Gu Family Secret Extended Trailer – Lee Seung Gi

Shown at the press conference today:

credit: Seungu Jeon

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15 Responses to Gu Family Secret Extended Trailer – Lee Seung Gi

  1. melissa says:

    So great. The last scene was seriously magical! Like out of a fairy tale. And YW and KC have a past together. Love it already.

  2. Airen says:

    is that the show’s OST at the background?

  3. sarah says:

    omggg Im giggling laughing with excitement.. and teary eyed at the last part… It will begin with a funny theme then will get serious and maybe sad at the latter part.. really cant wait… 6 days!!!
    I can feel now the oozing chemistry with SeungGi and Suzy!^^SeungGi always have this magical connection with her leading lady(even with younger or older lead).. and we will get to see it soon again with Suzy!^^ Fighting SeungGi and Suzy!! Gu Family Book fighting!!^^and High hopes for the ratings!!^^

  4. sarah says:

    the second vid must be an ost??!!^^I love all the TK2H ost and even the Arang and the Magistrate… I think MBC choose really nice ost for each drama..

  5. poop says:

    Looks good! Loving the soundtrack. Esp the modern electric guitar !

  6. crazyahjummafan says:

    The love story between his mother and father is already causing me to tear! And the actress acting as his mother is doing a good job from what I can see. Why did people say she can’t act?

    Haha! And our Kang Chi afraid of spiders! And Suzy’s character using it to her advantage!!!
    From what i see, the characters are already quite set. Kang Chi is mischievious, but with a big heart, helping the poor and those exploited – quite the vigilante. Suzy’s a tomboy – also implusive – acts first then thinks, from the way she whacked him on the head with her stick! But I think Kang Chi’s love and her love for him will soften her. It also seems as if she is already falling in love with him – the way she looks at him. Pretty good acting on Suzy’s part!

    • wanne says:

      Regarding Lee Yeon Hee, I think this is the best of her I’ve seen. She used to be very flat before but in the trailers for this drama so far, I can see her letting out more emotion and showing improvement in her expression.

  7. AnnMichelle says:

    Love this extended trailer to bits…
    The betrayal and separation of Kang Chi’s parents are heart-wrenching, setting up a nice backdrop when Kang Chi first jumps onto the screen.
    Boy, is he jumping or flying?! So lithe and energetic!
    Also love the back story between the two – a rich emotional texture foretelling the deep affection later on.
    The sound track totally brings out the fusion feel – this is no ordinary sageuk, folks!
    If a trailer makes the audience begging for more, it’s a winner. This one hits the ball out of the park!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can’t get enough of the last part, I’ve been repeating the scene from 4:43 onwards.

    Thanks as always for spoiling us with all of these updates Tryp, you’re seriously the best!

  9. wanne says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this trailer soooooo much!! Can’t stop watching it over and over again ( I suggest people watch it quick and download if you want to watch it again because it will probably be deleted after this due to copyright).

    Plot and story wise, some of the scenes are not that original. For example, the lead couple having childhood history, and some scenes reminiscing My Girlfriend is Gumiho/King 2 hearts with sassy, badass heroine beating the crap out of the hero BUT other than that I want to salute everyone involved for this trailer, the PD, the writer, the editing staffs and of course the actors and actresses. I find the scenes in the trailer sweetly romantic, cool, engaging and heart-tugging. Seriously a well done trailer. And I must say, I totally love all the OSTs for this drama so far (especially the guitar one in this trailer, i guess that could be the English rock ballad song mentioned before?)and the editing group has done a good job choosing the right song for the scenes, and the timing was also perfect each time in the trailer.

    Less than a week to go!!! CANNOT WAIT!

  10. Anonymous says:

    the part when yeo wol and kang chi hugged i kept shouting like crazy…..
    they look so good together and who said suzy can’t act???
    i love the character of yeo wol here and especially kang chi…..
    i think i going to have a heart attack because of the trailer…….XP

  11. Anonymous says:

    this is a film worthy not like a tv drama at all…wow..daebak..the actors, story line, cinematography, b/ground music looking much like a box office film…cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!! this gonna drive crazy….

  12. thay says:

    I love love love the trailer,ost to bits!! I really hope this drama can deliver..the best trailer of drama that I have ever seen. One more time, the OST is the winner!!

  13. Melissa Tam says:

    i love suzy and LSG moment..
    i almost cry when I watch the parents part.. it’s so sad.. the OST is so sad and romantic!!!

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