Gu Family Secret Official Highlight Video – Lee Seung Gi

Here’s the video we’ve all been waiting for! 😀

source: imbc

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33 Responses to Gu Family Secret Official Highlight Video – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Muljen says:

    Yayyy this video is so much better than before. So exciting…Kang Chi yahh

  2. lulu2050 says:

    aaaah can’t wait is 5 days to go !!!

  3. milkteanlsg says:

    So good~ so cool~~ I getting ecstatic!!!

  4. AnnMichelle says:

    I can even guess what they are saying now…hahaha!
    Gu Family Secret Fighting!!!

  5. Gon says:

    Suzy’s acting is much better than I thought…with all the comment from k-netizen, its hard to change my impression of her..

    But, whatsmore, they are freaking adorbs..and match each other so well..

    I am looking forward to it..

  6. Anonymous says:

    DAEBAKKK!!! i love the last part so much…. ❤
    why they look so good together????

  7. AnnMichelle says:

    From the Chinese subbed version in Baidu Tieba, at the market eatery, Yeo Wool was complaining about not having someone special by her side and wondering if that’s the way to be in the future. The knowing gentleman told her every person will meet someone special eventually, but warned her to stay away from that one person she knew from long ago (the translation was a little murky here, but that’s the gist.).

    Then in the end, when Kang Chi collapsed into her embrace, the voice over (hers) said: What if I cannot stay away from that person, what would happen to me then? I’ve decided that I cannot stay away from him.

    After the scare with the spider, Kang Chi muttered to himself: How did she know that? Who is her true identity anyway? And Yeo Wool mused: So it was you…

    Earlier, Kang Chi’s dad said to his mom: How could you do this? I loved you. I still love you. He said at last, after 1000 years, he met a human being and fell in love. He wanted to become human for her.

  8. Iva says:

    OMG………..Kang Chi Ya……….
    merci beaucoup Tryp……
    I luuuuuvvv the bgm too…
    who sing the ost anyway ?

  9. foulou says:

    so there’s no HD version of this thing?

    • foulou says:

      wow a lot of butthurt people around here. I was just asking if there were no HD version of this, since news outlets have it.

  10. Ay says:

    Thanks Tryp for posting it. HQ or not, I can watch this over and over again in anticipation.

  11. Anonymous says:

    i found an eng sub for this video……

    • foulou says:

      I don’t know if it’s my PC, but are different sounds streamed on separate channels?

    • AIreN says:

      thank you so much, anonymous! whoever you are thanks for sharing ^^

      foulou: it works fine for me.

      • foulou says:

        Really? That’s odd. The music, most of the time, streams through my right speaker and dialogues or ambience sounds stream through my left speaker.

    • crazyahjumma fan says:

      Thanks, but is it the full version? Cos it ended when Seo Wah realised that he was a gumiho.
      Do you know if there’s a full version? Tks.

  12. Rensha says:

    omo!! it’s feel like a movie trailer than drama trailer.. i’m really anticipate for action scene and love line story of KangChi seems so interesting,, it’s just H-4 day before the premiere and i’m curious to the max with their 1st episode ^^
    GFS Hwaiting (^_^)9

  13. sandy says:

    ahhhhhhhhh….. my oppa so kuteeeeee!!!!
    can’t wait any….
    my heart beasts faster and faster…. ><

  14. Serafine24 says:

    Aaaaaa so cool!!!! Oppa you’re so cool! I can’t wait for the 1st ep!!!!

    Plus tryp can you please help me. I’m totally desperate right now! Cause my cable TV doesn’t provide mbc channel. I’m so Sadie I can’t watch it. I can just wait for the drama to finish or the cd so I can watch it. But I think if I directly watch it would be better. So can you help me to find a website where they provide us to watch mbc channel online or even better if there’s subtitle. It would mean a lot if you do. Thanks:)

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