENDING IS SO COOL *seunggi and suzy’s pic at the end*

  2. AnnMichelle says:

    Wow! So exciting! The frames move too fast!!!

  3. melissa says:

    I can’t adequately describe how excited I am. I seriously freaked out when this started playing at the end of The Horse Doctor. So amazing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So amazing! Kang chi so cool

  5. sarah says:

    kyyyyyaaaaaa!Our awesome KangChi!! ^^ all those action moves just suit SeungGi!!^^
    cannntt wait.. really!:)

    Thanks Tryp!!;)

  6. Umni says:

    The ending Seung Gi and Suzy look perfect and sweet.. I can`t wait

  7. wanne says:

    OMG I had goosebumps watching the trailer!! SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!! Want to give big thumbs up to the whole team, this new trailer once again exceeds my expectation. And Seunggi looks so cool doing the action, when he slides around the pole waaaaaaaaa 😀 Drama land has been so boring these days, I can’t wait to be addicted like during TK2H days again… Daebak wishes for Gu Family Secret! Please be good! Fighting!!! Thanks Tryp for all the updates..

  8. revolu says:

    Has it been confirmed how many epsiodes this drama will have?

  9. Anonymous says:

    i keep on playing it more than 5 times, even the part of kang chi and yeo wol…….
    i can already see their chemistry together………and kang chi is so cool in here, love his smile:)

  10. i remind something 😀 kangchi sleep and yeo wool touch his vhubby cheek = hwan sleep and eunsung touch his chubby cheek then down to his lip lols

  11. kimia says:

    love it!
    kang chi looks so cool
    seung gi and suzy look good together.
    love them both
    gu family secret fighting!

  12. Waah, can’t wait for this drama..
    Gu Family Book 구가의서, aza aza hwaiting.. ^_~ GBU

  13. every trailer makes me more excited…and i must say i already fall in with the Ost teaser 25 years old son who saw the trailers…said ‘mom isnt that your Seung Gi,if you translate this in turkish,this is the ever first Korean drama i will really watch.Seunggiyah you gain a new fanboy^^

  14. jayshree says:

    I saw gumiho recently i am from india so its impossible for me to understand korean still watched it with subs. The serial is really awesome loved it a lot. could you please release this serial to with english subs i would love to watch as am a new fan of lee seung gii and really love his acting….

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