Yoshimoto Banana Tweets About Lee Seung Gi

After SeungGi talked about the upcoming novel during the fan meeting, Ms. Banana posted a few tweets about the novel and about SeungGi. Here are the ones about SeungGi our lovely AnnMichelle has translated for us: 😀

My son was beyond himself because Seung Gi smiled and waved at him. And then perhaps my research for the novel was too in-depth, Hook Representative, while loving to see the project to fruition, was a little hesitant and uneasy. Well, we so called novelists are supposed to be able to describe things, even those unknown to us, vividly.

Today was Seung Gi’s concert-like fan meeting. I waited with warm anticipation as if I was about to see my own kid. It looked like I had never had a front row seat in my whole life. When my name was introduced I was so shocked! Today’s songs were all great. The terrific place was full of wonderful fans.

Chinese translation by Sunny Lee @ TAIFC
English translation by AnnMichelle

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1 Response to Yoshimoto Banana Tweets About Lee Seung Gi

  1. crazyahjumma fan says:

    I hope they’ll have a translation of the novel in English. Will definitely buy it!

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