13.04.01 MBC Drama Big 3 Special: Gu Family Secret


source: dclsg

SeungGi’s cut:

source: official fan cafe

Some article headlines:

Lee Seung Gi, “I didn’t feel burdened by sageuk acting”
Lee Seung Gi, “Ponytail was actually my idea.”
Lee Seung Gi, “I rehearsed my lines a lot.”
Lee Seung Gi, “Working with Suzy 7 years my junior, I feel responsible.”
Suzy – Lee Yoo Bi, “Lee Seung Gi takes extremely good care of us.”
Suzy, “I didn’t know Lee Seung Gi was such an attentive/considerate guy.”
Lee Seung Gi, “Suzy is a very flexible actress.”

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18 Responses to 13.04.01 MBC Drama Big 3 Special: Gu Family Secret

  1. Anonymous says:

    can anyone can translate this???

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks for uploading the vid, tryp ❤

  3. yani says:

    cannot wait to see Gu Family Secret …. Seung Gi looks soooo wonderful 😍

  4. Rensha says:

    wohoooo fast update like usual!! tryp eonni u’r the best ^^
    hope the translation will be update soon ^^

  5. Osi says:

    Oooh, Lee Sung Jae’s Jo Kwan Woong gave me chill. Looking forward to see the showdown between Kang Chi and Kwan Woong.

  6. Ay says:

    Although I do not understand a word they are saying, I laughed when I saw the part in which Seung Gi is questioned (?) by the high official and he bows down in front of him. CAN’T WAIT!!!! It will be so good.

    • wanne says:

      I laughed at that scene too! I also love the scene when he tried to surprise PCJ and when he fell down with the curtain in front of her, he’s soooo cute! And the way he look at PCJ, I can totally see he likes her.

    • orochi says:

      That part had me ROTFL too, he’s so cute & funny 🙂

  7. wanne says:

    I love Seunggi’s action scenes! He’s sooo swift! It’s no wonder the PD said it doesn’t seem like it’s his first time. He looks natural at it. And from this special, I can see how they said the script is interesting because it looks enjoyable so far and it seems like we’ll have a nice balance of comedy, romance, action and melo too. I’m getting more excited now, daebak daebak daebak wishes for Gu Family Secret and uri Kang Chi!

  8. Gen Wong says:

    The excitement is really building up! Thanks so much Seunggi-ya for giving us exciting things to look forward to all the time! Can’t wait to see actor Seunggi soon! Hoping just the best for this drama. Fighting!

  9. Melissa Tam says:

    Suzy doesn’t feel close with Sung Joo..
    I hope LSG and Suzy become closer!!

  10. umnise says:

    07:20 :DDD LOL

  11. lulu2050 says:

    i hope this is subbed soon ❤

  12. Melissa Tam says:

    MBC special big 3 rating is 3%;;;
    Queen of Office rating is going up to 8%;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  13. Melissa Tam says:

    Due to the soccer sports.. after horse doctor is over and nobody is watching soccer..
    people forgot to watch MBC drama;;

  14. sarah says:

    huhuhu the two vids are already blocked.. and haven´t watch it yet…. ;(

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